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Starwar girls

Auberne`  (you should check out her starwars "I got milk" posters !!!) and I decided to dress up when taking Chloe downtown to trick or treat. I usually wear the same costume, "grumpy-mom-mad-at-hubby-because-he-is-always-working-on-halloween-and-I-would-rather-be-snuggled-up-in-bed-with-a-new-mag" but this year I decided to shake things up.

Starwar girl

I bet you can guess who Auberne` is. I thought her idea for the belt was great. She stuck duck tape together and made sort of duck tape fabric that she then cut her belt out. Chloe dressed her doll Elisabeth as Hans Solo.

Starwar girl 3 IMG_6162

But I am mostly posting because I had to share Chloe's costumes, Ashoka Tano. She has been working on this for months. I had nothing at all to do with this. She created, designed and sew it all by herself.


The headpiece is just unbelievable. It is hard to see it has beading on it. I thought the the embroidery she did on the front piece on her skirt was perfect. Auberne` made a baby Hut named Roda for Chloe's Birthday. She even made a backpack for him.  

Asoka 6

I know I am being a braggy mom, but it thrills me to no end to see my girls take an idea, run with it, design it, create it. This was a big goal of mine in homeschooling them. Well done girls. I am sp proud of you, keep creating. By the way I was Miss Storybook Woods ;-)   xoxoxoxo




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I love how Halloween gives my children a day to be creative. They always make their costumes themselves like your girls did. This year my oldest daughter sewed hers by hand...she was Birdgirl...I don't know who that is but she showed me a picture of the character and she did an amazing job. She even dyed her hair red for it. Afterwards the semipermanant dye would not come out of her hair so she had to re-dye it platinum blonde. Your girls are very creative!!! Great costumes.

The Vintage Rabbit

Well aren't you just a peach!!!!

How cute are you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



LOVE the costumes! Love when adults dress up on Halloween, because I always do! Wonderful!



Like I've said before...
Like Mother like Daughter.
I love the costumes, especially yours!


These are awesome!!! You gals are so creative!!!! I love each one of you guy's!!! Have a great weekend ahead!!!! Hugs, Mica


Amazing costumes! The girls really did a wonderful job ~ down to the last detail. Well done. The description of your "usual" costume made me laugh. Good for you, making the best of it and joining the fun Miss Storybook Woods. Love that hat!


You look so cute...Miss Storybook Woods.
And your girls, Kudos to them. They put more effort and thought into costumes than any of us did this year ~Bad mommy. :)
It must feel good to see them take an idea and turn it into something. The time it must have took! Hardworking gals.

Porch Days

Thanks for the look at the costumes. I think I expected Miss Storybook Woods to look like Mother Goose or Tasha Tudor!


Dear Clarice,

Oh, I am so glad you shared yours and the girl's costumes!!!! They are so fabulous, and all three of you look so beautiful!!!! I love seeing all three of my dear, precious friends!!!! I love how the girls are posing together and in their individual photos. They did a fantastic job with their costumes, very creative!!! Auberne`s belt was so clever! I would have never known it was duct tape! The embroidery on Chloe's skirt is amazing and the headpiece is amazing!!! You have two major Star Wars fans on your hands!!! :) They both look just like the characters they are portraying... Princess Leia (Auberne`s hair looks so pretty) and Ashoka. I love how Chloe dressed her doll and the baby hut Auberne` made!!! Wow!!! You have every reason to be proud and brag on your girls. Not only are the creative and resourceful, they are some of the sweetest and most generous, kind-hearted girls I know!!!

Oh, sweetie, I LOVE your outfit and you are gorgeous!!! Your hat and purse are perfect with your classic style dress! The Miss Storybook Woods banner was so clever. Tell the girls I am proud of them, and I am proud of you for dressing up, too. I know it made them happy! You are a wonderful homeschooling momma!!!

Love you!


Terrific costumes! They made me smile this morning. :) Talk to you soon! Theresa


What a perfect morning treat I got when I stopped here…
I am in aw of the girls costume and amused by yours…
What wonderful and fun ideas…



Great costumes, Clarice! Very creative! We are big fans of homemade costumes at our house--and my husband loves that duct tape comes in so many colors:) I would prefer not to dress up just because the pressure of it all drives me crazy-ha. But the kiddos love it when we are all in costume.

Mary Thresher

Love all three costumes, but I did have to giggle abit at what you said your "usual" costume has been. Thanks for the smiles at the end of a long day.


Selia Renzetti

I had to add that I just love the look on your face in your photo! Thanks for letting me know about my bad link. Hopefully this will fix it.


I guess I should have looked closer at Chloe's costume I didn't realize it had all that handwork on it. It was pretty fantastic though. Auberne looked really cute and so did Miss. Storebook Woods. Love, Mom


Your costumes are all amazing! What a fun way to show off your creativity - and you have every right to be proud of your girls.
Your sassy Miss StoryBook Woods costume is perfect - the hat and shoes - ooh la la!



What all look great!



What clever and creative girls! The acorn didn't fall far from the tree!


Clarice, you made me smile! You three are such a trio! It looks like you have such fun! Adorable, all of you!


Hi Mom!!!!!!
I love your costumes!!!!!!!
Thanks for posting this on your blog!!!!!
love Chloe!!


You look FABULOUS!

Go ahead and brag. You've good reason to.

Selia Renzetti

Love the costumes! You and your girls did a wonderful job. Very creative!

Sharon D.

Oh Clarice :) Thanks for making my day :) You and the girls look great. What creativity! Have a wonderful day!



Dear Clarice,

Wow, what a show! I love, love, love the costumes. What creative and talented girls you have (Wonder where they get it?)!



The Pleasures of Homemaking

You have every right to brag! I've always loved how creative your girls are! Chloe's costume is fantastic. You all look great! It rained here all day so we only a few trick or treaters. It's really not that popular here. Most people do Trunk & Treat at their church or Harvest Parties. It was a big shock to us when we moved from NJ to Georgia. We were very used to having Halloween be a big deal!



Looks like y'all had a fun time! Love the costumes!


Oh my gosh. I love it! The girls really did look fantastic and look at you! Miss Storybook Woods indeed! Come trick or treat at my house any time.

Love, Angie


How cute!! Gotta love that kind of creativity!!


Oh you storybook girls just crack me up and make my day! You should be proud, Miss Sotrybook, and you have a reason to brag! I love it all, but you're looking rather stern, like a school marm, in the photo! :-)

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