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 Sleep cap22

I spent this winter knitting a lot. I found it really soothed my nerves, helped me keep calmer. I love the rhythm, how it slows down my brain and helps me decompress, easy to take to doctor appointments, it has even helped my dyslexia (my math skills are so much better). One of the projects I knitted was a wool cap. I was looking for something to sleep in that would help keep my warmer. I did not want something so cumbersome as a hat, but more then a headband. I found A Cap For Nessa's Mother, it is perfect. Very easy to knit. I used a wool and bamboo blend. I knitted one for Auberne` and she wears it with the strap in the back under her hair. On very cold nights, it has keep me much warmer and my ears to. Plus doesn't Chloe just look beautiful, sorry I had to be a braggy mom for a second.

Sleep cap

By the way this sweet doll is handmade by Paula. I named her Wren Bay, isn't she beautiful. I knitted her a shawl and made her a pinny. I have a whole story in my head about her life. She is a newlywed, whose beloved is off fighting in the war. She grows herbs to make extra money to get by. One day I may get the story out of my head and share it with all of you. Thank you soo much Paula, I love Wren and hope you start a shop soon xoxoxo

Sleep cap33

Sleep cap 4

Sleep cap 5 


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karen andreola

I clicked onto your "knitting" title on the side bar. How encouraging it is to meet a kindred spirit who also likes to knit. Your sleeping cap is so cute. I recognized the yarn straight-away. I made a heart-shaped child's hat with similar yarn for the cord.
The color pink looks so pretty on your daughter. And the doll? . . . adorable. Since my girls were married I have a new attraction to dolls. Could this be a side-affect of the "change-of-life?"
Warm Regards,
Karen Andreola


Oh this is gorgeous. Is this your pattern, or is there a link to where it can be found? Too beautiful


Beautiful! Where did you find the pattern? It is darling! I love the decreases that shape the back!

Pearl Maple

Great photos and agree with you on the cap, it does keep you toasty warm at night. Cute doll too.

LOVE the sleeping cap and LOVE Wren Bay. What a sweet doll.

Love to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


I love, love those photos! That is a very sweet face in a very sweet cap. The cap is darling! Oh to be so talented!



what a sweet look for a young Miss...
Love the sleeping hat...very cute.



I love the hat! All I've been knitting is dishclothes, since I can do that and not think, I take it when I'm wanting something to do with my hands. Karen


what a beautiful young woman your Chloe is and such a sweet little knitted cap is just wonderful, the colors are my favorites and perfect for your beautiful girl with her gorgeous skin and her hair...oh my.

The Vintage Rabbit

I don't know how to knit Clarice...but I do appreciate the art!!! Your daughter is so sweet in this picture!!!

Have a Happy Valentines day!!!

smiles, Joy~


You never hear of people wearing night caps anymore, so it's kind of fun and nice to see you have. You just might cause them to start up again. It's been so cold here maybe I should!
Beautiful pictures!

Brenda Kula

What creamy delightful skin and beautiful hair Auberne has! Did she inherit that from you? I love your story. And the doll is so cute!


I really like the sleeping cap! I've tried knitting and I just can't do it - I used to knit when I was younger, but can't do it now. I crochet, and I love doing that. Keep those needles busy clarice, sounds like it's good for your soul. Blessings.

lisa mcilvain

Your caps are lovely & your model even more so. The little doll is just precious. Wish I could knit. It is a whole foreign language to me. A girl can always dream thought right? Lisa


Both your girls always look lovely, Clarice.

I admire your knitting. Recently, my friend Patty tried to teach me to knit. I didn't do so well, but then we switched to crochet, and I did a little better, but I'm still having a few problems reading the patterns. I'd like to make some little crocheted hearts to hang on a white tree...inspired by your Valentine's tree.

Porch Days

I remember when an elderly uncle lived with us. He was bald so my mother made him a flannel cap to sleep in. Your cap is very pretty.

Gumbo Lily

What a wonderful sleeping cap! We often sleep with the windows cracked open in our bedroom so a sleeping cap would sometimes be nice! Chloe looks like she just stepped out of a storybook!

The doll is sweet as can be and I think your idea of creating a story to go with her is brilliant!



I love that first picture -- Chloe looks so pretty with her rosy cheeks!


Oh, that's lovely. I've been considering a sleeping cap, since my hair tends to go all crazy...this makes me want to have one even more!



You do look beautiful in that picture!
I love the hat. I have just began collecting vintage sleeping bonnets, caps.
Most vintage ones are made with muslin, cotin and silk and tied with pretty silk ribbons and embroidery trims.
They are very rare to find, but you will sometimes spot them at flea markets.
I will have to share some pics.
I noticed when I watch the Jane Austin movies they all wore sleeping bonnets and look very much like the one I have.
Julie has an entire collection!
They are precious.
I love the color of yarn you used in this one.
The doll is so sweet. I love hand-made dolls.


Both are lovely! You did a beautiful knitting job,


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Chloe looks sweet in the cap! That's so funny - I usually sleep in a cap but mine is silk. I do it keep my hair from getting all tangled at night (not that my hair is as long as Chloe's).

Ugh, I thought I had a can of sardines the other day but apparently I had eaten them. So I haven't made that dish yet.



How precious - you did a wonderful job knitting the cap!
What a sweet doll!



Hi Clarice, the cap is lovely. Your daughter looks beautiful in it. I love the colors you chose; they are very becoming. :) The doll is very cute; your friend is quite the talent!
Have a great weekend! Theresa :)


Clarice, what a wonderful cap! Paula made a really sweet doll too!


Chloe looks absolutely sweet in her cap and holding that dear doll. I love girls and dolls...well, you know that...I am so glad you got your pendant and would love to see what you do with it. I would so love to get my hands on a cap like that for my little girl. It is sweeeeeet!!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs your way, Mica

Nancy Jane York

Beautiful photos and all look so sweet, it blew me away.

Sharon D.

Oh Clarice,

Chloe looks so sweet and beautiful! What a great idea, a sleeping cap. That would be wonderful for camping too! It looks just darling :)

I LOVE the doll that sweet Paula made, it's precious! I'm waiting for her to open shop too :)

Thanks for the tips on the recipe :)

Have a great day Clarice!


I love these pictures. It's like going back in time. Chloe looks so sweet.

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