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Brown Sugar Pie, Sort Of

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Hello everyone, well I am still here, but having guest for 10 days is just way tooo long. I am sort of in a coma and my house is falling down around me. I will say Leavenworth was so beautiful (which I have no pictures of, because my battery died and I forgot to pack the extra one)

I did want to share a very yummy pie I made, perfect for fall. Brown sugar pie, well sort of. I cook with rapadura instead of brown sugar but I felt it was too intense to use alone in this recipe. So I used half rapadura and half sugar (evaporated cane) and some molasses. I thought it gave it a bit more intensity then just brown sugar but not too overpowering. It was very rich and I loved it with just some raw apple slices on the side. Even if you do not cook with rapadura, I encourage you to try using half brown sugar and half sugar with some molasses. I think you will enjoy and find the flavor more complex. I will be back when I can get off the couch and find my living room again  :-o xoxo

Brown Sugar Pie, Sort Of

1 pie crust, unbaked

1/2 cup rapadura or brown sugar

1/2 cup sugar or evaporated cane

2 TBL. molasses

1 egg

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla

1 TBL dark rum

2 TBL milk

2 TBL. flour, whole wheat pastry

2 TBL melted butter, cooled

Pre-heat oven 350 degrees.

Whisk all ingredients together (but not the pie crust !!!) in a bowl, pour into pie crust and bake 35-45 minutes. Till crust is lightly browned and filling set. Allow to cool and enjoy !!!



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Oh wow, this sounds so yummy, and very easy to make gluten free. Thanks for sharing

Gumbo Lily

The pie sounds very autumnal and the colors in the picture are captivating.

Missed you,

Sharon D.

Oh Clarice,

That sounds wonderful!!! Thanks so much for sharing, I bet it is perfect for this time of year :) thank you for leaving such sweet comments!

have a wonderful day!



Mmm, now that sounds delish! I am so loving all the wonderful fall foods that we are now all baking up :)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

LOL! I think 10 days is long time even for someone that I really really like! I'm sure you need to rest from having guests and have a lot of catching up to do (at least that's what happens to me).


sweet cottage dreams

Hi Clarice! I hope that you can catch your breath and take some time to relax. Having company for that long can certainly take the wind from your sails - though it is also quite fun I am sure.

Thank you for the recipe. Sounds DEVINE!



Oooh, that sounds really interesting! I've never heard of rapadura!


Dear Clarice,

Ten days is a long time, I agree! A lifetime, even!

The pie sounds really yummy, thanks for the recipe.



The Vintage Rabbit

10 days is a very LOOONG time!! oh my!! I would be feeling the same way Clarice!!

Thankd for the's looks right up my alley!!!

hope you recoop quickly!!



Welcome back Clarice...glad to hear that you had a nice time in Leavenworth.
Thank you for sharing the recipe!



This recipe looks really yummy. We are having guests next week to go apple picking, and I think this might be a good desert for afterward when we come home for dinner. It's definitely hitting my fall rotation seeing as I've never tried such a thing.

It's great to have you back, hope you find your rhythm soon.


Yay! You're back!

This sounds very interesting. I've never made a pie like this before and hearing you talk about it makes me want to try. Will let you know how it comes out-


I have missed your posts - they are so inspiring. This pie recipe sounds very interesting. I'm going to have to try it. Thank you so very much. Glad you survived through all those days of entertaining guests. :) Theresa

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