Christmas House day 3
Christmas House day 5

Christmas House day 4

Christmas house 5 2009 

I hope you all realize this is not my house (I wish), this is a local boutique called the Christmas House. But I will share what I have been up to soon.

PS. I had a comment correcting my spelling and grammar, thank you for letting me know. I did want to share I have pretty severe dyslexia. I hesitated even starting a blog for a while because I knew this would be an issue. But I want you to know, it takes me a long time to write a post, even a simple one. I do my best to correct my mistakes, you should see the posts when I first write them  :-o . But I do not want to give the impression that I just casually write my post and am too lazy to check them. I put my heart in this blog and want it to be the best it can. So this is me good and bad. I hope it does not distract from the blog for you xoxox


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Gumbo Lily

You're always "good" to me! It is very evident to me that you pour yourself into this blog and I appreciate it. I've enjoyed the Christmas House pics. I bought the cutest little silver tree. It would fit into this picture nicely, I think.



Hi there,
Your home is looking so good, and Christmasy!!
Everyone makes an error now and then.
Who cares?
Have a great weekend,

Karla Nathan

I've never noticed any writing issues, and always enjoy what you write! But now, I am doubly impressed that you home school with your issues, that is amazing. You should be so proud of yourself to overcome the problem enough to write a blog and teach your girls! My sons both have this learning disability and I'll have to tell them how well you've done with it.


Your posts are lovely! Don't worry about grammar--I don't :-)


Clarice, I love that "sugar" Church! I have a few little "sugar" houses and a small church. I also have 3 little elves and a log cabin. They are beautiful when they sparkle! Thanks for sharing!


Sweet Clarice,

I teach college English; you have no errors that I can see. I love your blog and your spirit. And, just so you know, I use "ain't" frequently.




I'm a terrible speller and I do my best at grammar but I know I make errors (and some things are not "found" by Spellcheck).

I read your blog for your heart and to be honest, haven't noticed any errors. :)


Oh sweetie, I've always been so impressed by your posts, and at how well written they are. I've had friends correct my grammar and all too. My punctuation isn't so hot. I try not to worry about it, and just enjoy the creative aspects of blogging. Life is just too know what I mean.

I love this photograph. It's very inspiring, and so are you!



You do a great job and you keep going strong!!! The shop looks so wonderful. Merry Christmas. Dianntha


Yea!! Dyslexic untie! *wink* (I am too!)


Ohmygosh! I check over my posts all the time and I STILL miss typos and I don't even have dyslexia. Don't worry about it one. little bit. I think most of us are very understanding -- no one's perfect. Good Grief!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Oh Goodness!! I transpose letters and such all the time! I must re-read my posts about 20 times before I hit publish and there's always something I notice later that's wrong, but honestly, it takes so much time to keep up a blog that I would hope people would just appreciate that there's a post at all...period!

Christmas House - why is it called that if it's open all year? Looks like a great place to browse and get inspired!


Lavender Dreamer

So many beautiful things! I think we all type a little too fast sometimes but we all understand what we mean! lol Please visit me soon! I've been off the computer for a few days and I'm catching up!


Hi Clarice, I don't even notice typos - really. I'm more fascinated with the content and sheer beauty of your postings. That's what truly matters! :)
I love the little photo from the boutique - very elegant. I love gold colors on Christmas trees. This year, I'm kind of obsessing over reindeer!!!
Take care...Theresa :)

melissa @ the inspired room

Oh, where is this Christmas house? It looks lovely!!

PS. I make all sorts of grammatical mistakes and time someone corrected me too. A funny one I made last week, I typed "Attidude of Gratitude" for my title. Yes, that is AttiDUDE. A funny typo!! LOL!

My feeling is if we have to be all perfect in our blogs than we have too much time on our hands.



You're doing a great job! I know it's hard but just try to ignore the negative people. Love those little mica covered houses and churches!



Everyone makes errors and everyone has their own writing style. I find yours charming. I'm pretty finicky when it comes to grammar and spelling in books and magazines, but I turn off that editor when I read blogs. Blogs are about real life, everyday happenings, and wonderful people, like you, whom I would have never met otherwise.

Don't feel you have to explain -



You're doing a wonderful job and I am so proud of you. Love, Mom


Oh and we love you all the more for your extra effort! Keep up the good work. Even we non-dyslexics have problems transposing letters on the key board, so don't give it a second thought!
You know that your posts are the highlight of my day! I can't wait to see what you will share next!



It is about friendship and inspiration and not about dotting every i …
I enjoy each thing that you share with us.



Thanks for sharing Christmas House. It's a little treat every day to look at the pictures. I wish we had something like that around here. Hope you share with your readers what you picked up there.

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