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Woodland cakeeeee 

Well I had all you facebook readers grossed out, when I said I was creating something with chocolate, whipped cream and mushrooms. That does sound like an oh-so-interesting combination. But what would a woodland themed Christmas be without a yule log cake, Bouche De Noel ? I decided liked the idea of making individual Bouche De Noel. I also wanted to figure out how I could make it, but do most of the work ahead of time. I always try to pick recipes for the holidays were I can do a lot of the cooking ahead. It keeps me from doing too much last minute and therefor I am a happy hostess.

Wood cake

1. I decided instead of making a rolled, filled cake, I would just made a chocolate mayo cake and cut it into small individual cakes with a biscuit cutter. I made these a week ahead and froze them. I will pull them out on Christmas morning. I also made chocolate curls the same day and am keeping them in the fridge.

2. On Christmas morning, besides pulling out the cakes, I will set up all the dessert plate with pieces of wax paper to catch all the extra whipped cream and coco powder. I also will make the whipped cream. Homemade whipped cream made with heavy cream will hold all day in the fridge.

3. After dinner, I will get a few people to help and we will set up a assembly line.

4. Take your cake and set it in the center of the wax paper pieces.  Start spreading the whipped cream on the side but NOT the top * then take coco powder and a sieve and dust the whipped cream. Run a fork up the side of the cream to make lines.

* one thing I learned doing this cake is the coco powder that gets on the top of the cake, makes it hard to spread the whipped cream on top. So I suggest cutting a circle from wax paper and set it on the top while you do the coco powder part.

5. Now spread whipped cream over the top. I put a few chocolate chips in a sandwich baggie and zapped it in the microwave 40 second to melt it. I cut off the tip of the baggie and pipe circles of chocolate on the top.

6. CAREFULLY pull out the wax paper pieces, one at a time and throw away. Add chocolate curls and mushrooms. About the mushrooms, I am lucky to have a grocery store with a large Asian section that has chocolate mushrooms and that is what I used.

Woodland cake

I know this sounds complicated, but really with some ahead prep time and a couple of friends it is very easy. As you can see I did not try to make it perfect, I did not stress about frosting and if some of these steps seem like too much just skip it. Make is fun for you, work with what is comfortable for you. That is a big part of cooking and entertaining. I hope you are not burned out on woodland ideas, I only have two more to share xoxoxo 


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Sharon D.

What a great idea Clarice! You know I have never had Buche de Noel. I think I am going to have to try it some year :)

Gumbo Lily

I was a bit concerned about the mushrooms and whipped cream, but now I'm over it and would love to be invited for Christmas Day dessert!



I saw someone make individual bouche de noel on the Food Network last night. Yours is prettier!



Oh Clarice...you are so creative!
I must admit that I was curious as to what you were making!!! It looks wonderful!



I need those mushrooms for my son's stocking! He's mushroom CRAZY! Only Asian markets?



Oh, this looks so good…
I am enjoying your day-to-day account of
your woodland holiday…


Tracey McBride

Love it, love it, love it!! I could gobble it up faster than you can say Bouche De Noel!!
Wish I lived closer...I'd invite myself over!


Clarice, this looks wonderful. I make a Buche de Noel every year, too. Your Christmas table will be spectacular


oh sweetie, you had me at CHOCOLATE! Have a happy weekend!
(((HUGS))) Mica


Oh yuuuuum! that looks so heavenly! Thank God for Chocolate! Even Chocolate mushrooms! :)


Really turned out cute. Where did you get the plates, Christmas House? Love, Mom


This is adorable! What a great idea -- and it looks delicious too!!! Thanks for sharing!


How cute!!!
You have a happy holiday!!!!


That actually looks really, really yummy! I've seen those candy mushrooms at stores (I was intrigued on Facebook when you said you were using mushrooms!). Talk to you soon! Theresa


Dear Clarice,

How cute! I have to admit,though, I still have the imaginary taste of mushrooms and chocolate on my mind!




I wish I were your neighbor and could come eat that cake with you!! :) Then, you and your girls could come have craft days.
I will never tire of your woodland ideas-I love them!!

Junie Moon

Clarice, you are absolutely brilliant. I love all these ideas you're sharing and wish I could be at your table on Christmas Day to see and enjoy everything with you and your family.

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