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I have become a huge fan of Tilda and I bought Sew Sunny Homestyle just for the project below. As soon as I can find the right black fabric, I hope to make these for my pantry. I love her books not just because of the projects, but also the rooms in her photos have so much detail, lots of inspiring ideas I can use. A feast for the eye.Thanks to Sweet Tidings, I found out Tilda has an idea page. Oh if you are looking for more Tilda inspiration there is a flickr group.

So I just finished my last knitting project for a while. I think I will move on to something different. I made a beautiful wreath for next Christmas (Yes, I am working on next Christmas and still my petite-magazine, I know I am weird). So what are you up to ? Do you have craft plans ???


PS. I forgot, thank you Tarnished and Tatteredfor the Sunshine Award. I am honored xoxo

Tilda 2


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Thanks for posting this I really adore her style- so perfect with your own as well. My Sew Pretty Homestyle book went missing and I have been just jones'in for it. This will help take the edge off :)


Beautiful! I'm not familiar with Tilda's World so I'm going to go and check it out. Thank you. You have a very lovely blog.



Dear Clarice,

I love Tilda books too! I have all of them, except Sew Sunny Homestyle, so I need to purchase that one soon! I agree, her projects are wonderful and the photos beautiful. Her rooms and vignettes are so inspiring and cheerful. I look forward to seeing the finished project for your pantry. Those are so sweet!
Thank you for sharing the link.

Love, Paula


They are beautiful...Thanks for sharing, because I have never heard of those books before. I'm putting them on my must check out list.
(The book store & library are one of my favorite places)
Christmas! You are on it. I think I need to take lesson from you. :)

sweet cottage dreams

Clarice, I can see why you love Tilda's books so much. Her style is so much like yours - sweet and charming. I love her books as well. Always something to swoon over.


Red Felted Heart

Adorable...looking forward to seeing yours in black...blessings


Yes I love her books also, they are a real feast for the eyes and there's lots to inspire. Eli


Oh Clarice,

Those are so beautiful! I cannot wait to see when you get your fabric. Congratulations on your award :)

I have been organizing and purging, but I am also working on a couple of Valentines and knitting a cowl :)

Have a lovely evening!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Oh my gosh! I don't know how you can even want to work on Christmas already!! I don't even want to think about it LOL! Although, every year I say I should have started earlier so maybe I should follow your example!

Those candles are so cottage cute! I don't know about her or her book so I'm off to have a look now. Thanks!




Oh, thank you for sharing that idea page...just beautiful & FULL of ideas!

lisa mcilvain

I had to jump to the comment page before I even read the whole post. I am a Tilda Fanatic! I even have one of her books in Norwegian. I made Lily a pair of wings from Sew Pretty Christmas. Can't wait for her next book (think it comes in the summer). Just so glad to find someone else who loves her. Lisa

PS Your comments really make my day, thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Just beautiful! smiles, Cyndi

Gumbo Lily

I had never heard of Tilda until today. What pretty things and lots of inspiration on their website. Thank you for sharing it.

I'm about to break out some more embroidery. My hands are itchy to stitch. I'm not sure what it will be. Maybe a doodle.



Clarice, I'll have to check out the Tilda books, I've never heard of her. Your pics are beautiful!


Hi Clarice,
I really love Tilda's Idea Page - the candles are beautiful! I'm impressed that you are already starting on Christmas, what great inspiration for me.

I am making a flannel nightgown - it's still cold here in Idaho!

Have a blessed night, Barb


Congrats on your latest award - it is so well-deserved. I will have to check Tilda out (sadly, I have not heard of her prior). Have a LOVELY evening, dear friend!!! :) Theresa


I've requested this book from my library :)
looking forward to it!


Love those candles. I can't wait to see what you do from the book. Love, Mom

Ok, so now I have to find the Tilda books. You're leading me down yet another pathway!

All joys!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


I love Tilda too -- can't wait to see what you do with her. As for me...I'm in analysis paralysis!


I saw the Tilda books in Germany last summer but didn't know they were published in English. I'm going to see if my library has them. What pretty projects.

Thanks for the info, Clarice.



I enjoy the Tilda books too...I have checked them out a few times from the library.
I am working on cleaning-up my sewing room - yikes! I have been avoiding that for awhile now. So, once I get that done then I can start making stuff again!


PS ~ Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having! :)


Dear Clarice,

I love the Tilda books, too, though I don't own one yet (I've just drooled over creations on other people's blogs). Thanks for the link to the idea page; lots of dreamy things there!

We're working on embroidering pillow cases for the girls' hope chests, and making flannel pantaloons for everyone :).

Love and joy,


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