Tasha Tudor Day, 2009
Preserving, Smartly

Strawberry Buttercup Bag

Strawberry bag22

Thank you everyone for the wonderful Tasha Tudor day. There were so many celebrating this year, it was marvelous to see how each person had their own way of admiring Tasha. There were some really touching posts. The one thread running through all the posts, was the admiration of how Tasha lived the life she wanted. Thank you again everyone.

This is a bag I actually made last spring and am finally getting around to posting. It is the wonderful Buttercup bag you see everywhere and is very easy to make, truly. I made the bag as a wristlet.

Strawberry bag3

I wanted some fun, bright, not-to-matchy strawberries. I just took a small length of chain, wrapped it around the handle and added some strawberries to it. I am hugely addicted to purses and like to change them everyday with my outfits. I am thinking now I need to make a fall buttercup !!!

Strawberry baggg


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Very sweet...love the strawberries!!


I love your bag, and especially the wonderful addition of the strawberries. I think a fall bag sounds like a great idea. Maybe with a few small leaves, like you made from fabric a couple of autumns ago? I've noticed some felted wool acorns on a few blogs too. They would look nice too!


Very cute bag....

I had a wonderful time on TT day...
I am so happy you did this again.

Thank you,



What a cute bag! Wonderful job. I had so much fun participating in Tasha Tudor day-thanks for hosting it!

Jacqueline Jaggers

Remember when Cinderella had all those little mice to help her sew? That is what I need, I'm no good at it...I especially love your strawberries...what fun! If you know of any hard working mice to help me, I have a few stitches I need help with!

Gumbo Lily

I really like it and the strawberries make it even *sweeter*! I made the bag this summer and it really is an easy-to-do purse.



Eeeek! That's adorable! I love your fabric/color combinations!


Love the strawberries Clarice, they make a fantastic accessory to the bag. Only a crafty lady like you would think of making them in different shapes and fabrics (mine would have all been the same colour and size...boring!) Keep up the good work! Eli

Junie Moon

What a cute bag, Clarice, and a buttercup version sounds truly adorable.


The bag is quite lovely. You did a terrific job on it, Clarice! :) Theresa


Isn't that cute!!
A sewing person I'm not.
I am catching up with the blogs after the baby shower weekend.
Chat soon,


Such a cute bag!! Love the strawberries, too!!

Cathy Santarsiero

Complete cuteness! I love the berries, too! Clever girl.


Dear Clarice,

Thanks so much to you for hosting the Tasha Tudor Days! I love the purse, too. An autumn one is definitely in order! ;)




The bag is sweet !! I love the mixy matched strawberries!!! So sweet!


Precious!Where did you find the pattern or is yours?? I adore the strawberries!

Thanks for "hosting" our Tasha Day!


Dear Clarice,

How adorable! I like the mis-matched strawberries hanging from it! I too like to change my purse often!

Have a wonderful day!


Sharon D.

Oh Clarice,+

That is just adorable! I love it :) You are one creative girl :) I love the strawberries on it :)

Have a great day and I hope you are doing well!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

You fashionista! It's a darling purse - the strawberries make it so cute! Me, I use the same purse all time. You know I hate clothes and shoe shopping. I can shop all day for furniture, fabrics and home accessories but other than that...well I do like earrings LOL!

Tasha Tudor day was fun. I found so many new wonderful blogs and it was lovely to read what everyone had to say about Tasha.


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