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Okay I know I say I am besotted a lot, but this time it is true ;-)

I do know know where I heard about The No. 1 Ladies` Detective Agency series, but somehow I was lead to a youtube about it and was instantly besotted. Which surprised me, because I usually do not like books or movies set in hot places (yes, that is how much I hate the heat). But there was something in Jill Scott performance of Precious Ramotswe that just pulled me in. Well, I do not have HBO, so I had to wait. But last week at Costco I spotted the DVD and took a chance. I am soooo glad I did. I think I like No.1 because, in a way, Precious is the Miss Marple of Africa, well Botswana. It is set in modern times, but the is still a charm and a joy to it.


I was a bit leary being HBO, but there was nothing rude or objectionable (how refreshing). Although it deals with adult subjects, as most mysteries do. It is very funny. Grace Makutsi, had Auberne` and I rolling in laughter. The relationship between Precious and JLB is very touching. Also in the extras I learned a bit about the history of Botswana and found it very interseting. I rarely buy movies, especially site-unseen. But I am soo glad I did and encourage you to check out The No. 1 Ladies` Detective Agency.

PS, Netflix has the movie.


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Gina W.

Count me in as another fan who LOVES that sumbtle-but-charming tea set. Has anyone found any info on the manufacturer? I want those cups!! I've even tried freeze-framing the show to try and read the logo on the bottom of a cup (but of course it was justa gray blur). Please e-mail me if you have any leads to this mystery...


and this woman can sing!!!!!

Debbie Ferguson

Just wandering around and found your lovely blog. My husband and I have read all the books aloud and have been looking forward to the series. It is next on our netflix queue! I can't wait.


Had to laugh when you said that you hate the heat so much, you won't even watch movies set in hot places! :) I'd heard of this movie but had never seen it--thanks for the recommendation and have a wonderful time with your dad. Blessings, Debra

MJ Krech

I just had to chime in on "The No. 1 Ladies` Detective Agency" discussion. I watched it last winter on HBO and fell in love with it. Precious is a delight. Her secretary is a joy to watch. The country is beautiful in an austere sort of way. I love how real people are the extras for each week's story.

I'm definitely looking forward to it again this fall/winter! A real winner, in my book!

Tracey McBride

Thank you for recommending these Clarice! I am a (huge) mystery buff and you absolutely sold me with the comparison to Miss Marple!! I can't wait to watch. Thanks so much for giving me something to look forward to.

P.S. LOVE your microwave popcorn tutorial...also...enjoy the visit with your father!!! xo

Lavender Dreams

I just finished the book yesterday and my hubby is going to read it now. What an amazing book...can't wait to see the movie! Thanks for mentioning it!

Jean Tuthill

Hi Clarice, Thanks for the review, I'll keep my eyes open for it. I just wanted to let you know that I am having my 100th post giveaway and I wanted you to join in on the fun! I know you will love the stuff that I've chosen, so come over and see what it's all about.

Cathy Santarsiero

Clarice~ My daughter Laura and I LOVE this series!~ It is awesome! The books are really great too. I recently downloaded the audio books, which I like to listen to while I'm painting or driving. Don't you love her teacups? :) Have a lovely week. xo xo


Wow -- I've heard of this series of books, but never really given it much thought. Your review has me thinking twice however -- thanks for the info!


Dear Clarice,

This sounds so wonderful! She is a lovely lady, and just look at that gorgeous tea set! Thank you for sharing!
Love, Paula


Hi Clarice,

Thanks for the reminder about this series. I will have to look for it on Blockbuster. Miss Marple is one of my favorite characters, so I am I sure the Precious will be delightful, too! Several years ago I lived and worked in Africa for a short time and I know that I will love the setting of the stories!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit with the Junk Bonanza in MN. I have added a lot more pictures -- I think you would really like the pictures. And, I aggree with Raeann -- you have a lot of fabulous things going on in WA, too!

Have a fabulous day!
Debbykay at Rose cottage Gardens and Farm

Junie Moon

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this series. I enjoy the character of Precious and how she strives for the truth, whether finding it hurts her or not. It's something I quite admire.


I love that HBO series too!

sweet cottage dreams

I am like you...I don't risk spending the money unless it is recommended or I know it will be a hit.

These photos are interesting. What an unusual setting for a tea and nobody seems to be perspiring!


Nancy Jane York

My husband and I have all the books and looked forward to this production coming out. I got it from Netflix. The colors used were fantastic and Botswana looks like I pictured it in the books. Only one thing, Grace Makutsi was cast too young and pretty looking for the Grace in the book otherwise she is right on with her performance. Just a really beautiful series.


I've read a couple of the books and have enjoyed them. I'll have to look for the movie.



TypePad HTML EmailYes, netflix has it xoxoxo

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check and see if Netflix has it!


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