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Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm, this is a new blog to me. Very inspiring !!!! above image from Rose Cottage.

Smartwool socks, now these are not the cheapest socks, BUT they are really wonderful, thick, guaranteed not to itch and are worth the money. I decided it was more frugal to invest in better socks, that if I take care of, they will last a long time and will really keep my feet warm. We have all wood floors and heat with wood. Our floors are very cold. Last years I could barely keep my feet warm. These socks I think will really help.

The Fox and The Child movie, I really loved this movie, it is just stunning. It is now out on DVD. If you get a chance, please watch it. Both adults and children will love it. Chloe and I want our hair just like hers !!!

Make Bulk Food Bags, talk about a charming way to spruce up your pantry !!!

Grown-up Pop-Tarts I could live on these. I make bittersweet chocolate and marmalade ones xoxoxox

Ginger Syrup, it is yummy but also good for upset tummies.  Really ginger has a lot of healthy properties.

On-line Handbook Of Nature Study By Anna Botsford Comstock. This is a very popular Charlotte Mason book, but I have to say I go to it a lot. It is a wealth of info and very interesting. I wish they still made educational books like this. You know we are all so blessed to be able to have these old, rare books on-line to enjoy. How did I live without the internet ????

I am off to start decorating for fall. Are you decorating yet  ????


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Great links you've shared with us! Love the handmade food sacks. And those adult pop tarts....O my!

I haven't begun decorating for fall yet, but I will.



Thanks for the heads up on the new blog! It's great!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

I'm wishing I could decorate! I'm packing for a move in two weeks. I'm planning on unpacking the Autumn decorations first!

I do have a ceramic pumpkin I found at a rummage sale and a pot of mums.

It'll be so good to be settled again!


Hi Clarice,
Of course I am decorating!!
Love your favorites list!!
I didn't know about those socks, because my feet are always cold in the winter, I will have to get some.
Thanks as always,


Thanks for the site with the nature study book. I gave my copy to my daughter when I stopped homeschooling (as my son graduated) and she started homeschooling the oldest grandchild a couple years ago.


Hi Clarice,
Thanks for sharing the Rose Cottage Gardens with us, its a great blog.
I started my fall decorating this last Sunday, still not finished, waiting for those pumpkins to come to the farmers mkt.


What fun to read your list - thank you for sharing!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunny & very warm weekend that we are in store for!



How funny, I just posted my favorite things! You should pop on over & check them out.

My husband loves Smartwool socks. They are on his Christmas list every year.

I did loads of fall decorating over the Labor Day weekend & will be posting pics soon.


Oooh, some fun links. Those bulk food bags are certainly intriguing -- although, I'm so messy, my stuff would probably fall out of them!


What a wonderful list! Thanks for sharing these. I will most definitely be checking these out soon! As for fall decorating, as soon as I have regained my energy from the "killer" cold I've experienced this week, I will become a madwoman in decorating the house for my favorite season! Sincerely, Theresa


Love your list of loves! Old books... Those of us fortunate to live in an old house know that old books, lining the walls, makes for great insulation! I heartily recommend them! Rose Cottage Gardens is a lovely lovely blog! Thanks for sharing... I think I am in "love" today! Look how many times I used the word! Ack! English teachers know better! LOL

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice :)

I enjoy Rose Cottage Gardens as well. Debbykay has such beautiful photos and inspiring as well.

I placed The Fox and the Child movie in my que for Netflix.

Smartwool socks are well worth the money! I also love cashmere socks and can find them pretty affordable at places like TJ MAXX. Hmmm, I think a trip is in order :)

I'm glad that you enjoy the Ginger Syrup recipe :)

Have a blessed day Clarice and thanks for sharing your loves with us :)


Dear Clarice,

I love reading your lists of loves! I had a dream about you last night; you had a house full of plants, with a long "Japanese knotweed vine"! I was trying to convince you that it wasn't a philodendron :) .




I love the Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm. Her photos are so beautiful. Yes I've done my fall decorating, but as usually will probably continue to add things to it. Love, Mom

Lavender Dreams

I am decorating for Fall and enjoying all the beautiful colors! I know what you mean about the wealth of information on the internet! I love it! And thanks for the link to the blog! Very nice!

Junie Moon

Your "love" list is delightful. I didn't know about some of these things, but am happy you shared them. I'll check out the links you've shared, thank you. Yes, I'm starting to think about fall decorating. Today my seashell wreath will come down from the door and I'll put up an autumnal wreath. Then I'll change my flag to the autumn version. Some of my beach-themed bits and pieces will be put away and I'll bring out my autumn blessings bowl, acorns, and so on. Welcome Autumn--whether in our home or our hearts, it's a new season to celebrate.


Yes, I started decorating yesterday. I will be gone for a few weeks and wanted to enjoy the decorations before I left.


No decorating here yet, but I'm starting to think about it. I think it is supposed to be very warm for the next couple of days, which doesn't seem very fall like to me. I enjoyed the stormy weekend.

Thank you for all these wonderful links!



You know I love my "Smart Wool Socks'!
Thanks for sharing.


Hello Clarice,
We took my daughter and her friends to see the Fox and the Child at the cinema for her 8th birthday...she managed to grow her hair long enough for that sweet hairstyle for her 9th birthday! We love love love the film too and got the dvd as soon as it was available.
Hope you are having a sunshiny day, Love Gill.


Hi Clarice,

Oh, so sweet! Thank you for sharing my little Rose Cottage and listing it as one of the "things you love!" I am so touched by your kindness! It means so much that you find it inspiring. You are so sweet!

Please visit often at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm for a cup of tea. The tea kettle will always be on for you. We will have some yummy fresh biscuits still warm from the oven. Of course, some bit of Rose Cottage jam, too!

Blessings to you!
Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

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