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Good morning. Well I hope you are warmer then we are. We woke up this morning with the heater out and it will not be repaired till tomorrow. Luckily we have a wood stove, we will just hang out in front of it, crafting. A few of you sweetie, asked about the smoked salt caramels, I just used the recipe linked above and used smoked salt instead. I used the amount of salt called for in the recipe, but I sprinkled a few more gains on each piece as we wrapped them up. They are amazing, thank you Angie for your caramel craze. You are forever my foodie friend and partner in crime  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow Tree Tutorial

This is my last tree to share. I do not even remember where I saw it, but I saw this tiny peek of part of a tree in a magazine and it inspired this snow tree. It is very easy to do. I cut out a bunch of wool felt leaves and pined them on a foam tree. If you click on the photo below and you can see the detail better. I cut leaves about 1 1/2 " wide and 1 1/2" deep with pinking shears. I just overlap the top corners and pinned then down. Use white pins (I used color so you could see what I did). I set the point of the leaf to cover the pin below and did this about two thirds up the tree. Then I switched to longer, narrower pieces, about 2" long and 3/4" wide. I pined those as what looked good. Cut a small round piece for the top. Glue it down and then glued the tree to a cut piece of wood. I was going to frost the tips, but decided I liked it better plain. But I could change my mind any minute ;-P

Have a warm day and I will be back soon with a LOT more to share xoxo 



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The Pleasures of Homemaking

Very cute! If I had more time I'd add that one to my "forest"!



Very cute! And thanks for the caramel recipe -- I LOOOOVE carmel -- I think maybe more than chocolate!


I haven't been around much recently and now I find Christmas is almost here. You have so many pretty festive goodies in your home as always Clarice and some inspirational 'makes' so I really must get myself sorted. Wishing you a happy family Christmas, love Eli


Love that tree even more than the others, I think!! So so so cute!!


Love your snow tree! Sending "warm" thoughts your way.

Tracey McBride

I am love, love, lovin' this!! Especially am enjoying the real piece of log at the bottom...the mix of materials is lovely Clarice! Can't wait to see what you do next.


Love this tree idea! I think I'm going to send the kids out to find me a chunk of wood...lol...this one's on my to-do list.


This is a beautiful tree. I agree that the wood base really adds to it. Can't wait to try those caramels. Love, Mom


This is a pretty tree, and I too, like the mossy trunk that you used, Clarice.

I have to try to make the caramels and salt, someday. We sometimes visit Fran's Chocolates, and those are a favorite of mine. I think they use sea salt on some, and smoked salt on others. Yum!

Wayside Wanderer

I love it, Clarice, and especially the wood base. I really like the felt one, too, and have enjoyed the links you have shared. Keep up the creativity!

Lavender Dreamer

Oh, I love this one even more! Love the way you've made it look like leaves on a tree with the edging! Very sweet!


I like it - our real trees have snow on them today! Just a small amount, enough to make it look like a winter wonderland!
Hope you all stay warm & cozy!


Dianntha Lessig

Love it, Clarice. Where do you find the time to be so creative? I love your trees, all of them. Blessings, Dianntha

Gumbo Lily

This tree is so "quiet" and simple. I like it, especially out in the green mossy woods where you have pictured it.

The caramels sound amazing!


What? No glue gun? :-)
It's awesome!



This is precious! Oh, Clarice, won't you adopt me and decorate my house?? I love your trees! I am going to have to make a list of all your trees for next year. I just can't get it all done this year! Precious, precious, precious!

marydon ford

Clarice, it is darling ...
Merry Christmas, TTFN ~Marydon

Sharon D.

Very cute Clarice. I too love this one best :) Thanks for sharing the caramel recipe, it sounds fantastic!

Have a beautiful day!



Oh, I think this is the prettiest tree of all! :) Thanks for giving all the instructions on these trees. Very excited to try some of them soon. Theresa

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