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Now You Can Find My Recipes Easier


Well the good thing about being sick and spending all day on the couch is I finally was able to make a list of all my recipe. Mind you there are 150 of them, akkkk. I only put my recipes up, not ones I have linked. But I got sick (as I am sure you have too) of scrolling though a bunch of post trying to find a recipe. I have grouped them and will add new recipes to the list as I post them. There is a link on the left side for the recipe list. If you find any of the links are wrong, please let me know and I will fix it. I tried to check them all, but in my sick, loopy self, I am sure I missed some. It was fun for me to see all the recipes listed. My miscellaneous section is fairly big, but that is one of my cooking tricks. Take something simple like chicken breast and then spice it up with something like holiday berry salt. I hope you find it easier to find my recipes now and are inspired to cook.

I also wanted to thank Kristine at Herbal Roots Zine, I won one of her fantastic herb zine. I already have two, I bought them for Chloe but I have to say I enjoy them a lot and am learning some new things. Thank you so much Kristine.

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. I am starting to feel better but am still laying low and do only the basics. A shout out to my peeps (Auberne` and Chloe) they have been soo helpful and kind, thank you sweeties. The picture above is looking out my library window, down my drive way. As you can see it is a gray, foggy, fall morning. Just the kind I love xoxoxo



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Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

I hope that you are feeling better! Thank you for YOUR prayers!

Thank you SO MUCH for organizing like this, I am so excited :) I look forward to trying some of your recipes :) Thank you Clarice and have a blessed day!



Your view is lovely Clarice, as is your new blog banner.

I'm sorry you've been ill. We've had a lot of illness in our family lately too, so I know it's hard to have such a lack of energy. I hope you will be feeling much better soon.

Love to you,


Clarice, take care of yourself! Feel better real soon!



You have put so much work into this. I am impressed!!
Your recipes are all so goood!

So many strange viruses and illness nowadays. Take it easy and drink lots of water.
I'll be praying for you.


Hi Clarice -

I am a blogging friend of Jill at Bittersweet and see that you are also. Just wanted to visit and tell you that I love what I have read and hope to be able to read more soon.

What a beautiful view you have out your library window. Take care and hope you feel better soon.



Oh lovely! you always post the yummiest recipes...I cant wait to start holiday cooking :)


Dear Clarice,

How sweet of you to compile your recipes so they will be easier to find! The view from your library is beautiful! I also loved the photo in your previous post, and the recipes sound wonderful! Thank you for sharing all the links.

Love, Paula

Tracey McBride

Good Morning Clarice! Hope this finds you feeling better. I love your idea of organizing your recipes and cannot wait to browse through them all. You always come up with the most amazing ideas and recipes--the Holiday Berry Salt for example!! Can one get more frugally luxurious than that?? I would have never thought of it. Thank you so much. I'm off now to browse your blog and become inspired...yet again.
Please take care and enjoy a relaxing Monday.

P.S. We're hosting a giveaway of our books on "Frugal Luxuries" and "Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons" blogs (it ends next Sunday). You and your readers are more than welcome to enter! xox


So sorry you've been ill, my friend ~ but glad you are on the mend! Good for you getting some bloggy housekeeping done in your sicky state. Love that foggy fall scene out your front window.

Junie Moon

What a great idea to organize your recipes this way, very helpful.

I hope you are feeling better super soon. Take care of yourself.

Your photo is gorgeous, I love the view out of your window.


Happy to hear that you are feeling better!



I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend. I'm looking forward to exploring your recipe collection.



I was thinking of making a flavored salt with lemon, now I know to find the recipe. Some of these look so good. What am I saying some :-p, I mean they all sound so good. Love, Mom


I love that picture!
Hope you're feeling better.



Sorry to hear that you are under the weather too. I have just started feeling well enough to do some visiting but not enough to "get out". Thank god for friends in blog land! ;-)
Love the new link to your recipe section and the photo out your window is lovely.
Well wishes, Rebecca

Auberne` Ancalimon

Glad to know I am one of your peeps. LOL You are welcome for all the help! ^-^

Love The Grand Dean of Books! (Aka Auberne`)


Dear Clarice,
I do hope you are nearly better. What a beautiful photo you have posted.
I am just taking a quick inspirational break from decorating the house for Halloween and popped in to see if you are going to decorate too;)
Well done sorting out all those recipes! I think I shall have to go out to the kitchen to make a pumpkin latte (and do the dishes!)before continuing with my "haunting". -Gill.

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