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So Remember The Book That Changed My Life

55 bread

So remember the book that changed my life, Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes A Day, well it is soo true. Even a year an half or so later, I am still baking a loaf just about every day. The one down side, it is white bread. Before the 5 minute bread I was making only whole wheat bread, but I was not getting it done half the time. So I decided white bread everyday was better then no bread. But now Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francios have a new book. Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes A Day. I have been breathlessly waiting since they announced the book. I could not wait to get it into my hot little hands and I was not disappointed. It is easy to understand, well explained and full of yummy and inspiring recipes (as all cookbook should be, but sadly some are not).

It is still the same easy, quick technique just using whole grains. There are soo many I want to try but I will start with the flax rosemary baguette's or maybe the chocolate espresso whole wheat bread. Well I will figure it out. There is even a gluten free section. I encourage you to look into 5 minute bread, if you have not. Just think of the easy, yummy, healthy bread you can make and how much more money you will save. Then you can buy more chocolate !!!!  If you have the 5 minutes book, I am sure the healthy 5 minute book will inspire you even more. Thank you Jeff and Zoe xoxoxo


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Have you tried the recipes yet? Are you still glad you got this book? Tell me quick before spend my money!!


Selia Renzetti

I am so excited about this book! I too have the first and have been anxiously awaiting the "healthy" version. Let me know which recipe you like. The flax rosemary sounds wonderful, I am partial to rosemary. Thank you for sharing!


Wow, I really admire that you bake bread every day! I'd love to hear how the new recipes turn out.

Incidentally, I love the wire basket in your photo :)


wow, i had not heard of this! i was making bread a lot this summer but then stopped....it seemed to go stale before we could enjoy it and it just took so long....5 minutes sounds awesome though!

Sharon D.

Good Morning Clarice :)

I am really going to have to check out this book. I am always making bread and easier works for me :)

Could I ask where you got the Lamb of God sign? I love it :)

Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day!


Hi Clarice,
Wow that sounds like it will be a great book.
Love the Napa Olive Oil Co.
We had a great time.
Glad to be back though.
Chat soon,


(Peppery Pumpkin and Olive Oil Loaf)!! I'm sooo There! And will be clicking through your link to purchase these books asa$$ (as soon as financially viable).

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Yay Clarice! I hope you love it.

My cookbook just arrived last week and I'm so ready to try some of the new (and I believe, more healthful) recipes!

I would love to hear your reviews. xo


Dear Clarice,

Oh, this is so wonderful!!! I have their first book and am thrilled they have one for whole grains. I will have to get it! Thank you so much for sharing. The breads you mentioned sound fabulous! I love your pretty photo, and the lovely vignette!!! The Lamb of God print is amazing!!! And, the Forget Me Not vintage postcard is so sweet. ;)

Love you, Paula

Porch Days

This sounds like an interesting book. Please let us know which recipes are best!

sweet cottage dreams

Oh boy, this one sounds good. I am rotten at baking bread and leave it up to my more patient-than-I husband.

Enjoy baking!!!

PS: Happy Halloween

leslie postin

xoxoxo for sharing dear clarice!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Thanks for telling meabout this book!


Thanks for the suggestion. I've seen the book many times and have been very curious about it. I'm all for healthy grains - so I think I will definitely check it out. :)



Oh, I'm so glad to hear about this. We prefer whole grains, so I didn't buy their first book, though I love the theory. This new release will be going in my shopping cart. ThanX!


Ahh! I remember checking out the website, but couldn't remember who had posted about it... it's you!
I watched their video and saw how easy it looked, and although I'm stuck on my bread machine, it looks as fast if not faster to make it their way :)
Happy haunting!


better for you! White bread has nothing in it that is goods for you. I am thrilled for you. Wishing you a happy harvest...hugs, Mica


I love baking bread. I'll definitely be looking for that book.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clarice,


The Pleasures of Homemaking

I'm so thrilled that there's a new book! I finally was able to have a succesful loaf using their method. But I really don't care for white bread so I don't make it very often. We're going to Barnes & Nobles later today so I'll look for it!



Junie Moon

I've thoroughly enjoyed the bread recipes this year and am tickled to learn there's a new book out. Thank you for letting us know.

Happy Halloween, Clarice, to you and your family. I hope this day is a joyous one for you.


I loved the first book and am excited about this one! We need the gluten free for Corrie and it is so hard to find any good receipt for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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