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Chocolate Sunshine


My mother has been making a lot of yummy dishes out of almond flour and they are really good. I have to say part of it is because of this flour. We tasted tested several almond flours and this was by far the best. It was Paula who told us about it,  thank you Paula xoxox

I love it because it is so easy. It is NOT cheap but is very easy to work with. Also a nice gluten alternative. I made these little treats the other day and they were a big hit. I do not know you but I would rather have a little bit of something amazing, then a whole lot of so-so.

I do not usually use my microwave to cook in but I have found it make a really good and easy lemon curd. I do add more zest then it calls for but that is what I like. Remember suit your palette. Also run the curd through a sieve to catch any lumps. Lemon curd keeps for a good week and is a nice thing to have on-hand, for a last minute dessert. Just add some fruit and yumm.

I also love this recipe because you can make the curd up to a week ahead, the crust takes a minute to put together. It is an oil crust, so it is just mix and go. If you want more chocolate on your crust, just use more. It is easy to let the heat do all the work. I tell you almond crust+dark chocolate+lemon curd=heaven

Thank you everyone fro letting me know your house is not perfect.  Now I do not feel completely lame, just a little ;-)   xoxox


Chocolate Sunshine

1 batch of almond crust or regular crust, by the way I used olive oil, instead of grape seed

bittersweet chocolate

microwave lemon curd

Press small balls of dough into the bottom of muffin tins and up the sides  a bit. Bake according to directions. As soon as you pull crusts from oven, set chocolate on hot crusts. Wait five minutes and let chocolate melt. Then with a spatula spread chocolate. Let completely cool and fill with curd, top with a berry.


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I always learn new things from you!

Gumbo Lily

Please pass the plate!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

It looks so pretty! I'm sure it was yummy!



Yum, Yum Yum!!



Hi Clarice!!! WOW - this tart looks amazing. Thank you for the recipe. I have been wanting to try almond flour. This delicacy has all my favorite goodies: chocolate, almonds, lemon curd and strawberries. YUM!!! xoxo Theresa


Hi dear Clarice,

YIKES, I think I gained a pound dreaming about these. They seem simple and perfect.

We began using almond flour after taking vegan cooking classes. It is truly wonderful.

Love to you, (are you writing like a good girl?)

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Junie Moon

Yesterday I decided to go on a diet. Today I've read your recipe and seen the pictures and have decided NOT to go on a diet quite yet. Yummy!


Aaahhh...a litle something wonderful...like that chocolate pot de creme I had with you...still lingering in my mind!


Those look & sound like heaven! Thanks for sharing.


These look delicious and we love lemon curd around here :-) I'm enjoying your blog.


Yum! What time is tea?!? ;)



Oooh, Clarice -- these look yummy! The macarons use almond flour too -- it's expensive but it's sure good!


Oooh, oooh, oooh, they look so yummy! I've never heard of almond flour, will need to check that out. Thanks for the recipe.


I am grateful for the almond crust recipe. Thank you. One of my nieces has gluten problems, and often, can't enjoy the desserts offered. It's nice to know that I can make something wonderful like this, for her.

I love lemon curd.


Dear Clarice,

Mmm, those look so good! Chocolate and lemon are a match made in heaven, for sure :) .

I'm so glad you took the time to post this for us.



Julie Campbell

These look absolutely delicious! So glad you shared this recipe--I'll have to give it a try!

Hope you're having a beautiful day!


okay Clarice...stop teasing!!! You had me at Chocolate on this one. Hugs, Mica


Clarice, they look so good! Sometimes we just need a chocolate fix, don't we? What an inviting Spring treat!


Sharon D.

Sounds and looks wonderful Clarice! I love chocolate and lemon together :) Hmmm, and Almond Flour sounds perfect!

Have a beautiful day! Love the plate BTW :)



These are beautiful to look at, and if they are as tasty as they look, must be heaven!


Can I come over for tea?


oh my, Clarice, these look so good and how pretty they are.
you have the most wonderful things to make and do.


oh yummy! these look delicious and so PRETTY! I'll have to try this almond flour...

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