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Christmas house 2009 

Awww thank you for all the sweet comments about my lack of grammar and spelling skills (I still am not sure how I have a blog). It kills me I can not feed all of you to say thank you !!! Here is the last Christmas House photo. On Monday I will share my house.

I wish for all of you a relaxing, fun, yummy, memory-making weekend. I will probably be back at the Christmas House when you read this. I have family visiting on Saturday and Sunday we will have a Saint Nicolas tea. I will confess, I have not had time to bake anything except gluten free biscuits (that are amazing) so I stocked up on goodies at Trader Joe's for the tea. Oh and can I toot my own horn a bit. My candy cane syrup was featured on CRAFT. Plus David drive'd (that is not a word is it ??? ) today, no more carting him around. So I would say this will be an amazing weekend for me and I hope the same for each one of you. You are all such a gift to me and as I told some friends, "I embrace it all with a huge amount of gratitude" xoxoxox


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Thank you for sharing all of the images of the Christmas inspiring.

Sharon D.

I am so loving these photos Clarice, but even more I am thankful that David is doing better :)

I am going to try your Candy Cane Syrup this year. My husband used up the candy canes last year :)

Have a wonderful day, I appreciate you!



You are a gem, Clarice --- and your blog is always a place of refreshment and inspiration. When I have no time to visit anyone else, I still visit Storybook Woods!!!

So, is your gluten-free biscuit recipe posted here on your blog?

And a St. Nicolas Tea Party? Will you be sharing pictures? It sounds like fun!


Gumbo Lily

Hooray for David! Hooray for you too! I'm preparing for a Christmas tea coming up soon too. Looking forward to seeing YOUR Christmas House!


Wayside Wanderer

Congratulations, Clarice! You have several things to celebrate. I appreciate your update on David because I was wondering how he is doing. Glad to know progress is being made! God bless. Leslie


Mmmmmm...candy cane syrup. Sounds GRAND! Congrats on the feature. :) You truly deserve it. I'm so happy to hear that your husband drove - that is indeed progress.

This Christmas tree looks so warm and inviting. Very cozy. Can't wait to see more! Enjoy your tea (I LOVE Trader Joe's, by the way). :)



love it. The tree is sweet... I would love to decorate Christmasy all year round yet have it only Fall like weather!! Funny huh/ How is you hubby doing. Still saying my prayers for his healing. Hugs to you and yours! Mica


I can't believe that someone visits a blog and comments on thegrammar, spelling etc. How rude! I visit a blog because I love what I see and what I'm reading (gramatically correct or not). The grammar police better not visit any ESL blogs, they would shudder at some of the mistakes but I think that's all part of the charm of the blog. Don't think for a minute that the majority of visitors to your sight are concerned about your grammar or spelling. Please!!


Congratulations for the acknowledgement of your wonderful syrup Clarice. I think it would make a wonderful gift. I've been saving some very pretty maple syrup bottles with the idea of gift giving. I think some will be filled with your syrup.

I'm planning a very small tea party this month for my sister and her two little girl grandaughters. I love tea parties in December. One year I held one for a friends, and one of my friends came dressed up in a wonderful hat, old fashioned dress and long gloves. She wore bright red lipstick and all. I still smile when I think of it. I wish you a wonderful weekend, and I'm so glad that David is feeling better.


I can't wait to see the way you've done your house! I'm sure it's magical :)


I love all the red - it would go nicely in my kitchen! Where is Christmas House located, I don't believe I have ever seen it when we have been over that way.
Have a wonderful weekend with your family & friends!


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