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Summer Garland

Summer banner

Summer banner

Hello everyone, I "think" life is a bit calmer and happier now. I had a bit of a health scare but I am pretty sure all is well. I am just waiting on a bit more info. Thank you so much for the kind comments and prayers xoxoxo

I am also glad you like my outdoor living room, I wish I could have you all over and feed you !!! I wanted to share the fun garland I made (if you click on the pictures you can see the garland better). I all did was punch a bunch of pretty 3" scalloped circles, cut a length of thread and glue two circles together, with the string between the glue.

Very simple. I have to say I am not one to have a lot of gadgets, but I LOVE my extra large circle punch, I use it a lot. It makes wonderful tags and has become a have-to item for me.



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The Vintage Rabbit

So adorable!! I am glad to hear you are o.k.... I had no idea you where going through anything... I am sorry I wasn't aware!!! that's what i get for not keeping up with my favorite people!! I will hold you up in prayer!!! Fun family picures!! Take Care Clarice!!




I like the circle punch too.

So happy to hear everything is Okay.

Jill xoo

Junie Moon

Your garland is wonderful, I love the colors and the circles--looks so festive hanging about. Great job, Clarice!


Love that garland, Clarice!! It is so pretty!! I hope and pray all is okay with you.

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice...Adorable garland...so clever,frugal and easy!!! Prayers are with you for good health.

Porch Days

What a clever garland! Well done! I hope your health is okay!


What a neat punch, I didn't know they came that large. Love the garland, and so easy to make. :-)
Glad to hear all is well with you.


Dear Clarice,

I love the garland! What a great little gizmo to have for circle-making.




Very, very cute! I have several of those punches too, and I love them!


I love your garland and I hope everything is ok.....


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice,

I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope it all turns out o.k.!

Love the happy garland you made! Cute colors and patterns. I've been looking some of those larger punches wondering if they're worth the investment - I may just have to go for it! This is so cute!



Dear Clarice,

So sorry to hear that...I shall being keeping you in my prayers! Your garland is adorable! Take care my friend!

Love & Blessings,


I love it! The thread is invisible, making the circles look like they are hanging in mid-air! Yummy!

Jacqueline Jaggers

All for the love of gadgets and gizmo's and things that make our heart strings leap. I'm a good prayer warrior when you need one Clarice. Just ask anytime. Thank you for coming to visit my blog. Have you seen the little house all lighted pretty on Bainbridge? I think I was on a road called "School House Road" but I may be mistaken.

sweet cottage dreams

Hi sweet friend! I hope that this finds you doing fantastic! Are you OK? I will say a prayer for you tonight.

Clarice, your garland is faboulous. So cute and your outside room (and matching thermos) are just adorable. I love the colors that all go together so perfectly.

Please be good to yourself...

much love,


Hi Clarice,
Just catching up with you.
Hope you are doing well, and everything is OK. I will keep you in my prayers.
Love your garland and outdoor living room.
Have a happy week,


Clarice, what a cute garland! I will have to get one of those gadgets! Looks like fun!

Gumbo Lily

Great garland and your punch tool looks like a very good gadget to have.



Oh my! I'm glad you are feeling better. And that everything turns OK!!!

The garland is sweet.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Clarice...what a darling garland.......

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