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For love of

Well I have a confession to make, Thanksgiving is going to be lame this year. Actually let me rephrase that, it will be amazing BUT not because of anything I did. I am too overwhelmed and asked my mother to host Thanksgiving instead. She graciously accepted, thank you mom. Both her and my sister are fantastic cooks, so it will be yummy. I will be just making boring mashed potatoes, store bought turkey gravy (shock, Central's is really good) and pancetta-chestnut stuffing. Chloe is making a long-pie pumpkin pie and Auberne` will make pecan pie bars. I also confess it was hard to ask my mom. I feel so Martha and like I should be hosting it. But the minute I asked I felt better. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to say so, asked for help, simplify. I did and am so glad.

Thank you again for all the kind notes and prayers for David and me. He is slowly, very slowly feeling better, but it is going to take a while. As a thank you and also for having over 700 posts now (akk who knew I had so much to say ;-) I am having a book giveaway. First is For The Love Of Old  by Mary Randolf Carter, I have seen blog posts about this book and was very interested, but it was $50.00. On my last trip to Leavenworth, I got it at a bargain price. I really enjoyed this book. It has stunning photos, all old, chipped, used things I love, very inspiring. I thought I would share it with you, my dear readers.

Christmas victoria

The second book is
Christmas With Victoria, I accidentally bought a copy when I already had one. By the way any of you old Victoria magazine lovers out there (which I know most of you are !!) you should check out the Victoria Christmas books from the late 80's and early 90's. They are DIRT cheap right now, but one day they will not be. I had two but decided to get the rest for my collection, while I can.

To win just leave a comment and tell me which book you would like (if you say both then I will choose for you) and if there is anything you would like me to post about. There will be two winners, one for each book. I will post winners after Thanksgiving, good luck. Oh by the way if I was not so overwhelmed this is what I would be making for Thanksgiving. What are you making ??? xoxoxox



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Just discovered your winsome blog, delightful! Will return for a cup of joy frequently. And I do love "Old Things".
Have a lovely Chfristmas season.


Cori Niehoff

Glad David is on the mend. Prayers are still out there for you and your family. I would love either book. Pick one for me. I so love your blog. Your Thanksgiving sounds yummy.


I've been following your blog for while now & am soooo glad your husband is starting to feel a little easier. They are so precious to us, that when something goes wrong with them our hearts twist & it throws our life a huge curve. Even at this time I can see you are still thinking of others. Thanks so much for your giveaway, I would love to add either book to my special collection. Thanks ever so much!

Shelley Miller

I would sure enjoy one of the books!


Clarice I had no idea until today about your husband's accident! I'm so glad to hear he is getting better. What a horrible thing to have happen.

So you have a Leavenworth over on your side of the country?? I live not far from Leavenworth, KS. Didn't know there were others.


Oh my...I think either book would be lovely!!
Thank you!!


Both books look great. If I win just pick one for me.


I'm all about Christmas, so Christmas with Victoria would be my choice. Now I'm off to bake that pumpkin pie for tomorrow. And I'd be happy to read anything you'd like to post about. :) ~~Rhonda


Hi Clarice, I'm making lots of yummy food. I love seeing everyone's menus - so different, but all so yummy!

Happy TG! Love, Sandy

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Sweet Clarice~ I'm strolling in to catch up and especially to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!
It's such a wonderful time to stop and reflect on all those we cherish and are truly grateful for.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit and leave feeling inspired!

Even though our Thanksgiving is very small in number, with hubby and son (we don't count the cat cause she doesn't like turkey). We don't scrimp on the menu...from appetizers to desserts with several carb loaded dishes in between! We will be enjoying tryptophan playoffs too!

Sweet Holiday wishes,

Mrs. H

Both books look wonderful! Thanks.

Mrs. H

Bonnie Buckingham

I just remembered your blog as I have a new computer AND my bookmarks are slowly getting
redone. SO to my surprise I see you have a giveaway! I would love the book about the OLD things. You are a blessing. Need to look down and see what I've missed in your life on your blog!

Rest and be thankful. ~ William Wordsworth

PS.. 3rd pie is in the oven now. I'm thinking I should get a Thanksgiving book off the shelf. I do have my Victoria magazines sitting in a pile to keep me thinking about beauty. AND the Word of God nearby for who creates all that beauty!

