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Hello, we did have a magical woodland tea on Saint Nickolas day. You have asked what I got at Christmas house, well two things I got was this mushroom house and tree. I thought they went well with my theme.


The elf is one of several we have from when David was a boy. I made the toadstools from fimo. I love this deer and got several from The Thin Veil.
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Now I had big ideas for this woodland themed Christmas, THEN my hubby had to go and have his accident and not be able to use his arm. Well that threw huge monkey wrench into all my plans. So I simplified.

The wooden candler holders are much more simple then I had evisioned, but they still work.  I just found a great log from our wood pile that my red candles would sit on. David and Auberne` helped me cut them into pieces.
Woodland candles 

Another plan I had was to get fabric that looked like brown bark and make a runner with red rick-rack on the edge. Sighhhh, I let that go to. So instead took a pretty Christmas tablecloth and fold it into thirds to use as a runner.

IMG_6697 copy 

Add my cottages (holding ginger cookies and sugar bowl, thank you Becky), a gnome plate from my mother and it was quite a woodland tea. My mother made her delish St. Nicholas chicken salad which we served on gluten free biscuits (I am working on a recipe), chocolates, pate and cheese. It was very festive. I encourage all of you to try to take a little time each day to enjoy the season. Even if your home is not coming together (like mine) enjoy what you have, where you are at, enjoy the moment. Because this is a magical time, even without a perfect home. Now I am off to have a cup of tea and enjoy my half decorated kitchen ;-)  xoxoxo


PS Check out Home for the Holidays at Southern Hospitality


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Nearly fainted when I saw this woodland Gnome plate! A dream piece. Making homemade Bouche De Noel? You are my new idol!
I had lost old my old blog list when I closed out my other blog. Absolutely THRILLED to find yours again.
LiBBy BuTTons

Susie Q

I have an elf lik ethat and love him so...your deer are so precious! Just such a pretty and sweet table!

Thank you for sharing your home with us!


What a sweet table you've set! I think it's absolutely darling just as it is :)

I'm so sorry about your husband's arm and I hope it heals quickly.

Have a Merry Christmas :)



Clarice, what a lovely lovely post, filled with everything I love. The mushrooms. The elves. :) Happy Happy Christmas, sweetie. May you have lovely days filled with the laughter of those you love. I just finished my two posts on our own holiday home, and am ready for the party to start!
xo Lidy

Gumbo Lily

I love your attitude: enjoy what you have, where you are at, enjoy the moment. That is right where I am today. My home is not very decorated yet, but I am enjoying the process along with the few candles and cones and greenery I have up now. Sugar cookies and coffee were my special treat today with DIL and grandangel.


Pat@Back Porch Musings

This is wonderful! I love it!

ellen b

How very delightful. The elf is great and the whole scene is fun. Enjoy your tea...and thanks for the reminder that Christmas is wonderful with little or a lot...

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

Everything is charming! I love the woodland theme. Maybe you can call this a practice run for next year. Have you checked out Kathy's Cottage?

Very Cute!

Your elf brought back memories :) We had one exactly like that growing up and my brothers and I would fight over who got to have it that year :)

Have a beautiful day Clarice!



My Christmas tree has a similar theme as your decor. It has little hand-blow glass mushrooms, acorns, cottages and pine cones. I call it Black Forest decor. Absolutely love that gnome plate!



Oh my goodness, really too adorable! You're making me want to start a whole new themed corner somewhere next year!!!


So adorable Miss Clarice......Enchanting really....I am of Norweigian decent so the elves reminded me of my childhood....I love how you are encouraging everyone to enjoy the precious present moment no matter what is happening in our lives...


though you may have not planned it this looks beautiful anyway. I love your toad stools and the gnome plate. I have a Christmas book on Gnome crafts you would surly like. I should make copies of some of the pages. Anyhoo. You did an awesome job in the decor department. Have a lovely week.Mica


I think it is all adorable. To be honest, some of our favorite traditions came from years we were forced to do something different.

It is much quieter in my house now that there are no small kids here.

I'm so glad you put the link to your mom's recipe. I'd lost her blog address.


How delightful!!! Everything is so cheery and festive. And yummy treats. :) A woodland tea...LOVE it. Thanks for the link on the deer - I am going to visit very soon. :) Those toadstools are terrific - did you paint the tops? I've always wanted to make them. :)
Hope you are well - Theresa

Lavender Dreamer

Those are all of my favorite things...pixies, deer and toadstools! So sweet and happy!


How adorable! I love all the woodland decorations! I have a white elf like your red one - the kids think it is funky looking, but I like it!



Everything looks very charming dear Mrs.Fox-Hughes. I love the gnome plate. I've never seen one like that before.

Those mushrooms are very sweet!


The tea was perfect. I love all your little touches. Love, Mom


Dear Clarice,

Oh, the elf brings back childhood memories! We had quite a few of them on our tree every year.

I'm so glad that you were able to have tea with your mother; what a special thing for your daughters to witness.



The Pleasures of Homemaking

Oh my gosh that house is sooo cute! I love it! And the elf and the little mushrooms - the whole thing! Your menu sounds fabulous (as always)!

I am almost finished decorating for Christmas. I vowed to be done by the weekend and I've not done quite a few things I had planned on. I suppose I should start earlier but I never feel like it! I enjoy fall so much that I'm not in a rush to get to Christmas usually!



I loved your blog - I'm of Swedish descent, so elves are a big part of our celebration. Very cute!

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