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A Storybook Corner

Storybook Corner 5

(Click on pictures to see detail better)

This summer I fixed up our little entryway, but I also redid the the small area when you step from the entryway into the kitchen. This is the space that holds our coats, umbrellas, slippers, etc. I liked the pale yellow I had painted the pantry (on the other side of the kitchen) and decided just to paint over the wallpaper the same color.

SB corner 0

I call this my storybook corner, well looking at it, you can see why. I have my wonderful Cozy Whimsy prints and also my black apple print. I painted a round frame intense blue and put in a red silhouette.

Storybook Corner 7

I have my little paper cottages out. I am planning on getting a few trees and a silver glittered banner that says storybook to hang above the cottages.

Storybook Corner 4

The hooks are new. I have black iron in the pantry and love it. So I found a site with a lot of different black iron hooks. I decided it would be fun to have them all different. I did not realize the hook with the white knobs was so small. So in time I will replace that one. But I love how they are all different, yet have the same feel.


Storrybook corner

My sweet gnome tassel is from Selia, I LOVE him, thank you.

I have my doll from Angie, a gnome plate and other storybook bits. I hope when you walk in and see my storybook corner, you feel you are in for a special visit. 

Storybook Corner 055

The wall needed one more picture. So I took a pretty carved fame, lined it with red polka-dot fabric and added a vintage cottage I had with some museum wax. I am just over the moon with my storybook corner and hope you find something in it to inspire you xoxox

 SB corner 5SB corner 6



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Storybook corner looks so ready for the holidays.



what a cozy little corner! Enchanting~


It looks like the entry to a cozy cottage tucked away in the woods:-)

sweet cottage dreams

Clarice, your home is just adorable. I ADORE all of the cottage-E touches and prints. Now I am on a mission to find some of those paper houses. Are they German? You did a lovely job!!!

LOVE your new banner, too!
It was nice to catch up with you.
Your daughters are just as lovely as you are.

Happy Fall,


What a fantastic corner Clarice. I always like seeing your little homely spaces and loved your entryway. Keep the ideas coming. Happy Halloween to all, love Eli


I LOOOOOOOOOVE it! Thanks for sharing:)


Oooh, it's beautiful! I love all those little paper cottages lined up on the shelves too -- sooooo cute!


I love your little paper houses, are they vintage?

The Vintage Rabbit

So sweet and simple!!!

Have a GREAT weekend Clarice!



I just LOVE your new corner. The cute details are precious, especially those paper houses. You know, it reminds me of a corner from one of Mary Engelbreit's homes.


I just love your Storybook Corner. I could just stand here and look and look at all the details. I'm very fond of iron and have bits of it here and there in my home too. I like that you've chosen different shapes and sizes for your hooks.

I especially like the whimsical feel of your space. Good job.


Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

What an absolutely charming and adorable area in your home! I love everything you have done. perfect! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Have a beautiful evening!


Selia Renzetti

Oh Clarice! It is just perfect and such an inspiration! I love the color of the walls and the picture with the polka dot background...and museum wax is sooooo adorable! What a happy and welcoming corner! (the little gnome looks quite at home) :O) My grandmother had a little cottage thermometer like the one you have, I just love it. Is it German? Thank you for all you share!
Blessings to You and Yours!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I think it's just darling and I love all those different black hooks and the blue frame and the paper houses...really everything!


Junie Moon

This looks like such fun and a wonderful corner to explore when someone is visiting your house. I love the idea of adding trees and the silver glittered banner.

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, this is so sweet! I would love to be greeted with this entrance.

It's so cheerful and inviting ~ your lucky, lucky family and friends. ((hugs)) ~m


Dear Clarice,

Your storybook corner is so sweet! I love the shade of yellow you chose to paint the walls. It is very cheerful and light. You have made such a charming vignette! I noticed the beautiful gnome tassel dear Selia made for you right off, and Marjorie's prints are so pretty! I love the frame you used for your cottage home. That was such a good idea! The blue frame with the red silhouette is darling! Your cottages are so sweet and the hooks add the perfect touch. The doll Angie made you is so pretty! Thank you for sharing a lovely corner of your storybook home!

Love, Paula

country mouse

Clarice, I *love* how this turned out! Nice to see you and your lovely girls today! And I forgot to tell you, the first thought I had when I saw you at Angie's today was how beautiful you were--your hair looked just lovely : )


Sweet! It made my eyes smile!



I love all of the MarmeeCraft prints! Your nook looks so very cozy indeed. :) Theresa


Such a cute idea!


Just perfect Clarice!


It looks great. Even though there is a lot of small things it doesn't look cluttered, it looks very clean. I love the picture you made with the cottage card. That frame is so cottage looking. Love, Mom


It looks sweet and cozy and oh, so you!


How cute Clarice! I really liked the picture that you made - how creative!



Dear Clarice,

Oh, how magical! Everything looks like a little grandmother's cottage in the woods, full of precious knick knacks and love.

Thanks for inviting us to see the nook!




I would love to just cozy up in there with a cup of lavender Earl Grey!

Such inspiration!


It is so cozy in the storybook room! I really do like your black iron hooks and the fact that they're all so different really do add the intrigue factor! Nice job!

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