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Tasha Tudor Day, 2009

Tasha tudor day 44

Happy Tasha Tudor day !!!!

There are so many reasons my girls and I admire Tasha Tudor. Thinking of this post and what I wanted to share that about Tasha, I thought of a discussion a while back. I am on a Tasha Tudor list and we were discussing the lost arts. People were bring up handy crafts like spinning, making candles, baking from scratch and how Tasha represent the lost arts. But to me it wasn’t so much about a specific craft, as more a mind set.

I confess, I am glue-gun girl (but I am slowly changing, thank goodness). I tend to be instant gratification. I pick some craft, spend a lot of time planning and shopping but tend to hurry through the process and then move onto something new. I do not push myself, I only put a portion on myself into something. I do not become a master of it. But I want to be, I am learn to be. Realizing this, I realize Tasha embodies mastering, patience, heart  and encourages me in these areas. I mean it takes a lot to grow flax, beat it, make it into thread, spin it, dye it , weave it, before you even go about sewing something. What ever garment she made, she knew intimately, she put her heart and soul into it. I doubt she ever took it for granted. I want to be like that in all I do. To be present, to be grateful, to be better for it. To me this is the lost art that Tasha so genuinely represents.

I also wanted to share my Tasha print from the talented Marjorie at Cozey Little Whimsy Nook . I treasure this print not only because it is soo beautiful but it will always remind me of Tasha Tudor day and what a wonderful tradition this now is in our family.


We had our Tasha Day on Sunday and it was lovely. We canned red sauce, picked blackberries in our garden, made ginger pennies for our tea, watched Take Joy and made sketches’ out of Tasha’s books, which you can see at Heartfelt Thoughts. I think mostly we tried to stop, be present and enjoy. I hope the same for you today, even if it is for a few minutes. Please feel free to share what Tasha means to you, if you did  a blog post, anything big or small. I would love to hear what you did to celebrate Tasha and I know everyone else would  xoxoxo

PS. A big thank you to sooo many who posted about TT day and helped me get the word out. I hope each year more and more who love Tasha will hear about Tasha Tudor day.


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Oct. 28, 2014

It was so great to see two beautiful faces
without make-up! Me too I am into "natural
look"! Have a wonderful day! Lilia


I don't know if you are still cheking people in for this but I have finally posted my Tasha Tudor Day post. Not quite what I wanted but here it is

God Bless


Thank you so much for the use of the beautiful Tasha Tudor picture. I gave you credit on my blog. You have a beautiful blog and I intend to spend some happy time reading slowly through it.


Whosies-written whatnots, has posted a fun stichery post

Check it out !!!! Clarice


Clarice, do you have a list of links to others who celebrated Tasha Tudor day as well? I would love to read them. I sadly missed this event, but may pick up on it a little late. We were away from home and Internet services. :(



I love your display as decorate in such a lovely way.... i love coming here. Sorry i missed doing this, for this year...things got ahead of me... thanks for popping in as you always do for my little tea with my daughter. I made the tea cozy... and you can copy it!!! i used raw linen from Latvia for the outside, warm cotton batting on the inside lined with fabric and edged with rick rack.... If you want I can send you some of the raw linen I used. My Mom brought it back from Latvia when she visited our family last year. So, let me know!!! Hugs, Mica


Just wanted to let you know I made a second post about TT after doing some reading. Love,Mom


Tasha Tudor holds a very special place in our hearts, the beautiful simplicity of how she lived her life is so inspiring...


Thank you so much for starting this celebration! I've finally had a second to post my thoughts as well. What I loved about Tasha was the simpliness of life and not getting caught up with the modern entrapments. Wish I could more fully embrase that simpliness.



Thanks for sharing your wonderful tribute day, it looked lovely.

Miss Tasha was indeed an extraordinary human. She followed her own dream, always being patient and kind along the way. Two attributes I admired in her the most.
I also thought highly of her because I know she made her own soap!

Pearl Maple

Thank you for sharing Tasha Tudor with us, it is a wonderful reminder to enjoy all that is good in our world.


Well, I did just go ahead and do a post about our Tasha Tudor Day, yet tonight. Thank you for hosting this!

Jacqueline Jaggers

In 1977 I was in London and went into a gift shop by Westminister Abbey. I was attracted to a wee book called "First Graces, by Tasha Tudor". I was only 18 yrs old and I had no idea who she was, until as a new mom I came across "Pumpkin Moonshine" and that started my love and appreciation of Tasha. I loved hearing your thoughts of her patience and the time she took to create such beautiful items. There's hope for all of us, to do the same, in tribute to her. God bless your kind heart.


Oh, What a lovely way to celebrate Tasha Tudor Day!!

Love the books and the print!!

Click the my name to see what I
did for Tasha Tudor Day.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


I will do a post tomorrow. We celebrated Tasha Tudor day with homemade yogurt & homemade granola, with a dollop of strawberry jam made by our neighbors. Then a long walk in the woods, followed by Tasha's receipt for Cream of Chicken Soup and her Cheese Rounds, with some beautiful grapes and orange juice. In the afternoon, the little boys did some gardening with their dad, and the bigger ones and myself made tiny braided rugs for the doll house. My 5yo "embroidered" a table cloth for the dolls' dining table.

