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"Apple Day" Season Is Here


For our family October is always about Apple Day. This tradition started when the girls were little. We do not have a specific day we do it, because I try to find a perfect day. There is no rules and a lots of my friends have their own way to celebrate. You can read more about Apple Day here. If you would like an Apple Day button for your blog, feel free. I think these little traditions are the fabric of our life and holds families together. If you have apple day, I would love to hear what you did. I think we will do some apple printing xoxox



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Jennifer B

I just wrote my own "ode to apples" blog post. I am an apple-lover too, but this post of yours really inspired me to do my own. Thanks.


Love Apple Day!
I made homemade pink applesauce with cinnamon.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I think that's a lovely tradition for your family. I remember you talking about it last year. Apple printing sounds like fun and I'm sure you'll make something yummy too!

Sharon D.

I remember when you had posted on Apple Day last year. What fun. I agree that it is so important to have family traditions. making memories with your family, perfect! Well, I am still making Apple Butter so I guess until I'm done it will continually be Apple Day for me :)

Have a great weekend Clarice :)


Gumbo Lily

I was just thinking of Apple Day when I sliced some Jonathans for lunch today. I like the sausages and cheese that go with the apples on Apple Day too!


It's a very good idea!


Clarice, enjoy Apple Day! What fun!


I love this idea! Had never heard of Apple Day. Can't wait to set one up for my family.
Thanks for sharing,


Dear Clarice,

I love your idea for Apple Day! I know the girls look forward to it every year. You are so right about family traditions, they hold families together and are so important! Apple printing sounds like fun!

Love, Paula


I completely agree -- I think family traditions are soooo important. We have several things in our family -- if we try to deviate from them, the kids have a cow!


I will surely be joining in your Apple Day! I am working on a pretty dress for my daughter with plans of apple picking in Julian....I will share soon...can't wait to see your apple posts!!! Hugs, Mica


What a wonderful tradition to have in your family. You're right - traditions do tie families together.



How lovely! I enjoy learning about family traditions. This one is particularly great. We are just beginning to get our favorite apples, and very soon I'll be making apple butter, pies, doughnuts. I think that we will be needing to have our own "Apple Day." Thanks for sharing! Theresa :)


What a lovely tradition for your family!



Well! I learned something new today :) I had no idea there was an Apple Day!

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