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The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady Collection

Diary edwardian

I will confess as a child and young adult, I was not into nature much. I was not  an outdoor kind of kid. I was sadly more of a mall kid {:-o    It was not till I was pregnant with Auberne` and started reading about homeschooling and Charlotte Mason did I get into to nature. I realized there was a whole beautiful and interesting world out there I had totally missed. One of the first books I heard about was "The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady" by Edith Holden. I was so drawn to the beauty of her diary. Of course being a good CM mom, I had my girls and I keeping a nature diary, her books were very inspiring.

Well a while ago at a thrift store I spotted this stacking tin with Edith's illustrations, I was over the moon. It now holds buttons and such. It is one more thing to add to my collection. One of my many collections. What is your favorite thing to collect ????

Diary edwardian 3

Diary edwardian 2


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Bernideen Canfield

I am just seeing this post today Clarice and love it!!!

Nora Kruger

I LOVE your collection, and collect everything Country Diary of an
Edwardian Lady. Had a wall calendar, and when my daughter was born, I put a photo of her on each page and called it The Country Diary if a Beautiful Baby.
I've been searching and searching, unsuccessfully, for oval Country Diary plates. I have one, 8 1/2" x 6 5/8", for February. It is made by Royal Worcester China in England. Has anyone run across these?
Thanks, Nora


I have a tin like that. I bought it at a yard sale some years ago. I've seen one of her books.

I like to collect orginal art. I do have some prints though.

I like books and a number of different things. I am trying to scale down though.

I use to buy hats a lot and now I only will
buy ones I am going to wear.

Came by to see if you had an udate about Tasha Tudor Day or a Reminder for it.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


Those have been favorites of mine for a long, long time. I love them all.

Great Blog!


You have the best books! I only recently added the diary and the nature notes to my library. I've always loved them and was so happy when they finally showed up at the 2nd hand bookstore. I wish I could draw and paint so beautifully.

Hmmm, my favorite collection? That's hard. I think it may be my Blue Willow china, but I collect so many things that are special. Most of my collections have really been given to me by family and friends. They'll see that I like something, and then they buy another one, and on it goes! I have a wonderful collection of old hand tooled purses. All but a couple of them have been gifts. Same with my teacups. I collect old embroidery and lace, and I have a small collection of green Depression glass. My dad and step-mom gave it to me. It's very pretty.

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

~SWOON~ What a LOVELY collection!!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

terri aka PennyAnnPoundwise

Love this book! I first read about it in one of the Miss Read books and when I saw it on the library shelf I was so happy. I borrowed it repeatedly until I finally found a copy of my own in a junky old thrift shop.


Great find!
Doesn't matter when you decide to be a nature girl, it was always there, you just didn't know it at the time.
The illustrations on the books is outstanding.
You've spiked my interest in this author and a trip to the library will be on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing Clarice. Wonderful sharing and caring.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Such treasures you have! I only have 1 of the books and love it.


Beautiful collection!


Hi Clarice, you've chosen one of my all time favourites, Edith Holden's designs were very popular here in Britain in the 1980s. I have a number of Edw Diary related books and wonder if you've read 'The Edwardian Lady' - the story of Edith Holden compiled by Ina Taylor? A 200 page book full of photos, paintings and info. Sadly it tells how the sweet lady died very young in a freak accident. There are used copies available on Amazon if you're interested.

Junie Moon

What a great find and so perfectly themed with your collection. I re-read Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady last year to refresh my memory of it; it's so delightful.

I collect mermaid things (not the Disney mermaid version), plus stamps from the national parks, letterboxing finds, stamps from U.S. lighthouses, and seashell postage stamps from all over the world. My Christmas collection (other than ornaments) is Annalee's nativity pieces; I only need Mary to complete that collection. My other Christmas-themed collection is the Hummel Bavarian village lighted houses.

Gumbo Lily

I learned about Edith Holden through CM-er, Karen Andreola. I have the Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady and I love paging through it now and then. It's so inspiring! That tin!! Oh my! I'd be over the moon to find it too. (now I've got tin-envy)



very sweet collection. I LOVE the canister...thanks for sharing all your treasures. I love coming here. Blessings friend, Mica


What a lovely collection! I love all those things!

