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So what is a woodland theme without trees ?? My goal was to do a different tree each month of this past year, I did not make that goal. But over the next few days I do have some trees to share. This is a wool tree. I was gifted with some wool sweaters that were felted. I got a very large nail and started cutting circles from the sweaters. I cut a small slit in the center, for the nail.

I just keep making smaller and smaller circles and stacking them. I found the more irregular the circles the better the tree looks (well in my opinion). This would be a fun craft for kids. I thought I would need to glue the nail on some base, but I found the tree stand just fine on their own. I glue a seed pod to the top, easy !!!! Here is another fun stacking felt tree, have fun playing.

I hope you are having a lovely week. We are not Jewish but my father's family is. I have never meet my fathers parents, they died when he was a teen. But I was named after my grandmother Claire. My grandfather Isadore was a baker and I always felt a connection to them. So every year we have a Hanukkah dinner to remember them and family lost in the Holocaust. Tonight we will have what we always have, matzo ball soup and latkes. I am going to make a roasted vanilla pear sauce to go over the latkes with sour cream. Heaven xoxox

Wool tree 2


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So very cute! Enjoy your wonderful dinner!


Beautiful little tree Clarice. I hope you had a wonderful dinner tonight!


What a great idea...show us more. A woodland theme sounds so cozy. Dianntha

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Very cute! The pear sauce on the latkes sounds so yummy!


Gumbo Lily

It's wonderful to me that you keep a Jewish tradition alive in memory of your father's family.

Cute woolly trees!



Congrats on being featured elsewhere too!


Lavender Dreamer

I love it! Just perfect among your decorations!


You are just SO creative!!!! I LOVE this tree. :) Thanks for explaining how to make one.

May you enjoy a blessed and peaceful dinner this evening...



What a great idea! Might not be easy for find festive colors in wool though. When I think of Christmas sweaters I think of the rather gaudy acrylic ones my mom has for every season! Yikes! I'll look for some though in colors that would work. I love it!


I loved that tree. The pears sound yummy. Love, Mom

Tracey McBride

I am just loving this photograph Clarice!! Your project is adorable (as always :). And you could even use them to make quilts or appliques if you tire of the tree!! I have to say, your dinner sounds delicious. My dad would sometimes make the Matza ball soup mix when I was young and I loved it!! Now, my kids really enjoy it as well (especially Rosie, which is surprising as she is my picky-est eater). Have a blessed and happy meal. Good thoughts and prayers are sent to you and yours.


This is lovely! I agree with you. I like the irregular circles a lot! Quick question... how tall is this and how big did you make your button circle? I'll be linking on FaceBook. Thanks

Nancy Jane York

I love the tree you made, great idea. I call it a 'funky look'. The remembrance dinner sounds so special especially for your children to experience this.


How cute! It will fit in nicely with your woodland theme. I made a little tree ornament the other day by sewing yo-yo's of different sizes and stacking them.


PS - Hope you guys are staying warm in this very cold weather that we are having!!! :)


Cute tree, Clarice. And your dinner sounds wonderful. It's special to remember those who have gone on before, and especially those lost to such atrocities as the Holocaust.

Your roasted pear sauce sounds delicious - will you be sharing the recipe?


Sharon D.

How fun is that? very cute and creative Clarice.

Have a wonderful dinner! It sounds delicious :)


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