Sue Hontros

I would truly enjoy For Love of the Old. Just found your blog and really like it.



OOO000ooooo! Put me down for "The Love of Old" please. So glad to hear David & you are on the upswing. I recently had to call my parents to pick up some of my slack. Ive been overwhelmed as well lately and just purchased 2 boxes of Stove Top stuffing for the holiday~ if that tells you anythinf!
LiBBy BuTTons
Country Lasses


The old book looks wonderful, but so does Victoria! BTW, I've done that very same thing with my pumpkin pie. In fact, I've also mixed my bread totally, getting ready to sell it, forgotten something like the butter, or even the yeast! My mixer is really good and I've been able to get it all back into the bread and you'd never know lol. I try not to let people talk to me when I'm mixing bread! Karen


Happy Thanksgiving, we are doing the laid back no turkey this year since we have been thru a remodel. I would love the Victoria Book!


I"m very glad to hear he's getting better!! :) I think it's good that you knew when to ask for help and totally applaud that. Some people have difficulty asking for help but I'm sure your mom and Aunt are pleased to be helping out. AND you get awesome food.

As got the giveaway, I'd probably like for the Love of Old since I love antiques and all things old. :)


Found your blog from Acorn Cottage. Hope things are looking up for you & hubby by Christmas. Moms are great, aren't they?
This is a fun giveaway; I think I'd ask for the Old things book. I enjoyed your blog and will visit again. Nerm


Hi Clarice,
It's so nice of your mom to host.
I'm sure you need a break this year.
I'm glad David is feeling a bit better.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Jeana Deihl

I just found your Facebook and your blog and I think I have found my piece of heaven on earth.....finally! :-) Everything I have seen I am like "oh yes!, that is SO me!", I am excited to read more and more and learn all I can from you. I am in the midst of altering 2 old dress forms and your style is just what I needed for inspiration. Thank you!
As for the books, I would be thrilled with either one, but the first one, "For The Love of Old" seems to hit me as the one I am craving right now. I am desperatly needing inspiration as I am redoing my entire living and dining rooms (and hopefully more!) in "shabby chic" and want to get it right. I think I have found the place! Happy Thanksgiving!


I'd love to win your Mary Randolph Carter book. I've been pining for it, but the price has held me off. I really enjoy your blog. It's one of the few that I read reguarly, along with your mom's. I enjoy the pictures of your home and your recipes. I especially liked the wool flower tutorial. My daughter and I both made one for our favorite winter hats and we're working on some as pins and purse accessories for gifts. Thanks for letting me enter and hope you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving--Kim (this is my first time entering a giveaway, so not sure how it works--my email address is kimm2817@yahoo.com


Dear Clarice,

What a blessing to have your Mom host Thanksgiving. A nice break for you. I am still praying for you and David and am glad to hear that he is doing better.

Congratulations on your 700th post! I am so encouraged and inspired by your blog Clarice. I appreciate you!Thanks for the opportunity to win one of those fabulous books. I would have to say I too am partial to Victoria :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Jan MacKay

We have a wonderful library in our small Oregon town that is always so helpful in finding books that I have seen in the past or here or there. They will go to any ends to help me. I have donated many wonderful books to this library which has lowered my own collection to a point where I would love to add one of these wonderful books to it. I am forever looking for the old and wonderful ideas of the past. Don't you wish everyday that we could just step back in time to our favorite era. I do especially when we see what is going on around us. Your blog is so heart warming and I love visiting here.
Thank you for entering my name in your giveaway.

Jess Y

For the Love of Old. I have the Victoria book.



Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving together!
Thinking of you!


What a lovely giveaway! I am trying to add to a meager stack of holiday books, so if you draw me, could I have the Victoria, please?