We collected eggs from our chickens and had Tasha's scrumptious custard with our neighbor's home-grown maple syrup for dessert. What for dinner? KFC. Sorry, Tasha! This busy pregnant mamma of 5 ran out of time to cook dinner. :-) It was a fun day.

Missy Hollenbeck

Hi Clarice,
I finally got my post up!


Great idea! Thank you! I shared my thoughts about Tasha Tudor at
Peace and blessings,


Clarice, very sweet recollections and reflections. I did get a post up about what she meant to me:-) Thank you for hosting!


A beautiful tribute to a woman who lived life to the full.

Gumbo Lily

Happiness to you as you celebrate Tasha Tudor! I'm celebrating with making apple butter, sitting in the garden admiring the late summer flowers, have tea and a TT book with my grandbaby, and soon I will start freezing sweet corn.

Loved your comments about how Tasha teaches us patience, heart, and mastery of our craft. It seems to me she was "all there" in every season and moment.

Thanks for hosting Tasha Tudor Day, Clarice.



How very nice to have a Tasha Tudor day!!
Thanks for your sweet comments. Sorry I haven't been around this week. I am doing the baby shower tomorrow, and I am out of control busy!!
Have a great weekend!


Beautiful post in celebration of a wonderful lady.
I have enjoyed going to the other blogs and reading
how others mark this day.

Thank you for doing this…

Cathy Santarsiero

Happy Tasha Tudor Day, Clarice! We are celebrating too!

p.s love the girls in the shawls! xo xo

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice, I just published my post.

I loved reading your thoughts on Tasha and your Tasha Day sounds lovely! I'm taking my coffee outside on my porch and looking through my gardening book for a bit.


Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson

How nice that you hosted Tasha Tudor Day, again. We enjoyed reading your post.

Here is a link to our Celebration of Tasha Tudor's Birthday:

On our blog this year, we have put on a photograph that I took of Tasha milking her goat that I have never published before. There are also photographs of Sarah in her Tasha Tudor frock, as well as other Tasha Tudor related things.

Here are links to last year's celebration:

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah


Thanks, Clarice, for such a wonderful idea!

I have posted about attending one of the garden tours on my blog:

I love Brenda's posting at as well. I can't wait to have time to read everyone else's posting!

Take joy!

Valarie Budayr

Happy Tasha Tudor Day! What a lovely celebration you had. Thanks so much for organizing this. I invite you to see how we spent our Tasha Tudor Day.
Enjoy !


Cay at Cajun Farm, who helped me and Suzanne put together TT day, just posted Honey lavender ice cream for TT day. Yummm and thank you Cay. Check it out

xoxoox Clarice


Dear Clarice,

I love the beautiful photo and your lovely tribute to Tasha! Marjorie's print is so pretty! You expressed beautifully how Tasha has influenced your life and the way you think about what you are making, putting your heart into it and enjoying the whole process. She was truly an inspiration and it is so wonderful you honor her by hosting Tasha Tudor day. It sounds like you and your girls had a lovely day. They both look so pretty!

Love, Paula


I was happy to post about the Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration on my blog. Admire her sooooo much!


I did a post about Tasha today also. I think I'm going to spend some time today rereading some of her books. Mom

Junie Moon

An excellent post celebrating Tasha Tudor's life and what meaning has translated over to your own life. I've also posted my own tribute today to this remarkable woman.


Dear Clarice,

What a beautiful time you had! Thanks so much encouraging us and for sharing your love of Tasha. We still have lots of house-cleaning to do, but we're going to do our tea this afternoon, come heck or high water!




I first became aware of Tasha Tudor in high school. I loved to read Victoria magazine and she was often featured in them. Thank you for bringing a sweet memory back.


Hello! I happened upon your blog through Marmeecraft's and learned that it was Tasha Tudor day. What a LOVELY blog you have here...filled with my favorites - nature, food, recipes. I shall be following your blog from now on. And THANK YOU for hosting Tasha Tudor Day. I shall put a little something on my blog with a link to yours. :)


Clarice, I posted about Tasha Tudor on my blog:


Happy Tasha Tudor day!! What a wonderful woman to celebrate. She was an inspiration to all women! I will have to post something over on my blog today about this remarkable woman!


Thank you for reminding us of Tasha's birthday. I've posted my thoughts on her at my blog. What a joy she was!


I have done my tiny little part. :-)


Glad to join in today.

I wrote out my post late last night and forgot to put a link to you for today.

I'm adding one now! :)

Teresa Martens

I much enjoyed your lovely post today. Tasha was indeed a one-of-a-kind lady who I'm sure lived in every moment of her life.

Thank you for sharing!



So great that we are all joining hands (so to speak) in our universal love of all things Tasha Tudor. Love the print Clarice, you always seem to come across interesting items. Happy TT day to you all. Eli


We are HUGE fans here, thanks for honoring her the way you do.


Oh, thank You so much for your very kind mention of my print! :) I've just posted my own little homage to Tasha over at my blogling. Your tea time treats sound scrumptious, indeed!

There is a road sign near our little house that reads "Be Present, And True"....I just love that! :)

Such Beauty Here! :)
Thank You for hosting such a lovely remembrance to an inspiring and talented lady! :)


Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!!


I just posted my Tasha Tudor celebration at Delights of the Heart. Thanks for encouraging us to share in the day.

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