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Faux-Bois Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Faux bois paperrrrrrrrrrrrr

So you know I had to come up with some wrapping to go with my woodland theme. I though faux-bois paper would be perfect. I looked around and all I could find was a bit more then I wanted to do. Plus I did not want to spend the money on one of those wood grain tools ;-)  I thought, there has to be a simpler way to do this. So here is what I did. I bet you could come up with an even more beautiful then I did.

I simple took a silver sharpie pen and drew with irregular, long circles, with a smaller circle inside. The add a bunch of wavy lines. Perfect ?  no !!! But it gives the feel and was sooo very doable. 

In the fall I had took a bunch of pine cones, drilled a hole in the top and added eye screws. I simply ran some beautiful ribbon through the screw and made a lovely topper for the package. Beauty does not have to be complicated, just thoughtful xoxox

Faux bois paper 4


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Gumbo Lily

Great idea. I love it!


Junie Moon

I'm loving your woodland theme, it's really unique and beautiful. The wrapping paper you made is a brilliant idea and looks fabulous.

Sharon D.

Thank you Clarice for another wonderful idea :) I am loving your Woodland Theme Christmas :)

Have a wonderful day!



very clever.....



Clarice, you are one creative person!


Love that!! You are truly sticking to your theme!!


how woodlandsy! You are so cute for doing this whole theme!!!! Have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))) Mica


brilliant idea!!!!


oh Clarice, this is wonderful...
I love hand made wrapping papers and these are just too wonderful!


Simply beautiful, Clarice. I love it! The eye-screw idea for the pine cones --- priceless!



Clarice, I have not had a chance to blog-visit for a few days, and my oh my, here I am and I could spend all the rest of the day at your blog. You have got so many beautiful ideas and pictures. It is so very lovely!



Your faux bois paper is a wonderful addition to your woodland Christmas. And drilling the pinecones - brilliant.

I'm cooking like crazy today, tomorrow I hope to get to presents and a bit of crafting/sewing.



I love this. This is the best idea yet. The paper looks modern and cool. Love, Mom


SO clever, and I love it!
The recipients will love it too!!!


You are so creative Clarice...they go perfect with your woodland theme!


Jan MacKay

Bravo! Looks like wood to me. Good going.


Cute!!! :) I LOVE those pine cone bows. Hope all is well with you today. Theresa

Tracey McBride

Oh Clarice, I am just appreciating your Woodland theme soo much! This paper is adorable. I've been seeing it in stores and online and it's not inexpensive!! Thanks so much for all the great ideas and inspiration.

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