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Thank you for all the prayers and kind thoughts. The appointment went well. Some good news, some bad news. But over all it was good and she will have two women cardiologist, so that is cool. Now I will just look forward to focusing on these last days of Christmas. This has been a stressful time. I have tried to focus on the blessing, but now it will be much easier.
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One good thing about my woodland theme, is my property is full of wood, pine cones, holly, moss and more moss. I wish I could say this wreath was my idea but it is not. I saw this wreath and loved it. This is another elf from David's childhood and a huge mushroom from the Christmas House. I did not worry about fully covering the straw wreath. You know moss grows and covers things in an irregular pattern, so this seemed more realistic to me. I am sooo thrilled with this wreath.

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I hope you have a blessed day, I am hoping to start wrapping gifts today xoxoxo
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Clarice, I'm glad that there was good news for Auberne` and I hope the bad news wasn't too bad. God has blessed you with her gentle smile and positive outlook all these years --- and I know He has many, many, many more plans for her! Hopefully all can be fixed to 100%!

I am enjoying your woodland theme very much!


Tracey McBride

So charming Clarice!! I love moss.

Gumbo Lily

I just love natural things and this mossy wreath is just lovely. How did you attach the moss? I like your woodland theme.



Clarice, this is wonderful!

I'm glad that Auberne's news was mostly good. Give her a hug for me, and here's one for you too.




I am glad that everything went well with the Cardiologist, I will be keeping Auberne in my prayers (and you too!) I LOVE this wreath! Anything with moss on it I love! The toadstool and elf are the perfect touches :)

Have a blessed day!


Doreen Frost

Absolutely adorable Clarice!!

Hugs, Doreen

ps..the book arrived and it is just wonderful!!! Thank you so very, very much.


Too cute!
I am glad that her appointment went well, I shall continue to keep your family in my prayers!


Lavender Dreamer

I love pixies so that would be my favorite wreath, too. Hope things go well with the new doctors!


Oh, this little elf made me smile - and I needed a smile today. :) I like the use of the moss - I shall have to share this with my hubby. I am happy to hear that you are pleased with the new doctors. That is very important!

Take care, Theresa


As you know, this is my favorite. Love, Mom


Oh, Clarice,

That's just too cute! And practical, too~You can plant it after Christmas :) .

I'm glad that you found some women doctors; there is a big difference, isn't there?



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