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Birthday Girl

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Just a quick post to say I will be back soon. We are busy celebrating Auberne`s birthday. The girls got to go to Anthropologie for the very first time, they are ready to move in. Auberne` requested Asian dumpling soup and cupcake milkshake. Happy 19th birthday sweetie-pea, we love and adore you, you are our sunshine xoxoxo


PS Theresa is having a wonderful give-away. You should check it out !!!!


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Dear Auberne,

I hope you had a wonderful and beautiful Birthday filled with many blessings from Him :)


Happy Birthday Auberne! I hope all your wishes come true.

Junie Moon

I'm late with this but happy birthday Auberne!


Happy Birthday AuBerne! And how fun to go to Anthropologie -- I hope you got something fun!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!



Auberne` Ancalimon

Thank you everyone for the lovely words and sweet birthday wishes! I had a wonderful birthday and I am so blessed by your friendship! Thank you again and again! And thanks mom! I looove you!!! ♥

Auberne` Ancalimon @-`--


Dear Clarice,

Best birthday wishes to Auberne! Nineteen is a landmark year, for sure. I pray the Lord will continue blessing her, each day of this coming year.

Love to you all,




Anthropologie, LOVE THAT!
There's a show on sundance that talks about the buyers for Anthropolie. It shows how they travel all over the world to find new stuff. It's a really good program and I think both your sister and your Mom would enjoy watching it.
Your birthday menu sounds delightful and is making me hungry!
Enjoy your day.


Jill xoo


Happy Birthday Auberne! I told my mom the same thing about Anthropologie...just put a shower & kitchen in there and I'd call it home. :)


Happy birthday to Miss Auberne! I hope she had a lovely day. So jealous that you have an Anthropologie store nearby - you read my little story of how I must get goodies from them! :) And thanks so very much for mentioning my giveaway - I hope folks stop by and say hello! :) Theresa

Brenda Kula

I've never been in an Anthropology store. None around here. Happy Birthday to her!


Birthday Wishes to Auberne` ~ Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!!!



19!!!!! Where does the time go? I can't believe it is here again! Auberne, you will notice the older you get the faster time goes. Sad!!! Hope you have a great birthday girlfriend!Give your Mama lots of hugs for giving birth too!



Happy Birthday wishes to Auberne! Enjoy the last year of being a teenager!


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