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Instant Vanilla Sugar

Ints vanilla 

Winter will be going for us for a while. It will probably not feel like spring till April, so I always try to embrace this time of year. Which is not always easy to do. I do it by winterizing my home, cozening things up. I always set up a little beverage corner. It is nice to have everything together, handy, ready. I have honey, lavender honey, sugar, agava, vanilla sugar, candy canes, marshmallows and coco mixon-hand. I keep a thermos of hot tea or water going. It does seem to cheery a cold, gray, veryyyyy rainy days.

I wanted to let you know for the next month or two I will only be posting once or twice a week. I have decided I need to get my act together if I am ever going to get my next issue of my petite-magazine done. I can not do posts for the blog and the petite-magazine at the same time. Sorry, but hopefully if I really focus on it, I will get through it fairly quickly and be back. By the way it is called HandnHand. I will share more later xoxoxo

Instant Vanilla Sugar

1/2 vanilla bean * note below

and 1/2 cup of sugar.


Put vanilla bean in a coffee grinder (or a food processor, but coffee grinder works better) and process till vanilla is finally chopped. Then add sugar and process a few seconds, till all is blended. Your sugar will be more like powdered sugar. Pour through sieve to catch any large pieces.


make sure you use a dried vanilla bean. I know some of you readers store your vanilla beans in brandy or vodka to make extract like me. But you can not use the wet bean in this, the liquid would melt the sugar. So I keep a few beans also dry, for recipes like this. I hope you like it xoxox

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AAAAAAAARGH!!! Get rid of those candy canes, Clarice! That's probably what's keeping winter around!!!!
Find something "early springy". Like Peeps!!!
Maybe then we'll see some sunshine.


What a neat tutorial. I am going to try that out soon.
PS I gave you an award on my blog today, check it out.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice,

Well I love your petite magazines so it's well worth it!Sounds like it's going to be a crafty one.

A beverage corner is such a sweet idea! Such a cozy thing to have available.


Junie Moon

I've been wanting to try making my own vanilla extract and the vanilla sugar would be a great project to accompany my effort. Thank you for sharing how to make it.

I look forward to seeing what wonders you come up with in your magazine. You always do wonderful things.

Sharon Lovejoy

Hello dear Clarice,

We will miss your postings, but understand.

I do vanilla sugar too and my grands just love lifting the lid and smelling its aroma, even when we're not using it.

I process lavender in my blender with sugar too to make lavender sugar.

Love and best wishes,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


sounds delish! Hugs, Mica


Mmm, that sounds so delish! Im trying to enjoy winter too and not be too impatient...a good cup of coffee always helps :)

Tracey McBride

You did it again Clarice!!1 What a great, yet so simple, idea! I love, love, love your beverage center.


P.S. I am sooo excited to learn more about your petite magazine!! You are amazing. xox

sweet cottage dreams

Hi Clarice,

I am slowly catching up with blog friends and sure do miss you!

Thank you for the vanilla sugar tip. Your vignette here is lovely, too.



Love love the vanila sugar! Worked great in my little coffe grinder. The kids love it too.

Thanks for the great recipe! Keep 'em coming!
Love, Angie


I have a beverage area too...makes it so convenient to whip up a hot soothing drink doesn't it?


I do a beverage area too...makes it super easy to fix a hot drink with everything at your fingertips!


Dear Clarice,
I have missed you! And I shall miss you more but I do understand that the Petite-Magazine must be completed. I cannot wait to see it!!! :) Thanks for the newest recipe to try. I love vanilla - AND sugar! LOL :) Theresa

Gumbo Lily

I like your Hot Drinks Corner. What a smart and cozy thing to have set up all winter long.



That is so cute, Clarice!! I think my Mom has a crystal decanter similar to your's. It was my Papaw's, I think??
I especially love the old school pencil sharpener. I passed a similar one up at Goodwill one time and am still kicking my hiney on that one. Would have been great as it had the various sized holes, great for the larger pencils.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

What a delightful idea Clarice. England can sometimes be so dull and grey, so I am going to winterize my home. Thanks for this quaint idea and such an inspirational blog. Hope all the preparation and writing goes well. I look forward to seeing a preview of HandnHand.
Sending hugs from across the pond in England. Ann


Your collection of beverage goodies is so adorable that I am copying the idea on a silver tray to sit next to my stovetop for the winter. Thanks for the great idea!


I was shopping today and almost bought a jar of vanilla sugar, then decided it was too expensive for me. I knew it could be made and I was going to try to find out how - you are a wonder!!! I can't wait to try it! I will miss not seeing you at the top of the list each day, I would love to know how to get your magazine!

Blessings, Barb


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for yet another wonderful idea! I do hope the magazine comes along well.




What a charming idea! I have new cabinets and wouldn't this be darling there?? I love the vanilla sugar. My son and I adore flavors in our coffee; guess what will be on the table tomorrow?

I look forward to your magazine!



Brenda Kula

This sounds delicious! I love vanilla and I love sugar. And I already have a red coffee bar. So I could add it to that.


How lovely! I know that we have been drinking lots of tea & cocoa with all this rain and gray skies that we have been having! It would be nice if we would get some snow before winter is done! :)



Love the idea of a beverage corner!!
It's so cute too!
Good luck with your magazine.
I have been too busy to blog on a regular basis as well. We do what we do.
Have a nice weekend,


Oh I just love your pictures so much! Gorgeous to see on a wintery day! It's a bit warmer here today, so I'm hopeful for Spring, but you're right, we should try and embrace it! Before you know it, I'll be complaining of the heat :) lol. And, btw, I give you credit for once or twice a week! I can't manage to be post that often, but I hope to do a bit more often now, It's been such a crazy busy year and I long for a bit more "me" time to do such fun things! Have a great week and I can't wait to see what you doing!

Hugs, Cynthia

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