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Hot Buttered Cranberry Cider


Happy Thanksgiving,

    I have several big things this year to be thankful for but with all the craziness I tend to forget it all. I think what I am most thankful for is a day set aside just to remember what I am thankful for. A day to not be lost in life, a day to focus on my many blessings. Not everything in my life is a blessing but still there is so many blessings. I hope this is a day for you to remember all you have to be thankful for too.

    I have a fun drink for the holidays to share with you. One of the things about the holidays I love is there are certain foods that we only have durning Christmas and hot buttered rum is one of them. It is a spiced sweet butter you add to rum and hot water to. You can buy the batter but it is sooo easy to make.

     There two very good reasons to make it yourself is it is healthier and you can suit your palette. For instance I like cinnamon but in balance with other spices. So I encourage you to adjust the spices to your liking. Another reason to make this, is it make a wonderful hostess gift. You can keep little package wrapped in your freezer ready to give as a last minute gift. I provided a tag for you below.

    Now about this drink, I wanted something my girls could enjoy too, so I came up with a hot buttered cranberry. Half apple cider, half cranberry juice with a slice of the spiced butter. I like this because the tang of the cranberry balances well with the sweetness of the butter. But again play with the amounts to suit your palette. Enjoy xoxoxoxox

PS. the photo above is a hint of this years Christmas theme, more to come !!!


Hot butter tagss 


Hot Buttered Cranberry

Butter Rum Mix:

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened

1/2 cup  coconut sugar or brown sugar

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg, ginger

pinch ground cloves and salt

In a mixing bowl cream all ingredients together. Store in fridge in the freezer, tightly wrapped in wax paper then in a freezer bag. Slice off pieces as needed.



Heat 1/2 cup of cranberry juice and a 1/2 cup of cider. Add a generous TBL of butter to your cup and pour hot liquid over juice. If you like rum you can also add a jigger. Stir and enjoy!



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Oooh, that sounds delicious! My favorite apple cider recipe has lots of butter in it, but I never thought to add cranberry juice. Thanks for the recipe!


Mmmmmm....you are making me thirsty, just reading this post! I hope that you had a very happy Thanksgiving & that your husband is on the mend.

Gumbo Lily

Thank you for the recipe and what a nice idea to add the butter to a cranberry juice drink. I like the label too. So sweet.



Hi Clarice,
Can't wait to see more of your Christmas.
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving,


Dear Clarice,

What a wonderful recipe! We'll be sure to use it this year.

The picture looks very tempting, as well.

A happy belated Thanksgiving to all!




Thank you Clarice! This sounds wonderful. I will be picking up some Cranberry Juice soon :)

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Ooh yum! I'll have to try this for sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Love, Angie

ps-Your picture makes me feel so Christmasy!!!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice,

I'm going to make this I have a bottle of rum my neighbors brought back from Jamaica that I've never opened. Thanks!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tracey McBride

Happy Thanksgiving Clarice!! Here's wishing you and your family an abundance of blessings and very few banes (just enough to fully appreciate the blessings).

P.S. LOVE the picture and the Hot Toddy recipe...my mom always loved hot toddies but I've never had one...maybe this year.


Dear Clarice,

May you and your family have a most lovely Thanksgiving.

Warmest regards,



Sounds lovely. Can't wait to try it. Hope you all enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Theresa


mmm...sounds like a perfect winter drink!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


sweet cottage dreams

Mmmmmm.....that looks good!!!

Wishing you and yours a warm and blessed Thanksgiving day!!



that ought to warm the bones and then some. Have a blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours. Blessings, Mica


Sounds wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving Clarice!

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