Christmas House day 2
Christmas House day 4


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these are all lovely pics. I wish it were mine too! Ha Ha...

ey don't you love being corrected.? I remember once I spelled a word wrong and someone left a comment, saying I should know how to spell if I am home schooling my kids.....yeah! Geesh! People make mistakes...sometimes the wrong button is hit.. I do it more than you know. I use my spell check on blogger now ... I am not the spelling or grammer police so don't worry if you make a mistake!!! Hugs, Mica


Love the big bulb wreath. Did you make that yourself Clarice? Beautiful.


It's a Christmas wonderland!!
I love it Clarice. It's so much fun!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


OHMYGOSH! Gorgeous! That wreath takes my breath away!!! How did you get so many balls on there -- is it a double or triple ring? It's BEAUTIFUL Clarice!!!

Doreen Frost

Beautiful Clarice..JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!


Porch Days

Can't wait to see your decorations complete. I hope David is doing well!

Sharon D.

Beautiful! I love those trees on the mantle and the mantle is beautiful :)

Have a wonderful day Clarice!



Wow - more Christmas lovelies! I adore this wreath too! I can certainly tell that you truly love this time of year. Everything is so gorgeous and warm. :) Theresa


What a beautiful room! I love love love the red! And what a fireplace -- all warm and snuggly! Pretty!

Tracey McBride

Oh my goodness, Clarice, I LOVE it!! The red and white just make me feel good...and the ornament wreath and feather (?) trees are perfect for the mantle. Okay, I am off to get movin' on our own holiday decor...thanks so much for the inspiration (as always).


Love the ricrac stockings and the green glass thingies... forgot the name of them... so adorable all lit up! Great idea!! The few that I have are only brown :(


I am a big fan of your site. I have read it in it's entirety!! :0) Anyway, I just popped on over to tell you that I am having a craft book give-away and wanted you to have the chance to win them for your girls, if you want them! :0)

This time of year is a time of celebration, joy and light. I wish you a beautiful Christmas!!


Oh, I like the bright colored wreath - pretty!




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