Cheap Chalkboard Trick
I Am Besotted


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sweet cottage dreams

I LOVE what you did!!! Great candle holder, too!!!!! Can I just come over and borrow it for awhile!? You are just to cute!!!

have a sweet weekend!

love ya,


I love these...can't wait to try it!! TFS


My "oh" have been up to wonderful ideas!!!....I wonder if you could scent them is essential oils.
It's all looks so sweet against your chalk board.


What a clever idea. And more black & white-ness for your shoe room.



TypePad HTML EmailOh thank you Elisabeth, you should do the same thing xoxoxoxo Clarice


Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Elisabeth


Love this Clarice.
The other day I was thinking of rolling up old sheet music and putting inside a big jar.
Have a great weekend,


Oh. I LOVE this.

On my old piano I have pages from an old hymnal rolled up tightly and secured with ribbon, scattered around in single glass candle holders.

Yours look so much more fun!

And I was just wondering what I could do today BESIDES dusting, cleaning, scrubbing..,


Dear Clarice,

Your paper candles look so charming! You created a lovely vignette!

Love, Paula

Tracey McBride

You do have a great "little-eye" my friend! How generous of you to share this clever idea with us. I appreciate it so much!! Of course I LOVE the creative recycling aspect of this idea.
P.S. You are sooo lucky to have a full room pantry...I am utterly green with envy but very happy for you :) xox


Love the paper candle idea!! I think I have the same candleabra! I have a pair that were my mother-in-laws. They are lovely!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Love it! That looks so pretty! I saw a similar thing on another blog but she used regular candlesticks at varying heights and she didn't use as much paper (Scrapbook paper I think-it was patterned). I love how yours is uneven - it looks so romantic!



Very clever ~ I love the whole combination of candleabra, chalkboard, and pumpkin!

Sharon D.

Now how cute is that? Thanks so much for sharing Clarice :)

Have a blessed day!



Very Interesting! I Love that pretty silver candelabra!

Junie Moon

What an inventive idea; I'd never have thought of this but really love how it looks.

Jacqueline Jaggers

oh what a fun dandy idea. In Puff the Magic Dragon there was a "little Jackie paper". I'm thinking a good storybook would be how Jackie paper made paper candles for candle holders. To imagine, is everything.


Very cute. Love, Mom


How cute & creative! Thank you for sharing your photos and the link!
Have a wonderful day Clarice!



Simply delightful! I love the paper candles --- so romantic and old-fashioned -- yet fresh and new! Thanks for sharing!



What an adorable idea! The curled paper looks like dripped wax.

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