Spring Topping
Hinton Waldrist

Things I Love

Honey harm

The amazing image aboove is from Samantha Lamb, check out her shop and blog. Beautiful, thank you Samatha for letting me share. Also thank you Audrey for posting about Samantha xoxox

My favorite new food blog is Passionate About Baking, really inspiring and yummy, be warned.

Grammar girl, she is my new best friend lately. She seems to be the only person who can explain grammar to me.

Make an Anthropalogie dish towel, then with all the money you save you can buy chocolate. I am living on chocolate right now.

Pink Grapefruit Perri, prefect for spring


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Laura of Harvest Lane

What a creative photo! I can see why you like it. I'm going to look at your favorite baking blog.

Your blog is one of my favorites. I've got it in my sidebar so that I can see when you update. I was looking through your older posts and found this one.

Do drop in!



i love that photo...can just imagine the balancing act that took place to get the shot!


Thanks for the Grammar girl link. That's a great web site. I'm afraid require tons of help on this subject.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

What a gorgeous photo! I will have a look at all the links. Thanks!



Hi Clarice!
Oohh! I love that picture! Honey is so lovely with the sun shining thru! And the flowering tree (pear?) is sweet!
I think I will have to search through my old tableclothes now and try to make a dish towel! So fun!


Love that I finally found your blog!
Indie Banditas Bazaar


One can taste the honey, oh sweet summer!


wonderful list...

Inspiration at its best, that garden picture is stunning...



Thanks so much for following my blog, Clarice. I've visited you many times by following your link on Jody's site, and I love every visit -- always a pleasure to visit with you both!

If I can help you with a specific question, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer quickly. Bliss

Junie Moon

I'm loving your list and am going to pop over and explore the great links you shared. Thanks, Clarice!

Tracey McBride

Clarice, you always find the most charmingly useful sites...and you are so generous to share these treasures with us!! Thank you so much!


Gumbo Lily

These were all really fun links. Loved the looks of that biscotti! Mmmmm.



I love that dish towel. The picture is very creative and lovely. Love, Mom


Thank you for the wonderful links, I will enjoy exploring some new places.


Hi Clarice,
I tried the honey facial and loved it! Thanks for telling us about it.
Yes, we had snow and now today it is 70 degrees outside...only in Kansas!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Hugs, Jan

sweet cottage dreams

oh yes..........love chocolate! I am going to make those chocolate biscotti that were on Passionate About Baking blog. Coffee and chocolate = a super day!'

LOVE the honey photo.


Lavender Dreamer

Thanks for the links! I love new blogs to visit...when I have time! Enjoy your evening! ♥


That's a beautiful picture. I'm inspired to have some tea with honey. :)

I loved your last post too. That garden picture is gorgeous! Ahhh, spring. I see you like nettles too.



I love the picture! I also love to check out blogs that others love to read! Thank you for sharing.

Also, Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was fun to see you there.



Sharon D.

Good Day Clarice :)

I can't wait to check out your favorites. I am always so inspired by your blog and your blogging friends :) Thanks for sharing and have a piece of chocolate for me :)



Isn't that photo just so dreamy? I love it! I need to make me some anthro dish towels...I loooove chocolate!~


So good to hear from you, Clarice! And with a bunch of lovelies for us. Hope you are well and keeping busy. xoxo Theresa


Oooh, thanks for the links -- especially that baking blog. (As if I needed more baking inspiration, but still...LOL!)

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