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A note for me:

I am just going to add this to my post. David was in a motorcycle accident yesterday on his way home from work.  He is okay. He shattered his right collarbone, dislocated a finger on his left hand and really bruised his ribs. But we are very grateful because it could have been soo much worse. So if I am not around for awhile that is why. Please be praying, David does not handle pain well, although last night he was handling it better then I thought he would. We will see how today goes !!!! On Friday he see a doctor and we will see if they will do surgery or anything. Also he has his right arm in a sling and his left hand in a splint. So he only has two finger he can use. Thank you soo much for all your love and support. I will be back as soon as I can xoxoxox


Good day everyone, I wanted to share my new drapes I made for my library. For my birthday my mother gave me this beautiful vintage hunting fabric that she had (I have been coveting it forever). I wanted to use it for new drapes but did not have enough, so what is a girl to do???? I found perfect taffeta for the rest of the drapes. I tied up the drapes (there is a second one I just did not take a picture) with pretty ribbon I had on hand and used a long nail as something to tie the ribbon onto. What I love most is the feathers. They are on a long wire that I bent over to make a hook and hooked it onto the knot of the ribbon. It just gives it a little some, some.

Do you like the black wicker chair ? (it now has a new coat of black paint) My sister gave me two of them. I still need to make new cushions, I think I will just use basic black twill. By the way this is my corner where you will find me working on my blog, chatting with all of you, knitting, recharging. I wish you could come have a cup of tea with me xoxoox

Libary curtian 1

Libary curtian 6

Libary curtian 2 

Libary curtian 5



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Hope hubby is up an feeling better soon! Life has a way of changing course just when you least expect it. Glad it's not worse though... Love your curtains!


oh I see the acorn pin now! I didn't notice it t first! Sweet...;)


Will pray...


So glad he is OK. I hope he feels better very soon. I will add him to my prayers.
Love your awesome drapes!!
Have a good week ahead!


Ooooo, so sorry to hear about the accident, but I'm happy that it was not worse! The curtains are lovely! Your blog always cheers me. I hope David is fully well soon!



I will be thinking of your husband & praying for a quick & full recovery. Best wishes to all of you.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I hope David has a speedy recovery! I know most men are not very good patients! My husband doesn't even like to admit when there's something wrong with him.

Love the new curtains and the chair! It looks like a cozy corner!




I am so sorry; I hope your hubby has a speedy recovery…


Gumbo Lily

Sending up prayers for David and all of you. The curtains are lovely. It is always so difficult to cut into a beautiful piece of fabric. You've found a smart way to use the fabric and save it at the same time.



Clarice, so sorry to hear about your husband's motorcycle accident. Get well wishes coming his way!


Oh Clarice, I'm so sorry to hear this news, and I hope that David has a speedy recovery. My Mr. Staggs and all his buddies rode motorcycles for years and years. Most of them, still do. Along the way, there were very few accidents, but each one, was such a worry for all of those who loved them. I think we've all grown to love your family so much, that this feels much the same. Take care sweetie, and all my best to all of you.


Tracey McBride

Oh Clarice, my prayers are with you and your family for a quick and perfect recovery for your husband... and that this bane will quickly transform into a blessing for you all.


My Joe bought a motorcycle last spring. He just loves it, but I worry about him having an accident!
I am so glad your husband's accident wasnt' worse than it was. Hang in there honey!
Love and prayers,


I too am praying for your hubby Clarice!!! The Lord will restore him! I love the curtains... it really makes it look like a cozy yet sophisticated corner! Great job...((((HUGS)))) and prayers your way


Junie Moon

I'm thinking happy positive thoughts and sending prayers.

Your library project is wonderful. I love the idea of library curtains, so evocative of the wonders to be found in a cozy little room chockfull of promising book adventures.

Molly Evert

I love how you found a perfect picture to put near your curtains!

I'll be praying for your husband.


So sorry to hear of your husband's accident. I hope he heals quickly.

Love the curtains, they are so luxe!! Such a cute corner you have there. You always inspire me with dressing of the lamps it!! I tied an acorn wreath onto one of my lamps after seeing your's with the flower{many moons ago.}

Thank you for the birthday well wishes!!


I'll send good thoughts your way! I'm sorry to hear about your husbands accident.

er, not to be so abrupt in topic changes, but the curtains rock. :)


Prayerful thoughts for you and yours during these days.


Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, I am so sorry to hear about David's accident~ sending plentiful healing thoughts and prayers to you all. (((hugs))) ~m

PS, love the way you did your window treatment ~ it's brilliant!


I am sorry to hear of your husband's accident...I am hoping for a speedy recovery. :) Collarbone breaks are quite painful, unfortunately. But a lot of TLC will help him mend.
On a more cheerier note, your curtains are lovely. Very cozy in a lovely little room.
All the best, Theresa


Oh, no!
Will be praying for a quick and complete recovery.
At least he has a LOVELY place to recover and many helping hands!


So sorry to hear about David...I will be keeping your family in our prayers!

Your library looks adorable, a perfect place to share a cup of tea!



Oh, Clarice!

Having been through this with my husband in the same situation twice in one year (dog once and deer once) and then a near fall from a ladder that completely tore the bicep in two, I send you angels to surround you and help you and your family through this time. No one can appreciate how hard it is to have one person who can not do much of anything for themselves until they have walked in those shoes. Even the slightest thing requires help ("cut my meat," "tie my shoes," "button my shoes," "fix me a drink").If your David is like my Don, he will not ask until he has reached total melt down stage and you are both very frustrated. Hang in there, dear Clarice; you will all be in my prayers!




Dear Clarice,

What a nice little "den"! The curtains are perfect with the chair.

We will for sure be praying for all.



Selia Renzetti


I love your curtains. It all looks so cozy and what a pretty view you have! You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope your husband has a quick recovery!



So yummy and so you! The only thing better would be you in the chair!

My heart is with you and your hubby and the girls, but you already know that! ;-)



My thoughts go out to you both, along with many well wishes for David to have a quick and speedy recovery. Take Care!

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