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Christmas welcomeeeeeeeeeeee

Welcome to Storybook Woods Christmas. My theme this year is woodland. I decided this the day after last Christmas and have been planning since (I know I am a loo-loo). My vision is lots of trees, moss, toadstools, gnomes, pinecones, deers, brown and green. Not really many Santa's, angels, candy canes, etc.

Christmas welcome

LOL, as you will see in my shoe-room though there is some Santa's and no woodland. I had to sneak those candy canes and Santa's in somewhere ;-)  You will see above my chalkboard a pip-cleaner garland, I got the idea from Design*Sponge but sadly mine did NOT turn out. BUT I firmly believe in embracing ones work (as I have said before) so I used it as it was.
Christ door 

Instead of a wreath for my front door, I came up with this little coin bag (One of my Christmas House finds this year). This is one of the my favorite things I did this year. I just opened it up, ran velvet ribbon through the side hinges, added some fresh holly and a Christmas pin and Wahlaa. A dab of tacky wax on the back of the clasp keep the purse stuck to the door. I will be back with more, a silhouette tree !!!! xoxoxo

Christmas door 2 


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melissa @ the inspired room

That is really cute! I wasn't able to get to The Christmas House, my girls had finals and it just didn't work for us to go yet. I hope we'll make it next weekend, if not, bah humbug it will have to be a fun thing for next year!

You've done some festive decorating, I love the woodland theme!


How pretty! What a lovely theme - my favorite. :) Theresa


I love the purse--what a brilliant idea. Now I've got to look around and see what I can use to do something similar. Thanks for the idea!


LOVE it, Clarice!! You should come by and see what I did with some gaudy gold deer. I think you would like them.
I love your blog-you are awesome!!

Gumbo Lily

Fresh holly! What a nice thing to have to tuck into all your woodland corners. Is it growing wild in your woods?



I just love your decorations.....so lovely! I hate not being able to decorate this year (moving)..


It is looking very festive at your house!



It's all beautiful Clarice! I love the little bottlecap on the purse!

Lisa Lowe

Hi Clarice, lovely home and lovely theme!! We read this morning that the "sylvania" part of Pennsylvania means woodland so when I clicked on your blog today I thought of you as Storybook Sylvania!!
Have a lovely Christmas in your sweet little cottage!
~Lisa L


I love the bag Clarice. Black and white is a favorite of mine, and your idea is very clever and looks charmingly festive. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your ideas.

Nancy Jane York

Love this especially the darling little bag on your door, how cute !!


It looks so festive when you enter your house. I love the little purse and the bright red Santa's. I also love the way you have embraced your shoe room and made the most of it. Love, Mom


fun! i can't wait to see what else you've done. :)


I love your woodland theme idea!
Everything looks lovely,


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