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Blue bowl

I went to Oregon to drop off my daughter. She is spending 10 days with her grandparents. I am sure she is having oodles of fun, but I miss her xoxox.

I was only in OR a day but I had to run to Mr. Fosters in Dallas. I always find something amazing and CHEAP !!! Look at these sweet little glass bowls. Only a $1.00 each, the color is just beautiful. Some fun vintage fabric $2.00. But the killer deal, was thanks to my MIL. I was hoping to pick up a comfortable chair for our living room. I saw this strawberry pink velvet chair and they wanted $49.00, but it has a little stain and a tear. My MIL (who loves to barter, I do NOT) got them down to $10.00. Well how could I say no to that. It is very comfy, incredibly soft velvet, swivels and the scale is not too big for the room, I am over the moon. The little pillow is from Paula, thank you sweetie xoxoxo

Pink chairr

Vintage fabric


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shelley miller

I enjoy your blog very much! I was surprised to see my hometown mentioned in your blog!! I am from Dallas, Oregon! Lovely place!


congrats on your finds! i'm sure that was very satisfying!


What gorgeous finds and how can you beat the price? That chair is just lovely and looks wonderful sitting in its' new home. A day well spent!


country mouse

I am so impressed with your vigilant efforts to live on a tight budget! When I grow up, I want to be like you : )


Yay for your MIL!!
You got some awesome deals, especially that pretty pink chair.

Gumbo Lily

I just love the chair and the sweet lil pillow is just perfect for it. What a smart MIL you have.


Sharon D.

Wow Clarice! You certainly scored! I'm glad you found some great deals. I love the colors of the vases and the chair is just perfect! Paula's pillow is sweet too!

Have a wonderful day!



Yeah!!!!!! For your MIL.
What a wonderful chair…the only time I barter is when
I buy a car.

The blue glass is so pretty. I just love that color...



Clarice, what great bargains you found!


Lovely little dishes. We have that same chair in a soft beigy gold - well it is for Don so the color suits him - I like the pink one better. LOL


Oh. My. Gosh! How perfect is that adorable chair???


Dear Clarice,

Your blue dishes are so lovely and go perfectly in your Storybook Woods home, as does the gorgeous pink chair! I am so happy you found some wonderful bargains to feather your nest... and I am so happy you like the little pillow.

Love, Paula


Bargain hunting is my favorite sport! What a treat to score some pretty treasures that make you smile. Glad you had a safe trip.

Jacqueline Jaggers

That pink chair makes me laugh. I used to own a consignment store and some college boys came in and I only had a pink chair left to sell....They bought it for $19.95 and they lifted the cushion and found the largest bra on the planet...tee hee...I guess the owner left something behind...smiling from finds!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Those glass bowls are the prettiest blue! Love the pink chair - you did find some killer deals!


Cathy Santarsiero

Pink and swivels! What more could a girl ask for?


What an adorable chair...that is a killer deal! I like the blue bowls too!
Wishing you a happy day!



I'd be over the moon too! I love deals...don't we all. You can't tell the chair has a rip and stain...where is it sure is pretty in your house,great finds indeed.. Thanks for the compliment on my dollies....and yes I really like the fox and the child too!! Hugs Mica


It's all so YOU!
I love to barter too! Your MIL would make a killer pair! ;-)



That blue is beautiful. The chair looks very comfy and a pretty color. Love, Mom


Dear Clarice,

I'm so glad you made it home safely~What a fun place to shop!

I know what you mean about missing the children when they're gone!

How will we ever survive when they all grow up and move away?



Junie Moon

Wow, you sure did find some killer deals. I love the blue color in the bowls and that chair is fabulous. Getting the price down to $10 was a brilliant move on your mother-in-law's part.

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