I am so glad your husband is feeling better. There's nothing like being ill around the holidays. Maybe you can let others do the work for Thanksgiving and put all of your energy and heart into having a well and relaxing Christmas. :)


Okay I said I never win things...I meant I won one thing but it was never sent...so in a way...I never win things...does that make sense??? ;O Mica


so glad to hear you DH is getting better. Still will keep him in my prayers. Have a lovely SIMPLIFIED Thanksgiving. You bet I am in for a give away... though I never win things...here's a shot. I won a blog give away last Fall and the piece was never sent to me. Boo Hoo. I wonder if people just have them for the comments and never send anything at all....I know you wouldn't do that though, hee hee. Anyhoo. I am putting my dibs up for the Victorian Christmas book!!! I Love Victoria. I really miss the older magazines. The new ones just aren't the same. Hugs to you and yours. Talk soon! Mica


Both books are lovely. I think For the Love of Old is probably my first choice, though.

I've been reading your posts from Facebook --- but I miss being here too --- so I came to take a look this evening.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Oh and as for what I'm making this Thankgsgiving.....
1. Cheesy Pizza Pasta----my nephews request.

2. Stuffed Mushroomms appetizer---my sister in laws request

3. Caramel Flan---my son's request

Thanksgiving is at my sister in law's house this year so I'm stressing less this year ;)


I've been a visitor for a while and have been inspired by yours and everyone's blogs that I finally decided to start one of my own. Now I know what all the fuss is about....it's just fun!

All my in-laws and I take turns hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes someone gets lucky and gets to skip hosting for a year or two. I think it's great to sometimes forgo the hosting. It's nice to have an easier holiday plus it gives others the chance to shine. "Spread the work" I always say. So really you shouldn't feel bad at all. Who knows....you might want to make a habit of taking turns too. Besides, it gives you so much to look forward to planning-wise the following year :)

I adore Victoria magazine so I am partial to anything "Victoria". What a lovely giveaway. Thank you for including me in your giveaway.

I would love for you to post some more crafty things. With the cold season at hand, I may go stir crazy staying indoors this winter. So some crafty ideas to keep busy would be great :) ~I always enjoy my visits~


"For Love of Old" looks like a great book! I have many of the Victoria books and love them too!


Sometimes when we have to stop and ask for help it allows someone else to bless us. As a friend once said to me when I was feeling bad for needing some extra help, "Don't try to steal my blessing!" LOL I'm sure your mom is thrilled to have a tangible way to help you right now.

As far as books, I would love to even just preview the Christmas with Victoria book. It looks delightful!

Tracey McBride

Oh Clarice, I know how you feel about feeling you should be the one to host. So wise of you to learn when to just let go and leave things to others (although it still seems as if you're doing a lot!).

I absolutely love your giveaway books and agree with you regarding the Victoria Christmas books...they are gems. I always try to buy them when I come across them. So please enter my name into your fabulous giveaway! I'm just about to leave San Diego (my dad's) so I don't have time now, but I was hoping I could post about your giveaway tomorrow morning?? (This is just too good to keep quiet.)

So glad David is healing. You are all in our continued good thoughts and prayers for perfect healing, health and happiness.

More soon my sweet friend.

P.S. Congratulations on your 700 posts!!! Wow! Gems all.


Clarice, I adore your blog. Your decor is such an inspiration to me! If I was blessed to receive a book from you I would be thrilled with either. Take the Thanksgiving break! YOU deserve it!


Oh, I forgot to say, those books both look wonderful...but, if you happen to draw my number, please draw someone else -- I've won so much lately it's embarrassing. I'm trying to remember not to enter drawings, but sometimes I get wrapped up in the comment and forget there was a drawing!


With Hubby not well, it's SO understandable that you'd ask for a pass this year. I'm hosting our family but everyone brings food, so I only have to do the turkey, potatoes and pies. It sounds like you're bringing a lot too!


eeewwweee, eeewwwweee, eeeewwwweeee I say, sitting on the edge of my chair with excitement! I think "For the Love of Old" has me written all over it!

Clarice, I know asking your mom to host must have been difficult, but I am so happy you did that for your own sanity! You know your limitations. It will be lovely and this year you have SO much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!



What a fabulous giveaway. I would be happy with either book. So glad your mom could step up and help you out with Thanksgiving. Take care.


Happy to hear David is getting better…

What a wonderful and sweet give-away.
"For The Love Of Old Book" would be just right for
Me, because that is how I have been feeling.
I hurt my back again and it is making me feel like I am one hundred…

Have a good evening,


God bless your mom for lending a hand and for hosting Thanksgiving and God bless you for admitting you needed help. Your Thanksgiving contributions sound delish.

