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Outdoor livingroom 3



I love having an outdoor living room, although I will confess lately I am only enjoying it in the morning when it is still cool. Since we are stuck inside with rain much of the year, we are always looking for a chance to be outside.

On the weekends David and I like to sit out here before dinner and enjoy a mango slushy. The birdcage is a wonderful find from Angie (thank you xoxox), I set candles inside as great reuse. Next post I will share the garland, it is so easy to make xoxoxox 


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Greetings Clarice!
I am just finding your blog, though I have heard about it on many other's that I visit. How have I missed a fellow Washingtonian here on blogland? Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I am looking forward to visiting often!


Beautiful! I want one, too. :) Blessings, Debra


What a refreshing spot to relaX. The colors remind me of Cath Kidston's stuff ~ pretty!

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

~SWOON~ I tell you what, some of you gals have such a pretty OUTSIDE that I wanna recreate the look INSIDE! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


How wonderful to have such a space to enjoy! I really like the birdcage idea; I have an old one in the basement and think I will try the candles.
Also, I have printed up the slushy recipe and can't wait to try it.


What a very serene place to pass some quiet time in the cool of the day. Move over, I'll bring my book.


Sigh...just look at that cosy spot in the shade, I could sit there all day. Enjoy the sun while you have it Clarice and send a few rays to England if you would as we haven't seen it for weeks!


What a great idea! Hope the rain lets up so you can enjoy your outside room a bit more! Your blog is great! ...I've come by way of Tracey! :)


That is so cute, Clarice!! Love the strawberries!!


What a cheery looking space! love the Birdcage idea with candles in it! Found you by way of Tracey at Frugal Lux.



LOVE !!!! A beautiful outdoor space !!! That is how I feel about mine. You can go out early when it's cool, then it's too hot during the day...then out if possible in the evening... That is why I am looking forward to Fall....still warm,yet cool enough to enjoy for a bit before the cold sets in. Thanks for sharing yours !! It is wonderful. Hugs, Mica


Dear Clarice,

Your outdoor living room is so beautiful and cheerful! The birdcage Angie gave you is so sweet! The candles look lovely in it. I look forward to seeing your garland.

Love, Paula

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice! Love your outdoor room(s) and the stone half wall is especially charming. I hope you are all cooling down a bit so you can enjoy it thoroughly!


Ooooh, it's beautiful! It looks so warm and inviting!!!


Hi Clarice,
Love the birdcage!! So cute!
Glad you are enjoying your outdoor time!

Lavender Dreams

I love it, too! I just put a big bird cage in my kitchen...maybe it needs candles! Yours looks great!


Dear Clarice,

How lovely - it is so bright and cheerful and best of all - in the shade!!! Hopefully with cooling temps coming soon, you will be able to be out there more often!

Take care!


Gumbo Lily

It's a really beautiful area. Is it screened in?



That does look so inviting and colorful! And with the weather we've had lately, there is lots of opportunity be outside! I just love the name of your blog!

Junie Moon

It looks so beautiful and quite inviting. I'd love to sit out there with you and enjoy your respite from the rain.

Jacqueline Jaggers

Clarice, I'm so glad I found you. I invite you to visit me at Once Upon a Fairyland. I also live in Washington, love Tasha Tudor, gnomes, elves, Storybook homes and fairy houses. Come see me fairy house in July post and my yard. Love it! Happy to visit you!


Dear Clarice,

How beautiful and fresh-looking! It must be a real treat when you get to be outside on a nice day.

I love the birdcage and candles, especially.



Sharon D.

That looks great Clarice!!! What a charming retreat :) Thanks for sharing :) I love the idea of using candles in birdcages :) The colors are wonderful!

Have a wonderful day!



Look at that! Very cool. When can I come over for a little R and R and mango slushy?


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