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I was reading the latest issue of Victorian Homes and they had the most stunning photos of this Victorian Town called Hinton Waldrist. I had never heard of it. These breathtaking photos were taken by T. R. Williams, he was skilled in a stereophotography and made stereoscopic images in the 1850 for a series called "Scenes Of Our Village." Brian May (of the band Queen, can you belive it) loves these images as well. He has written a fascinating book A Village Lost and Found (complete with it own folding stethoscope). It looks really wonderful and I found this you-tube that will much better explain the book, then I can. Check it out !!!


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Oh! what a picturesque and lovely place. Everything always seems so lovely in England, doesnt it? Even the village names...everything sounds so magical :)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

That book looks so interesting! Amazing that the 3D effect has been around so long! I always thought it was a more modern day invention.


Tracey McBride

Lovely pictures and such an interesting story...can't wait to watch the video and learn more! Thank you Clarice!!!

Love, love, love,


How cool is this??

Junie Moon

I'd not heard of it before either. The book about A Village Lost and Found seems so imaginative and fascinating. I love the idea of a little folding stethoscope.


Dear Clarice,

What a delightful find! We would like to get a stereoscope someday~ much more romantic than tv! :)



Gumbo Lily

I love this idea and would enjoy looking at this book. I wish my library had it. Thank you for sharing this book with us and the process of the stereoscope viewing.


Sharon D.

How neat Clarice! Thanks for sharing, I will have to check it out :)

Have a beautiful day!



This is fascinating. I never paid much attention to these things. I didn't realize what I was missing. Love, Mom


You find the most fascinating things! I hope you have a lovely Easter dear Clarice.


Wow! That sounds really cool -- thanks for sharing with us Clarice. That picture is beautiful!


Totally OT, but I was in Cost Plus World Market today and I thought of you. They have an awesome table runner that's very much like your silouhette header! Green and white. It has kids and animals and bunnies for Easter. Sweet!


Hello Clarice! How fascinating this is! Thanks for posting this. I'll have to look into it. Hope you are having a great weekend! :) Theresa xoxo


Thank you for sharing this, it’s fascinating.
I use to collect Stereo cards; this was years ago when you could pick them up for nearly nothing.
I once picked up a small box full for fifty cents at a flea market.
I never could find a stereoscope so
I sold them for a nice little profit but regret that I did.
I am going to get this book; I am planning an American girl Samantha tea for my granddaughters and their friends this summer so I think this book would be of great interest …
And to be honest I think because it was done by Brian May is a bit intriguing.


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