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Chocolate-Covered Licorice Tea

Chcoclate tea

Thank you everyone for all the kinds words, well wishes and prayers. David is doing well considering. He will not need surgery, just time to heal. He will be home anywhere between 2-6 weeks. He still can not use both hands, but the girls are really helping me a lot, thank you sweeties. My posting may be a bit erratic but I have LOTS to share, so bare with me xoxoxo

Chcoclate tea 3

My mother was tell me about a book she had read Tea For You and was playing with making her own tea blends. I was fascinated with the idea. I took ideas from the book and came up with my own blend (of course, you know how I have to put my own print on everything I do). I loved the idea of a chocolate tea and thought a subtle back note of anise and vanilla would really highlight the chocolate and english breakfast tea.

I choose English breakfast tea because it is a strong tea but would not compete with the chocolate. What is really fun about this tea, is you grate some chocolate over the cup of tea. It is yummy and I think a bag of this tea, a microplane and some chocolate would make a creative gift. I am working on a second tea, if it is good I will post it xoxoxo

Chcoclate tea 4 
Chocolate-Covered Licorice Tea

1 cup English Breakfast loose tea

4 TBL coco-nibs

1 TBL. anise seeds

1 vanilla bean, cut with scissors in little pieces

piece of dark chocolate (if you like milk better that is fine) for grating

In a coffee grinder or spice grinder or food processor put coco-nibs, anise seeds and cut up vanilla beans. Pule a few times to chop up. You do NOT want a powder, just large pieces. Mix with tea and keep in a container with a tight lid.

Make tea as usual, then grate a bit of chocolate over you cup of tea. Enjoy xoxox

Chcoclate tea 2


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your tea cups are so enchanting!!!!



Pearl Maple

Hope everyone is on the mend soon, that yummy tea is sure to help a little.

Tracey McBride

Ohh... see, this is why YOU are the queen!! LOL
What a yummy gift idea.

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Hi Clarice, I'm glad surgery is not necessary and I hope David is feeling much better day by day.

What a great combination of flavors in the tea you created. I'm sure it is a welcome stress-reliever. xo


chocolate tea?!?! be still my heart!~

The Vintage Rabbit

So Sorry to hear about it your husband?

i will keep him and you and your family in my prayers!!!



Hi Clarice! I am happy your husband is on the mend - that is TRULY good news.

Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. You are so right - I know of a few folks who would probably love a gift of handcrafted tea blends. I think I might definitely like to try that. Your recipes are just so wonderful...I want to try them all! :)

I hope you and yours has a restful and peaceful evening.

Sincerely, Theresa

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice, I'm glad David didn't have to have surgery. I hope he's recovery goes smoothly and quickly!

I saw that post at your Mom's blog. Your tea sounds good. I'm not much of a tea drinker although I've started drinking one cup of Matcha (powdered ceremonial green tea) a day since it's supposed to be so good for you.

Love the "think of me" cup!


Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

I am so sorry to hear about David's accident. He is in my prayers. I am very thankful to hear that he will not need surgery. What a blessing that is along with your daughters and their helpful hands and hearts :)

Your Library curtains look great!

This tea sounds absolutely wonderful! I like the idea of blending licorice and chocolate together. I just picked up some Anise seeds today (before reading this) :) along with some fennel to try your recipe for Holiday Berry Salt :)

Thanks so much for sharing :)

have a blessed evening!

Kali @ Poppy Lane

Chocolate-Covered Licorice Tea! My mouth is watering at the sound of it and at your photos :)
Hey Honey, so sorry to hear about David's accident. But pleased to know that he is on the mend and you are all getting through this difficult time.
Much love, xo Kali.


I will be right over!! I love the mug by the way, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear David is on mend. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers. Here is to continual restoration!! (((HUGS))) Mica


So happy to hear that David is doing better. Your tea blend sounds yummy - you are so creative!


Gumbo Lily

Throw that into a strong cuppa coffee and I'm on it! I like how you experiment for just the right unique variety of drinks and foods.



Wow -- how adventurous! I'm not good with teas at all -- still trying to learn how to love them!


It was delicious. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Love, Mom

Doreen Frost sorry to hear of Davids motorcycle accident..thank goodness he is okay and will not need surgery! Hugs & prayers for you all! ♥

This tea looks and sounds so yummy & cozy...I am going to have to locate this book as my daughter adores tea :)

Joyous day to you,


I'm glad David doesn't have to have surgery. I hope his recovery is quick! That tea sounds interesting!


Many hugs and prayers...hope David's healing goes quickly!

That tea sounds really interesting...what a unique and delicious gift that would be!

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