Individual Bouche De Noel
Glimpes Of My Home

Woodland Menu

Woodland menue

This is our Christmas dinner, Christmas eve we will have cheese fondue and lots of cookies. Christmas morning is gingerbread overnight orange baked french toast, scrambled eggs with whatever goodies you want in your eggs and bacon. So what are you making ??? xoxox

Chicken breast with cranberries and pears in a cream sauce is from Susan Branch Christmas book

Wild rice hazelnut pilaf

Bock Choi with Sherry and Prosciutto

Individual Bouche De Noel

Orange cream brulee


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Sharon D.

Sounds wonderful!

Junie Moon

What a great menu and I love how you created a menu card. Creme brulee is one of my absolute favorite desserts. As to our Christmas dinner, my husband and I are still talking and planning what to do. It will only be the two of us this year, so we're thinking about actually packing a picnic and going hiking.


Everything sounds delicious! Beautiful menu!



Sounds delicious!


Ooooh, sounds delicious! Especially the dessert! We have pretty much the same thing every year -- Clam chowder for Christmas Eve followed by appetizers and cookies while opening gifts. Then Egg Casserole and biscuits and gravy for Christmas morning breakfast. Turkey and all the goodies for Christmas dinner, followed by Cranberry Christmas Pudding with Gorgeous Sauce for dessert. Aren't holidays fun?


I can hardly wait. Love, Mom


Love, love love Susan Branch cookbooks! This looks like a splendid Christmas dinner. Thanks for sharing. (((HUGS))) XOXO Mica

Lavender Dreamer

How wonderful! I'm going to have to plan ours and make it special! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


What a lovely meal! My Mother always said food should be colourful and pretty together. Yours certainly is!


mmm...everything sounds delicious!
We will be going to my parent's place on Christmas, but for breakfast we will have cinnamon rolls, sausage, fruit salad, and orange juice! This is a yearly tradition of ours.



Oh my goodness? Shall I come over? :) Sounds incredibly delicious. On Christmas eve, my husband and I will be having your roasted garlic pumpkin hummus, with the main course being crab cakes, lobster tails, brussel sprouts, and wild rice pilaf. On Christmas Day, we're headed to my parents for turkey breast parmesan (made by my husband), baked ziti, buttered carrots, salad, and a trifle for dessert(made by me). I posted some traditional Portuguese recipes on my most recent blog post, if you care to see them. I think you might find them interesting! :) Have a great day!!! Theresa

Cay Gibson

How did you make the lovely menu above? Sounds yumm!


Sounds delicious!! What time should I be there??


What time is dinner:-)

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