Jacqueline Jaggers

Good evening from Bellingham...light raindrops falling. Your posting on The Country Diary is heart warming. I have found a couple of these books out thrifting myself and I always buy them and give them as gifts.
You can maybe guess what I collect...gnomes and Liddle Kiddle dolls plus anything that has something to do with fairytales. I know you are not surprised! Smiling!


Beautiful collection! Like others have said, I own the "Country Diary" book (and love it), but didn't know about the others ~ thanX for the heads up. I'll be on the lookout now.

And I second Manuela's request that you post some eXcerpts from the Christmas book as the holidays approach. I'll bet the illustrations are gorgeous!


Wow, for some reason I had the idea that you were a
earth girl from the start.

Love the tin, I also have a few tins that I love…
I collect buttons, vintage jewelry, vintage ribbons and lace…

I also collect dolls, which I am trying hard to thin out with not much luck…


Those books look lovely!! I'll have to check them out.
I love dishes---can't get enough of them!! What else, squirrels{surprised??}, embroidery hoops, doilies, I love anything vintage!!

Lavender Dreams

I love books and these are especially charming! Great post!

Kim of Thistle Dew Mercantile

Clarice, I just got a copy of "Nature Notes" and love it... didn't know it existed!

Did you know there were china dishes with Edith Holden's artwork on them? I was looking up the Nature Notes book, and found the dishes on! They're beautiful!

Kim :-)


What a fun collection. That tin is great! I love to collect sterling thimbles! ;-)


Dear Clarice,

What a wonderful collection. I have checked out that book from the library before...very pretty!
I like to collect anything with a vintage feel!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Wow I had no idea there were other books! I have the "Country Diary". One day show some pictures from the Christmas book - I'd love to see what that's all about. The tin is soooo pretty! This is a lovely collection!

LOL! Well you know I like plates, dog pictures, plates, Redwork and oh....plates! I'd like to start a collection of cottage prints. I have yet to find one at the thrift that I like and all the ones on ebay are way too much! But it's fun to look for them!


Linda Colantino

Oh yes, we are Kindred Spirits my friend! I adore all of these Edwardian Lady books and have the same ones that you have except not the tins! What a find...didn't know they existed. I was first introduced to Edith Holden in Port Townsend! It is so sad that she died so young.
Hope you're feeling better.
Love ya, Linda

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

i have heard wonderful things about this book, hmmm I think I will have to fins a copy:)

The tin is beautiful! What a find!

I collect vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers, vintage tins and postcards (usually holiday ones from the late 1800's through the early 1900's. Oh, and cows but not cutesy ones :)

Have a great day and thanks for sharing :)



Hi Clarice,
Love the tin, what a find! I don't own any of her books but have checked a couple of them out from the library, they are great! I hadn't thought about them in awhile, so thanks for reminding me. :-)
I love to collect fabric, buttons, lace, teacups and pitchers. Well, I do have lots of dolls too. Oh yes, there are all of those aprons too! How could I forget to include anything Tasha Tudor. Geesh, I guess I collect more that I realized!!
I am really enjoying your blog.



Dear Clarice,

Thank you for reminding me what a blessing we have in Edith Holden! I, too, will have to search out her other books. I still haven't seen the movie, either, which I hear is good. How wonderful to find a tin with her illustrations! Don't you love treasure-hunting?




Dear Clarice,
I love these books...I also love your tin! What a great find! I don't have the Country English Decorating book. It looks great.



Love the tin! I wasn't aware of the decorating book. Now I have to go in search of.... Enjoy your blog and your creativity!




Dear Clarice,

What an amazing collection you have!!!! I only have the book, The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, and I love it! I will have to look for these other beautiful books of hers you shared. The tin is gorgeous and such a find... perfect addition to your collection. I love Charlotte Mason, and nature study. I am so grateful for learning about her methods when Justin was a little fellow. Her teachings have served us well.

Thank you for sharing!

Love, Paula

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