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Bock Choi with Sherry and Prosciutto

Christmas hats 

Hello, I hope you had a blessed and yummy Christmas, we did. No drama, just relaxing and low key. The girls got dressed up. Auberne` made the sweetest hat and Chloe even made Elisabeth (her doll) a hat from an MnM container. Good reuse Chloe !!!! 

This year's dinner was really good. My mother was afraid the chicken with cranberries and pears would be sweet, but it was not. It was rich and earthy. The dish everyone loved the most was the bock choi. But I do want to apologize because when I went to read the bock choi recipe I had posted, I realized it was not what I though and would not go with the dinner. So here is my recipe xoxoxo 

 Christmas hats 2


Bock Choi with Sherry and Prosciutto

12 baby bock choi, cut in half

1/4 cup dry sherry

3 think slices of prosciutto, chopped

Heat 3 TBL olive oil in a large pan on hight till pan is very hot. Set bock choi cut side down in hot oil. Let it brown for a few seconds. If you can not put them all in at one time, pulling them out and set the bock choi on a platter. Add oil as needed till all pieces are browned on high heat.

Then put bock choy in pan again, quick pour sherry over the bock choi, sprinkle prosciutto over bock choi and cover with lid. Turn down heat to low and let cook two minutes. Check tenderness. I like it still a bit crunchy, but cook to your liking. Add some pepper and enjoy.


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The girls are dashing my darling!What a great year it has been to get to know you better. And.... here is to many more years of getting to know you through your blog. Hopefully one day we will meet and have tea! Many blessings for you this year ahead. May God's also be in your life and strengthen your family .... Much love, Mica

Happy New Year Hugs Your Way!!!!


Sounds like a fun Christmas!!!
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
I am so glad we are blog friends, and friends in general!!


Wow! I think it's SO cool that your girls got dressed up for Christmas dinner - they look beautiful! And you know -- I don't think I've ever had bock choi -- I see Jody's in my same boat -- must be us midwesterners LOL!


Dear Clarice,

Your girls look gorgeous!!! I love their pretty and dressy outfits. What fun it is to dress up! The hats are darling, too, and I love the one Chloe made for Elizabeth! I am so glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for the recipe!

We LOVED the video that Auberne` and Chloe made!!! Oh, your girls are so precious and you can see the genuine love they have for one another!!! I loved the songs they remade, too funny, and WOW, Chloe can sing... Silent Night was just beautiful! You are so very blessed to have such kind, loving, creative and giving girls.

Love, Paula

Junie Moon

Thank you for sharing the recipe. I'm so glad your Christmas was wonderful. I love that y'all wore such beautiful dresses and the hats (including the one Chloe made for Elisabeth) are such a lovely detail.

By the way, what a fun video the girls made. I just love your family!


I love your girls dresses, they look like they live in 'storybook woods'. I also like your holiday menu, I'm going to try the bok choi. Lisa


Mmmmm...another yummy recipe! Thanks so much! Auberne's hat is just too cute. They both looked very pretty, and your dinner sounded just delectable. I'm now looking forward to the New Year - what delicacies can we expect? :) Theresa


You girls look so pretty!
I'm so happy you had such a wonderful Christmas.

The dinner sounded yummy!

Jill xoo


What a festive time! Everything looks so beautiful --- and I love that the girls dressed up! How fun!!!



Glad you had a lovely Christmas!



What pretty daughters! I love the little cap on Elizabeth and Aubrene'!

Sounds like a delightful recipe!

Stay warm!


Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Sounds like you and your family had a perfect day, Clarice!

This recipe is going to the top of the "to make" list, thank you for sharing.

All the best to you and yours in 2010! xo


The chicken was very yummy and the bock choi, not one of my favorites, was also very yummy. The girls looked so cute. Love, Mom


glad to hear you all had a lovely Christmas! BTW, I still have my "American Girl" dolls...I have Kirsten and Felicity. Love them! ;)


Dear Clarice,

I'm so glad you had a relaxing Christmas; ours was low-key too, which is just the best!

The girls would like to know what kind of doll Elisabeth is? We all love her hat!

The recipe looks so delicious, as usual :)



Gumbo Lily

It's so nice to see everyone dress up for Christmas! The girls look lovely.

I've never had bock choi but it sounds like it would be delicious. I'll have to come taste it!


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