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Pillow 1
Well my mother is brilliant for so many reason but lately every time I go to her house she gives me bits of this and that to eat. She has been on a cooking and sewing storm. Which is funny because it is usually me who is on a cooking and crafting storm (not right now, my house is in shambles and I am barely cooking). Anyways, it has been such a treat to go to my mothers, because who knows what she will feed me. The last time was a almond ricotta cake and almond bread (she is experimenting with almond flour), the time before meatballs in puttanesca sauce and fresh fruit with cardamom, the time before that almond butter candies in dark chocolate. She has been telling me about these apples she caramelized and baked in cream, kill me !!!! I am kicking myself we do not still live together anymore. So if you need kitchen inspiration, check out my mothers food blog.

Pillow 2
Also look at these pillows she made, beautiful mom. I can not wait to see more xoxoxoxoxo



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I'm planning pillows and these are so inspiring!


Pretty pillow....
love the colors....



Those pillows are so cute! I like that they don't take big pieces of fabric--great way to use up scraps.
And...Almond Ricotta Cake? Mmmmmm...I'm heading to your mom's blog NOW!

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice,
After visiting both of your mother's blogs I have to say I see where you get your creativity and inventiveness!! Now your daughters' are taking it into a third generation. How blessed you all are to have one another. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

Junie Moon

The pillows are so lovely and the colors make one happy just looking at them. Your mother sounds as though she's having a great time sewing and cooking. All the items you said she's creating in her kitchen is making me drool.


Dear Clarice,

She is, she is! :) Anyone who can cook and sew is brilliant in my book.

Thanks for sharing a bit of her with us.



Lovely, and I want to adopt your Mother!! She feeds you perfect things and I love her spirit.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


Beautiful! I love pillows!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Yummmmm! I saw those on her blog and thought they were very pretty and so cheery!


Gumbo Lily

Terrific pillows and Mom's food sounds really tempting. I wish I lived with Mom too!


Wow - pretty pillows!!! And that almond ricotta cake sounds very yummy. :) I can tell where you get your talents for creating and they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ;) Theresa


Ah so now I know the way to your heart, feed you. You are my inspiration. I've watched you do so many amazing things that it inspired me to see what I could do with a blog for motivation. BTW ladies her pillow is what inspired mine, but our esthetic and our homes are a little different. Love, Mom

Wayside Wanderer

Those pillows are so springy and fresh! Kudos to your mom. I love the fabrics and even how the white one has texture. Come on Spring!


Aha! So, the apple doesnt' fall far from the tree! Lovely pillows!


Please send you Mom to my house!
Lovely pillows, and the dishes she's making sound fabulous!


What lovely pillows...adds a nice touch of spring with those bright & cheerful colors!



I just have to tell you that I have so enjoyed your mom's blog! She sounds like such an amazing person, but also very real and true to herself, I like that about a person. Plus, she is very talented and has so much to share - much like her daughter! I will definitely check out her cooking blog. Have a great day!

Blessings, Barb


So fresh and Springy!!!

Lavender Dreamer

They are Springy! I have been looking at them in the Pottery barn catalog and wishing....but these are prettier than anything they have! ♥

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