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Fruitcake Time

Chocolate fruitcake

The girls and I spent today making our yearly Chocolate Cherry Fruitcakes and thought you readers might like the reminder it is fruitcake time. For those of you who are not big fruitcake lovers, you will love this one. It does not have a lot of the candied fruit and is very moist. If you having my baking issue the recipe is there. So (said in my best Julia voice) bake away and bon appetit xoxoxox

Chocolate fruitcake 2


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Karen Young

This cake sounds super wonderful. Thank you for sharing


Gumbo Lily

CHOCOLATE Fruitcake.....sounds like something I could sink my teeth into!


Selia Renzetti

Oh I love fruit cake and I just had your cook book out the other day looking at all the wonderful recipes! The apron is so pretty!


Your baking issue is quite wonderful Clarice, and everyone I've shown it to, thinks your recipes sound very good, and different from the usual, which is inspiring these days. I agree with Anna, "chocolate and cherries--what's not to love? Yum!" LOL!


Hi Clarice,
That is the best sounding fruit cake I have ever heard about!!
Hope you are having a great day!!


Dear Clarice,

Evangeline made me a "fruitcake" yesterday in the back yard, but I must admit, yours looks tastier!

Thanks for reminding us that it's "That Time" again!



Junie Moon

This is the best fruitcake project I've ever seen. I love that it's moist as I generally avoid fruitcakes because I don't care for how dry they are. Thank you, Clarice, this is truly delectable.

Sharon D.

Good Morning Clarice!

This sounds so good! Anything with chocolate AND cherries has got to be wonderful! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day in the Lord!



Clarice, sounds so yummy-chocolate and cherries!!

Doreen Frost

Oh..this sounds so yummy. Chocolate and cherry..yumm.. I can imagine how wonderful your home must smell :)

I do believe I will have to stop over and check out your baking issue...I may just have to have it :)

Wishing you a wonderful day,


Oh how wonderful! Thanks for the link to the baking issue - I will most definitely be purchasing the PDF file soon...there are so many recipes there that I want to try. :) Theresa


Looks very yummy!



Mmm, if it involves chocolate, I'm totally there...


Ooooh, chocolate and cherries -- what's not to love? Yum!

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