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My friend Nadine, was asking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for her children. I was looking around my blog to remember what I have done (thank goodness I have this blog to remind me :-O

I decided it would make a good post, I need to be thinking Christmas gifts too.. If you have any ideas for Nadine, I am sure she would love to hear them xoxox

For Chloe's birthday last year. DiXymiss's  girls made her a coloring book of all the things she loves.They just printed up coloring pages on-line on subjects she loved and bind it together. If one of your children are into birds, here is beautiful vintage bird coloring pages.

Sewing kits filled with fabric, bits of ribbon, buttons, glue, embroidery floss. Go through clothes you do not want anymore, can you use the fabric, pull off trim, buttons, elastic, zippers, pockets, etc.You can find pretty embroidery patterns here.

 Make giant pick-up sticks (these are something my girls still love, I highly recommend them)

Pillow cases made with fabric of something they love.

Little Stuffed Birds

Buttercup bag

Is there a tee-shirt they love but can not wear anymore. Make a pillow out of it, like Auberne` made me above.

Here is some gifts I made the girls one year.

Gifts I have made in the past, play-dough, hope-chest items like wash cloths and embroidered dishtowel, beauty products like sugar scrub, hot chocolate kits, homemade book to draw in. Also check out One Pretty Thing, I love her search, it gives you picture of each thing xoxoxo


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Tracey McBride

These are such GREAT suggestions Clarice, as always. Like you, I would put together sewing kits for the girls (I used vintage sewing baskets found at yard sales--but I've seen adorable kits made from painted or wallpaper-covered cigar boxes). Baking baskets were another favorite: I'd buy mini muffin tins (usually on sale, or sometimes I could find them at yard sales or when thrifting) and liners; repackage cake mix in cellophane bags--I'd type print out the directions in a fun font from the computer, roll it into a scroll then tie the scroll onto the mix. Add small wooden spoons and whisks from the dollar store; line a painted re-cycled basket with a vintage tea towel (also from yard or thrift shopping) and perhaps add a homemade apron in their size and you have a lovely gift for the budding baker!
I have to run now to get Rosie off to school. More soon my creative friend!!
Love,Tracey xoxo
P.S. LOVE, LOVE LOVE the new banner!!! Also, love the chair pic and was wondering if it would be okay to link to this article on the FL blog?? xoxo

Gumbo Lily

Great ideas, Clarice! I know that I've gone back to your website for gift ideas many times, but it's good to have another reminder.

I have a couple ideas to share:
Make a dress-up box (from thrift store finds)

Stuffies -- ( from All-sorts) and embroidered stuffies (from Wee wonderfuls) that have free tutorials.

Cookie kit: plain cut-out cookies packaged with various frostings and sprinkles.


Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Hi Clarice, love the chair and the pillow!

Great ideas and sources for gifts, you are brilliant! xo

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I am always looking for creative gift ideas :)

Have a wonderful day!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

That chair is just scrumptuous! I think the coloring book is a cute idea. My daughter made my husband a clip art disk (he likes to uses images in his emails to his employees). There are lots of free clip art images available. I'm making her a pretty bookmark using some vintage jewelry (since we love to read and we both wind up using tissues, mag subscription inserts etc)!

Mostly we buy books and DVD's for Christmas so I try to shop year round for those and also my thriftstore has a fabulous section for DVD's and books. I got a brand new BBC DVD Sense & Sensibility with Cranford for $3!



ThanX for the shout out, my friend! The piXies had a blast selecting images for Chloe's custom coloring book ~ especially since they have so many common interests. ThanX for the gift ideas. I'm in denial that Christmas is just around the corner. I still can't figure out where September went! ;-)


Love this list, Clarice!! Also, the Target dollar section{as most shops have nowadays} has nifty stamps, inkpads, scrapbook, etc. I was thinking for my little girl{who is 4 and forever into my stamps, ribbons, etc.} that I would make her a box-the photo boxes from Michaels,etc.-and put little bits and bobs of her own to make and create with. My son who is almost seven has requested that I make him a sock monkey for his birthday coming up, and I was thinking that I would make him some sock monkey pj pants and possibly a little blankie for his monkey. Kind of a whole theme of sock monkey-ness.
Signs are great gifts, too. Tassels for those that like them, homemade jewelry, banners. The ideas are endless...

Junie Moon

Great gift ideas! Like you, I love Rachel's One Pretty Thing blog, too -- so many great ideas in one place makes it easier for us.


That is a great idea! My little one is just starting to get old enough to enjoy coloring, how handy this ol' internet is!~

Lavender Dreams

I am SO excited over all the great links! THANK YOU so much! I'm going to have some fun with these!


What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Dear Clarice,

THANK YOU!!! You are such a wonderful friend to help me with gift ideas! I greatly appreciate you doing this for me and all the other ladies who are looking for homemade gift ideas!
I like the bird coloring book idea, my son loves birds!
I was already thinking about putting together a sewing kit for my youngest daughter, as she likes to handsew and is always digging through my stuff! ;)
The purse and pillow would be great for my oldest daughter. I am also thinking of some homemade items for her to put into her hope chest.
Once again, thank you so much Clarice!!!

Love & Blessings!


Bad Girl! Don't you know it's bad luck to mention the C-word until after Halloween??? In spite of that I had to peek and you've got some adorable ideas!


Dear Clarice,

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift ideas! It's that time of year again. :)




Dear Clarice,

Your chair is so pretty and the pillow is so sweet that Auberne` made you. You have shared some wonderful ideas for fabulous Christmas gifts. I know sweet Nadine will appreciate it! Thank you for all the links you shared. I love the things you made for the girls.

Love, Paula

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