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Cosette Shawl

 Cossette shawl

Part of my plan for keeping warm this winter is wool. I made a shawl last year (I need to show you that one) out of wool and I could not believe what a difference it made in keeping me warm. Nothing else holds warm like wool. Because I am cooking all the time, I wanted something to help keep me warm but not get in the way. So I thought  a shawl would be perfect. Chloe loved it so I gave it to her and knitted a new one.

Cossette 4

I can not tell you how much I love this shawl. I wish I had a pattern to share with you, but I made up the whole thing. I am not even sure I could recreate it again.  But I learned a lot from it and was thrilled I was able to take what I pictured in my head and actually stitch it out.

Cossette 3

I use Malabrigo worsted hand dye wool. I am sooooo in love with their yarn. It is thick, lush, super soft and a good price when you look at the yardage. I encourage knitters who have down the knit and purl stitch, to be brave and just start playing with stitches, increasing, decreasing. This is why I love knitting wash clothes, because they are small and you can try a new stitch and if you mess up it will not matter. But you will learn something and that will make you a better knitter. You know only you know what it was suppose to look like. Nobody else will notice your mistakes. So be brave and go for it !!!

By the way I am already working on another shawl, I will share when I am done ;-) Also a tip, I found hair clips work well as a closer for the shawl !!!!

Cossette 5

PS, I named the shawl Cosette, because that is what David wanted to name Chloe. But I was afraid having an Auberne` and a Cosette, would just be a bit too much. So I will have to settle with a scarf instead.

Cossette 1 shawl


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You have a talent for design I believe.
I love the wrap and it looks so cute on Chloe. I can see why she nabbed it!



The shawl is very nice and even more impressive that you just made it up as you went along. That is brave knitting!! It sure looks warm and cozy.


Hi Clarice, the shawl is absolutely lovely! What a beautiful color and your design is just perfect for it. I LOVE Malabrigo yarn - it's so soft, relatively inexpensive, and comes in the most delicious color palette. I also adore Noro, which is handpainted wool that self-patterns in the most wonderful of ways. Terrific job!!! Theresa :)


It is so beautiful! Oh, i hope some day I'll be good enough to knit shawls and other pretties. Next on my agenda is the purl stitch...I've got the whole scarf knitting thing down i think ;)

And Cosette--- very Les Miserables! I love french names (I've got an Audrey!) and your girls names are beautiful!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

This shawl is beautiful! That's a good idea, especially when cooking! That's always a problem for me...keeping my sleeves out of whatever I'm doing!


Sharon D.

Oh Clarice!

The shawl is beautiful (and so is your model :)) You are quite the knitter, I need to venture out and learn new stitches, you have inspired me :)



Oh, very nice!!! I love wearing shawls when I thought I never would. You'll love it! Nice yarn choice too.


It is so beautiful Clarice. I like the soft pink color and Chloe looks so pretty, she has beautiful hair!
I made a shawl last year (not nearly as beautiful as yours!!)...I don't knit, I just did a simple crochet, but it helps to keep me warm!



beautiful, I made the Tasha Tudor shawl from the Cellar Door books pattern and I love how warm it is. Did you knit the body first and then pick up and knit the edging? I really like it!

Tracey McBride

Oh Clarice, this is soooo beautiful--and so is your daughter!!! You are so talented! You make me want to start knitting again...although I am not very good at it. What a great post. I love your blog. I am always so very inspired by you and you enchanting life! As always, thank you so much for sharing, teaching and inspiring.


Beautiful, the shawl and your daughter. That is a very good color on her.

I also LOVE your new blog header. I've long been a fan of Scherenschnitte and especially anything with farm animals!


Porch Days

I wish I could knit. Beautiful shawl!


oh my that is amazing and gorgeous! The shawl and your daughter! so pretty on her. I can't knit...Kudos to you! Hope you can re create it! Hugs, Mica


Clarice, I love everything thing about that shawl (the name, the color, the pattern, etc.). You are one talented lady! Can't wait to see the next one you do. I wish you had a pattern for the Cosette one.


Thanks for letting me be your model! ;)
i love you!
love Chloe!

Gumbo Lily

Lovely, lovely shawl and what a pretty model with her long curly locks. I'm so impressed with anyone who knits, and one who makes her own patterns -- I'm doubly impressed!



Dear Clarice,

The shawl you knitted is gorgeous! I love the color, and it looks so pretty on beautiful Chloe!!! That was so sweet of you to give it to her. Thank you for sharing about the wool you used. It is wonderful that you made up your own pattern! I love the name for it, too! I look forward to seeing the one you are working on.

Love, Paula

christy harris

Chloe, hello and love the shawl on you. A beautiful job Clarice.


This is a lovely shawl! Aren't they the most perfect garment!?? You have inspired me to try to design my own from the handspun I am doing now. What lovely daughters you have, too! The pink is just right for her colouring! Beautiful!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, it's Beautiful! And such a gorgeous model, too. :) A perfect match! I love it. Thank you for the information about the wool, too. xo


It's such a beautiful shawl, Clarice! I'm afraid I haven't gotten past just knitting yet, and my washcloth turned out terribly. You inspire me to keep trying.




It's beautiful! I love the gorgeous, soft pink color!

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