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Pantry Gifts

Handmade gifts 1 

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year, was the homemade pantry items my mother made me. There is nothing like a homemade gifts. I know my mother has been very interested in herbs this year and how to use them to help stretch her budget. Everything was really good and don't you love that red jar for the tea !!!! Thank you mom, I can not wait to see what you make next year ;-)  xoxoxo

Cinnamon basil vinegar

Greek spices, I used it on a roasted chicken the other night and it was soo good.

Candy cane tea, with my candy cane syrup to sweeten it a bit more, perfect winter treat. Wouldn't the tea and the syrup be great gift.

Rosemary maple glazed nuts, which is not in the picture, becuse I was too busy eating it. Oh this is my favorite. She made it with smoked chili powder for David, but left it out for me. It is just barely sweet, with the rich browned butter and then the bight rosemary. Heaven and veryyyyy addictive !!!


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What wonderful gifts! I love handmade above anything :) OH, I got Tea for You and cannot wait to try 'designing' my own teas :) Thanks for the recommendation!


I agree, love those gifts, the best kind I believe.

Your Mom is a sweetheart.

Jill xoo

Brenda Kula

Oh, how pretty to dress up one's cabinet with! Homemade is always best, I think. So much love goes into those gifts.

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Clarice~ I want to thank you for the creative inspiration you've shared. It's been such a privilege to visit. I love coming and leaving with such wonderful recipe and gift ideas. I'm looking forward to whats yet to be revealed in twenty ten.

Sweet wishes,

Gumbo Lily

I went over to your Mom's blog to get the nut recipe. Sounds so good to me and would make a nice hostess gift for my friends.



What a great gift! A friend gave me home made marshmellows for Christmas...Oh my...so good in coffee. I love home made (and food!) gifts :)

Junie Moon

What great gifts, beautiful, practical, and made with love -- no gift is better than that.

Lauren Mumford

Candy Cane Simple Syrup. Made. Done. Decanted. Delicious!!! Thank you dear Clarice. Bring on the tea!


What a treasure your mother is! I love the containors she used, everything is so adorably packaged. I gave pickles and jam this year. My son told me he got out of bed in the middle of the night to eat the pickles! I guess he really liked them. (Ha!)

Tracey McBride

We can see where you get your talents from Clarice! These ALL look amazing...I am finding the rosemary maple glaze combo very intrigueing!!


I love handmade gifts and you got some really nice ones from your Mom! Enjoy them!


What yummy gifts!



Gosh, everything looks really good! Cinnamon Basil, never heard of this before, what do you use it in? Oh, I would love a cup of that candy cane tea, sounds delish.


Glad you liked it. Love, Mom


Hi Clarice :)

What wonderful gifts! I treasure anything homemade :)

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year, Clarice. Wow, everything looks so very yummy. I'm particularly interested in that cinnamon basil vinegar. I LOVE vinegar!!! Guess what? I'm going to try my hand at homemade cannoli...wish me luck! :) Theresa



Yum! They all look delicious! The cinnamon basil sounds interesting. What will you use it in??

Stay warm,


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