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Silhouette Tree

Sill tree 22

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my entry. Here is the other side and my silhouette tree. I thought since I already have my silhouette dishes up, I should make the most of them.

Sill tree

Sill tree 3

I already had the cake plate with the urn and dried hydrangeas, so again using what I had. Add a small white tree, whatever black ribbon and lace I could find. Oh and I used a hankie to cover the base of the tree.

Sill tree 4

I also cut out silhouettes with a large scalloped hole puncher. I find just poking a hold in the top with a pin and running a metal ornament hook through works best. Then you can bend those hooks to get your ornaments to face the way you want.

Click on image below and save in your pictures. Print up full page, set at shrink to fit. Next I will share a woodland tea xoxoxox


PS, Julie and Julia comes out today, I am heading to Target first thing this morning !!!!




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Sharon D.

How beautiful Clarice! I love the Silhouettes and the Hydrangeas are the perfect touch :)


Kitty Custer

Your Christmas table looks just perfect! So sorry about hubby's arm. Hope it heals quickly. Thanks ever so much for the silhouettes ~ I hope to use in an upcoming project!



Wow!! This is gorgeous... I love the hydrangeas in this...


this is very pretty and sophisticated even!


If you enjoy Silhouttes-check out the ones at Audrey Eclectic. They are gorgeous and made me think of you!

Junie Moon

Your silhouette tree is fabulous. I'm super impressed with the whole concept and how it all looks. And thank you for sharing the images, too, I've been looking for some for a project I want to do. I forgot about the Julie and Julia movie and am going to go out and get a copy for myself today. I enjoyed the book when it first came out and look forward to seeing the movie version.

Lavender Dreamer

Thank you so much! I love these!


How creative & pretty!



Oh, how gorgeous - I just LOVE silhouettes! It looks so unbelievably beautiful on a tree. :) Thanks for sharing some silhouette images for us.

Oh, I LOVED Julie and Julia - one of my favorite films of the year. :) So very inspiring. Meryl Streep was her usual awesome self, and Stanley Tucci was just perfect as the love of Julia's life. :)



That is a thing of beauty Clarice.
Love it!!!

Gumbo Lily

You have such a "good eye" for things. I'm still waiting to go to the forest to cut my tree and gather some more cones for decorating. Looking forward to more of your woodland theme.



How beautiful! Whata great idea!


That is so inspiring Clarice. I love silhouettes. Thank you for sharing yours.

I saw Julie and Julia and I enjoyed it very much. Meryl Streep's performance is lovely, and she is so dryly funny; just like Julia was.


This tree is so cool. Love, Mom

Karen Young

Clarice, Your silhouette tree is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the clipart. I don't comment very often, but I always look forward to reading every one of your posts.



Oh, I love silhouettes! Its amazing how much personality you can see in a shadow. the tree is darling, I have a silhouette tree up in my bedroom :) LOVE those plates too!~


what a lovely look....




These both are so pretty (your entry pictures)! I love the way you are using all natural and "old fashioned" themes! It is so inspiring. If I can get through finals, I plan to go wild! You have given me an idea that I will share later!

Have a great day!



I love your unique design!

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