Snow Tree
Woodland Wreath

Woodland Cakeplate

Woodland cake plate 

Thank you sooo much loving my snow tree, I had fun making it. This is another project that David's injury sort of wreaked. I had plans on making a wood cake plate (here is another one), but the top involved using the chain saw (I wanted a big cake plate and I am not allowed to go near sharp things ;-) So again I improvised. David and I were able to cut the bottom with a ban saw. I wanted a large flat surface. The problem with plates is they are not totally flat. I ended up using the top of a large tin. Which I used upside down so I could keep the moss damp and not have water running off the plate.

I added some fun trees, a little house, deers, holly berries, fake snow. I am very happy with it. BUT I tell you when David can use a chain saw again, I am sooo making a cake plate.

Please be praying for Auberne`, she is going to a new cardiologist today. It is always nerve wracking to go to a new cardiologist, but we are hoping she will be a better fit for Auberne`. Thank you xoxoxox

Wood land cakeplate
Woodland cakeplate copy 

Wood land cake plate


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Tracey McBride

You are so clever!! The lid takes it over the top in creativity and repurposing!!

Gumbo Lily

Love it, love it!



I love this Clarice! I showed Michael and am trying to persuade him to make me one for our Anniversary in January. I told him that if he supplied the cake plate, I would supply the cake :)

Praying for Auberne and your family!


Junie Moon

This is so gorgeous, Clarice. What a wonderful tablescape. You always amaze me with your wondrous ideas.


That is too adorable, Clarice. I want to make one, too - or commission you to make one for me. :) I'm not allowed near sharp objects either - in fact, just sliced my finger open tonight with some scissors (makes typing rather hard wearing a bandage).

I do hope all goes well for Auberne...sending hugs your way. It's very important to have the appropriate physician.

Sincerely, Theresa


That is so adorable. I've seen the log cakeplate at Kathy's Cottage and loved it. Didn't think of using it like this. Thanks!


So cute! Auberne' is in my prayers!




Oh, this is so charming! I love it. I have a little tiny chain saw, and it's one of the best things ever. I was so tired of having to ask for help when it came to cutting branches, so I know how frustrating it can be.

I love my cardiologist, if you are ever interested in crossing the pond to see him. Younger, kind and very soft spoken. Very highly regarded, but it doesn't show on him, like it does on so many specialists. He listens, and most importantly, doesn't judge.

I'll keep sweet Auberne' in my thoughts. Best wishes to the both of you. I know it is stressful.


country mouse

Thinking of you guys today--hope it all goes well with the new heart doc. I hope Auberne connects well with the cardiologist and the doc takes all your/her concerns and questios seriously.

Will you be at Mary's tomorrow? Hope to hear the full story then!



Love the woodland display!! Prayers for Auberne!


no matter this is ADORABLE! I LOVE IT! You are one creative gal! Praying for your daughter...hope her heart is okay.(((HUGS))) Mica


Your little display on the cake stand (which is very creative) is so adorable. That will be nice to have all winter long, not just for Christmas time.
We will be keeping Auberne` in our prayers!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

That's just so darn cute! Love it! I hope all goes well for Auberne at the cardiologist.



This is wonderful, I love this idea…
This also would be fun to do after Christmas. Maybe a winter
fairy scene or an indoor fairy garden.
What type of glue did you use to glue the tin to the wood?

I hope all goes well for Auberne…


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