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Fall shoeroom2

I am starting to decorate for fall. I decided to do a black and white in the shoe-room. I wanted it to feel a bit cleaner, not a lot of little stuff. Instead just a few larger pieces but still charming. I saw Jill's  amazing chalkboard and decided that would be perfect.

In trying to use "what I had", I use an old frame. I was planning on getting some cardboard or foam-board and paint it with chalkboard paint. I wanted it light, so it would not fall on anyone. Plus this is just something for this autumn. I am sure I will move onto some new idea by spring :-)

Fall shoeroom


BUT I was looking at Joannes and did you know they sell foam-core in black !!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect, no painting. You all know how I hate painting !!!!! I was not sure if I could use chalk on it, but I ws able to. The only thing is you can not fully wipe off the chalk, like a chalkboard. But it is black on both sides, so you have two boards.

As you can see the frame was wider then the foam-core, but I think it still works. I am over the moon. It was easy, cheap and I can use the other side for another use. I am really happy with the whole room. I have one more fun, cheap, easy trick to show you on my next post !!!! 

Fall shoeroom3


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What's not to love about a chalk board? It's great, Clarice.



Dear Clarice,

Your chalkboard is so charming and such a wonderful idea! The ribbons and feathers are the perfect touch for your chalkboard. I love your silhouette pumpkin! The black and white in your shoe room looks lovely!

Love, Paula


I love it all Clarice!!
The chalkboard is a great touch!
I just got some little white pumpkins today!!
Time to decorate!


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Well thank you for the wonderful chalkboard inspiration xoxoxo



You always make your home look so warm and inviting. We all would like to visit you!
We know you would lavish with homemade goodies and pour us yummy teas from your beautiful bone china tea cups.
You yard looks like a fairy land, I would love to see that too.
Maybe someday we too will meet like Leigh Ann and I did.
It would put a big smile on my face..

Thanks for sharing your Autumn home, it looks beautiful as usual.

Pearl Maple

Fun and quick idea! Thanks for sharing the tip. Lots of us like the looks of a blackboard but don't have the time to make one work but you have made it so simple now.

Junie Moon

I love everything, simply everything! The black-and-white theme, cute pumpkin, lovely plates on the wall, framed chalkboard -- just wonderful! You talked about the board being too small for the frame, I think it gives a really great effect visually.

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice!! Wow, you are so clever. I did not know that foam board came in black! Oh, and I love your urn and the dried hydrangeas atop the pedestal...right up my ally! Can't wait to see your next post.
Tracey xox


Very Cool -- what a great idea! I also love your pretty cake plate with the black ribbon running through it!

Sharon D.

I LOVE it Clarice! Perfect :) I too love the Dried Hydrangeas, they look wonderful :)
I need to make a blackboard soon :)

Have a blessed day!


Cathy Santarsiero

Now you need some white baby boo pumpkins...

Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

love it!!! thanks for sharing!!



I love your decorating. Black and white are perfect for autumn, I think, and I really like your silhouette plates in that room. Lovely, Clarice!

Jacqueline Jaggers

Bring on the goodie have a ton of them, I can tell. Happy evening to you and yours, here's to a sensational Sept. week ahead. My daughter and I went to Underground Seattle today...what an experience!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

This is really cute. I'm so glad you made do with the frame you had. I wonder, was the foam board expensive? I've never bought it.

Harvest Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage!



Very sweet Clarice...and happy Autumn Wishes to you too!



Looks great Clarice. Dianntha


cute idea.....

I am still holding on to summer a little longer here.
It’s called denial..


The Pleasures of Homemaking

It looks really cute! I love the black and white combo and the silhouette pumpkin! Didn't know that about foam core! Clarice, I know you don't like to paint, but they do make a spray paint chalkboard paint. I think it comes in at least two colors, green and black. Just think of all the things you could chalkboard with 1 can and all you have to do is spray!



Clarice, you are so creative!



I see a full-sized menu board in my future.


A blackboard is a cute idea. I like the bow too. Love, Mom


Great idea Clarice and I love how the shoe room looks with the dried hydrangeas.



What a cute idea! Everyone getting ready for fall is inspiring! Thanks for the idea! Can't wait to see the next one!

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