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Brown Sugar Pie, Sort Of

Vintage Storybook Woods-Autumn In A Box

Fall boxx

I have been busy cooking and baking for my father, as he will be here visiting for a week. My one gift to him is always the same. To stuff him full of yummy food. I tell him I only see him once a year, so do not worry about all that rich food   ;-)  

I will be taking the week off and going to Leavenworth, yeah !!!! I thought I would leave you with a vintage Storybook Woods post, autumn in a box. We had soo much fun making these and it is a great way to celebrate the season. Thank you Saucy's Sprinkels and Mrs. Staggs for the idea. We just pulled our box out the other day and already thought of some things, we need to add. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall. It is my favorite season and I know many of you feel the same way !!! So doing something you can only do in the fall, celebrate and come back and tell me what you did. Becuase I would love to hear, see you in a week (or so) xoxoxoxo

PS, see what happens when I let the girls out of the basement ;-p  (you can see my kitchen too) also check out the bloopers. Great job girls xoxox


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Tell the girls there video is great!
I think they are on to something!!!

The bloopers were too cute.

Hope you're enjoying time with your Dad and he's enjoying you too.

The Autumn Box is sweet.

Kali @ Poppy lane

Dear Clarice ~ I hope you have a wonderful time together with your Dad and that this Autumn is a happy and cosy one for you and your family !!
xo, Kali


That is adorable!!
Enjoy your cooking!!
I didn't know you could make your own microwave popcorn. I learn a lot from you Clarice!!
Have a great week,


You truly have a 'home for for all seasons' Clarice, its always a joy to visit. What a busy bee you are.


That box just makes me smile..hope you have a good time. cherry


What a lovely idea! Its just full of autumn eye candy. Love it!


How neat, all that you're preparing for your dad! And Leavenworth, I'm jealous. I haven't been there in years, but I do remember I was amazed at it's beauty!


Oh my goodness, your daughters are funny!! Love your kitchen, too!! That Fall box is a little bit of happy.
Hope you enjoy your Dad...

Sharon D.

I love Autumn in a box! Very sweet idea. I hope you have a wonderful time with your Dad and in Leavenworth. It looks like a fun place :)

Thank the girls for making me smile :)
I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter :)



Clarice, have a great time in Leavenworth! Also cute box!


Oooh Leavenworth looks like great fun -- I hope you have a wonderful time. And your girls are too funny -- great job!


Love the box! Have a great time with your dad and your trip to Leavenworth.

Jacqueline Jaggers

Leavenworth is worth everything...It's such a delightful Bavarian town. The weather should be delightful. Don't forget to stop at the candy shop but the rivers edge on your way there!


I love your box too. The original idea came from my friend Rosemary, who sent me a beautiful box that she made. I still love it.

The girls video was fun to see!


Cute box! The video is a hoot! The girls should be left alone more often; I would recommend taking the spoon, however. It might REALLY become a weapon! LOL


I did a lot of baking as well today, as we are having family over this weekend. The kitchen was filled with the smells of baked apple cider donuts, blueberry crumb cake, and banana chocolate chip bread. We shall attend an annual fall country fair on Saturday, absorbing all the lovely farm animals, baked goods, country art, and family fun! Theresa


What a beautiful time of year to visit Leavenworth. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your visit with your father!


Lavender Dreams

How unique and wonderful! It makes me feel good to peek inside!


I loved the hat. Love, Mom


sweet! Have a great time with your Dad!! I love Leavenworth, tell it hello for me..are you gonna go by Cashmere to visit the delightful Candy Factory
(Aplets & Cotlets)
Love that place!!!
Have fun whatever you do. I love the Fall box! We sorta have one in progress from our Nature Walk last week.
Hugs! Mica


Dear Clarice,

Such a sweet idea! We'll have to borrow it :). Your girls made quite the filmette~Too bad my brother didn't have a video camera when he and my cousin used to play non-stop~for weeks with their Star Wars action figures! They could have compared notes ;)




Have fun in Leavenworth - such a beautiful place.


Junie Moon

I love your Autumn in a box; it's truly beautiful. Have a great time on your break.


SO cute, Clarice!!

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