Thank you for having a special give-away. I ask you to choose the book if I should win the draw.

Happy Thanksgiving, Clarice, to you and your family.



Oh, Clarice, if only I lived closer. We would have a great Thanksgiving - quite simple. I lurk a lot on your blog and think it is too cool. If I win, I would like the victoria book. I would like to see some more posts about bread out of that new cookbook of yours! Much love - Raquel XO


Hi Clarice,

Thank you so very much for posting such a nice giveaway. I would definitely be interested in the Christmas with Victoria book. I adore that magazine so very much!

I know that you will all have a most lovely Thanksgiving, so matter who is hosting. Family is what matters - and that's what they're all there for, to be together and support one another. The food will be fantastic!!! :) Mashed potatoes are AWESOME - they are never boring. I could eat them every day, if I could. ;)

What will I be making? My cranberry compote, corn bread, pumpkin pie, and YOUR Apple-Sour Cream Pie. Yummy!

Many hugs,

Terri aka PennyAnnPoundwise

Choices! You choose please. And Clarice I am so glad that you admit you needed to ask for help. All too often we women fail to do that, insisting we must do it all ourselves. Relax. Enjoy.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

700 posts! Wow Clarice! Well you know how much I enjoy your blog so here's to 700 more (at least)! I like the Christmas with Victora book! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

My goodness, with all you have on your plate right now, I'm sure your family was delighted to step in and help out in anyway they can. I'm sure Thanksgiving will be just wonderful! I'm not even making a turkey this year just roasting a big chicken and doing some dishes. I never really get to enjoy the day with all that cooking and worrying about the turkey so this year we're doing things a bit differently.

Glad David is on the mend. I'm sure this is very hard for him. Men are usually impatient and not very good patients!



Im overwhelmed this Tday too. Im packing for a move. So Im just doing a turkey breast for the man and I. The kids are going to the inlaws. I would love the Victoria book if I win. I may be in transit this Christmas till I find a home. I wont be having much Christmas at all. So looking at this book I think would at least give me a lift and something to look forward too next yr with ideas.


Dear Clarice,

With all that is going on right now it is so understandable why you asked your Mom to help! You and the girls sure are making some yummy items to bring though!
I would love to be entered into your giveaway - I like the Victorian book!
Hope things start to go more smoothly there soon!




I am sure it will be a Thanksgiving to remember. You are so lucky to have your Mom and to be able to share it with her.
She's a jewel for stepping up to the plate and offering to host it.
That pie and those bars the girls are making sound extra yummy.
Congratulations on your seven-hundred post!


Good for you, Clarice! Sometimes asking for help is a hard, hard thing to do. But people, like your mom, are so willing to pitch in and lend a hand where needed.

I'm a long-time Victoria fan, and the Christmas with Victoria book would be my choice.

Enjoy each day's blessings as they come.



Dear Clarice,

How nice to have your mother and daughters to help with Thanksgiving. No need to stress out about it, eh? I'm so happy that David is doing better. You're still in our prayers (My girls love praying for my blog friends :) )!

The books both look lovely to me~



Doreen Frost

So happy to hear David is getting better with each passing day..and I'm glad you asked your mom to host Thanksgiving..this way it will be enjoyed by all..rather than enjoyed by everyone but one exhausted hostess :)

What a wonderful giveaway..I would be most happy to win! I would love the "For The Love Of Old Book"

Wishing you & yours a joyous Thanksgiving!


Oh, how lovely! I can't choose, so I'll ask you to choose for me! I'm going to my mom's for Thanksgiving, too!

Lavender Dreams

I would LOVE the Christmas book! How sweet of you to do this now. I know it's a hard time for you. My hubby and I will enjoy Thanksgiving together with memories of big family gatherings. I'm not sure what I will cook. Thanks for the giveaway! Take care!


Glad David is mending! And very glad you are taking care of yourself! No one seems to remember that the caregiver would like a little "atta gal!" sometimes, too!

The books are lovely! Either will do for me, if you wish to add to me to the drawing.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, Clarice!




Victoria Magazine is my fave mag ever and so I think I would love the Christmas in Victoria Book!

Thank you for such sweet giveaway! xx

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