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Roasted-Garlic Pumpkin Hummus


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Once a week Chloe and Angie's daughter have a play date. Which I love because Angie is an amazing cook and always feeds me soooo well. But I like to bring her something yummy too. I wanted to do something with the long-pie pumpkins Angie grew for me and I had roasted. I decided to make roasted garlic pumpkin hummus.

I wanted it to have the qualities of a pumpkin pie but something savory not sweet. Normally when I do hummus, it is very lemony and garlicky. So I decided to roast the garlic to give it a deeper, richer flavor. I used less lemon and instead of herbs, I used spices. Mostly cumin as this seems to go with the deep flavor of the roasted garlic. But also I added some cinnamon and ground ginger.

Also about when I make hummus, you will see I used half water/half olive oil. I do not do that for health reasons (although it is a good reason) I do it for money reasons. I am trying to stretch what I have. I discovered hummus is just as rich and yummy with half water/half oil. You can make this hummus and freeze part for future meals. I like to serve it with baked garlic meatballs and raw veggies.

Enjoy, Miss. Storybook Woods (thank you for the kind comments :-) xoxoxox 

Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Hummus

1 whole garlic, roasted and cloves pulled out of skin, discard skin

I cup pumpkin puree

1, 15 oz can or 1 ½ cup cooked garbanzos rinsed

Juice of half a large lemon

¼ cup water

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup tahini

1 ½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. ground cumin

½ tsp. ground pepper, cinnamon, ground ginger


Puree add ingredients till smooth.

Image above is a view out my kitchen window of Chloe's maple tree, it is quite beautiful this year.


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This recipe sounds delicious.
I really must try it.


Selia Renzetti

Thank you for sharing! I will definitely give this one a try. The view out of your kitchen window is just lovely!


(Thank you Clarice! It kind of reminded me of something from a storybook, and you, while I was creating it - must be something about the mushrooms and the little pumpkin house. Much hugs and wishing you a great week)


I simply LOVE hummus and pumpkin! This creation sounds so yummy! Thank you for the recipe! So gonna try this out! I think I'm now craving for it :)

Doreen Frost

This sounds scrumptious!!

Love your blog!!! Lots of fun!

Have a wonderful day,

Gumbo Lily

The view out of your kitchen window is fabulous. I'd have to spend plenty of time around that gorgeous tree in the fall.

Your pumpkins hummus sounds very interesting. I'd love to try it.



The view out of your window is gorgeous!

So I have never heard of pumpkin hummus! I always learn such good stuff from you :)


Oh, Yummo! I can not wait to try this one out, especially with the abundance of pumpkins I have been able to pick up at practically nothing (after halloween sales)

I found you through Manuela at the Pleasures of Homemaking.


Sounds great! Always looking for healthy dips and appetizers. Thanks!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

How I wish you lived closer so you could cook for me (I'll paint something for you)LOL!

That sounds so yummy! I LOvE hummus. I have it almost everyday for lunch. I love pumpkin and I love hummus so I'm sure I'd love this!


country mouse

Ooooh, yum! I think I'm going to try this for Thanksgiving! My family will thank you : )


Oh how VERY yummy! I never thought to include pumpkin into hummus...which is one of my favorite things to eat. I am most definitely going to try this. Thanks for posting this recipe. :) Theresa


I have never heard of this before...I think my Gramma would love it since she loves hummus...sounds very interesting. Love the view from your kitchen window. Hugs. Mica


The tree is incredible. The recipe too. Love, Mom


Mmm, this does sound good! I use water in my hummus, too, in fact, the recipe I originally started with called for it!

So, do you have your Christmas decorations up already? Or do you just keep greenery and lights up all year for atmosphere? I do love white lights in any season.

Enjoy your play date! Whoops, your daughter's play date....



The recipe sounds delicious - thank you for sharing!
The view out your window is so beautiful!



Oh, Clarice, I wish I could join the play date!!! :) What a blessing to have this friendship, for all of you!

This sounds so good. I don't have any pumpkin BUT I do have squash and I think I'll try that. Nathan just loves humus and I think all that garlic would be great for him while he has the flu!

And thanks for the little money stretching advice. I love your attitude and I think these types of things are what many of us are going to have to do. And we not feel deprived, do we?! We'll still be enjoying wondefully delicious food!

I love your header!


Ok girls. Whose play date is it REALLY? :-) What fun and yummy goodness!



Dear Clarice,

How creative! I never would have thought of putting pumpkin in hummus. Thanks for the wonderful idea!




Oh wow...that sounds sooo delicious! I have never met a pumpkin dish I didnt like ;)

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