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Tilda Love


Ceral cookie2

In trying to embrace winter I am,

Making these AMAZING cereal cookies (bacon, orange, grape nuts). I thought these would be a strong bacon flavor but they are not. Really the orange is what stands out. But everyone is loving these. I made them with spelt and whole wheat pastry flour, fresh orange juice and rapadurah instead of brown sugar.

Beautifying my pantry for winter baking, love it Tracey xoxoxox

Make gloves from socks

Making homemade bouillon for soups, this is sooo brilliant, I am kicking myself for not thinking of it first ;-)

Keeping my skin soft

Dieing buttons to jazz up sweaters


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I think I have that same cloche or one very much like it. It so much fun to play with putting different things under it and make an instant centerpiece.


ah, is that a nicol sayre doll I see!?! I love love love them! and what a pretty scene! I wanna cookie...


These are really great links, thanks for sharing!

Sharon D.

Thanks for always sharing such neat links with us Clarice :) I can't wait to spend more time checking them out. The cookies sound great! I love the idea of beautifying the pantry. I have been organizing mine and the next step will be making it visually appealing :)

Have a blessed evening!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

The cereal cookies sound good. I have a River Cottage cookbook that I love. I used to download Hugh's River Cottage show from Amazon and was always inspired to cook after watching it (and you know how I feel about cooking)!



Dear Clarice,

You are such a creative cook! Your family must love it :) .

The links look like so much fun, and practical, too! Thanks so much for the inspiration.



Gumbo Lily

My men would kill me if I put their bacon into grapenut/orange juice cookies. I've enjoyed browsing the links you provided.

Happy winterizing, Clarice!


Loved these links. The pantry one is a really good idea and so pretty. The gloves are brillant. I'll have to try some of the skin softeners, my skin is so dry right now. Haven't tried the bouillon yet. Yikes I already have too many projects going. Love, Mom

Tracey McBride

You are a busy bee my sweet always! Thank you for always sharing and being so generous in every way. I am especially loving the bouillon helpful. I'm off now to explore more of your great ideas.

P.S. Thank you for the nice link to our kind ( always).


I love Winter - today it feels like Spring, but I know it's just kidding! Love your ideas, thanks for the links. Noble Pig, has a recipe for Maple Glazed Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies that sounds very much like your recipe and it is delicious - I can't wait to try yours!


Sounds like a busy winter to me! And who knew you could dye buttons? Thanks for sharing your links!

Nadine are keeping busy! I must admit that today feels more like spring than winter - the sun is shining and it is warm outside!!



You always make the very best out of all the seasons.
Thanks for sharing the great links.

Jill xoo


Those cookies look so yummy! I will have to try them! It sounds like you have a plan to cope with Winter-keep up the good work!


yes you are being very constructive and creative dear. The little scene you made is very sweet too. Hugs, Mica


I love, love, love the angel..she is just beautiful. I thought you were making her for winter...LOL
I am just starting to put away my snowmen...not that winter is more months of that but I am just tired of it so I am going to clean and redecorate to take my mind off of it.
Enjoy your cookies, Dianntha


It sounds like you are immersed in all sorts of creative projects. What a great way to shoo off the winter doldrums.



Lovely photo, Clarice! I see you are keeping yourself very busy. :) Those are some interesting cookies! Bacon, you say? Hmmmm...that IS rather intriguing. Have a lovely day! Theresa

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