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In with the lavender. I was tired of the bright apple green (it was really not the color I was trying to get anyways) so I decided to go in the opposite direction and pick something soft. But I wanted it fun, different. I wanted a lavender but with a lot of red in it. There is just too much gray weather here to use gray tone colors. I envisioned something to perk up the space on a drizzly, cold day. This color is still not perfect. I can not tell you how much I HATE picking paint color. I ended up mixing my own. I took Benjamin Moore purple cream and adding a bit of a deeper mauve paint and a bright blue paint. Just a bit. At first it was soo light, but it has deepened a bit and looks better. It changes with the light and is very Coco Chanel to me. I am loving it more and more.

Also you can see the wood around the windows is all chippy paint. I was sanding it and then decided I liked the layers of yellow and green. So I left it, my hubby thinks I am a loo !!!

By the way all my plants are tomatoes, peppers and basil. It was an experiment to see if they would do better, since that room gets warm but they really have not done much. So I am not sure if it worked. After I take the plants out, I am thinking of using black and white accents. But I can also see cranberry red with it too. Thank you for letting me share and to my girls for painting the room xoxoxo


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What a pretty, pretty room... perfect for daydreaming!

Pearl Maple

Sweet new colour scheme, it looks lovely. Am guilty of mixing my own colours as well, it is the only way we creative types can enjoy getting that exact shade we are dreaming of.

Loved your edwardian lady post, such beautiful art.


Well Mona, this shows what a loo-loo I am, I never think about it. But I SHOULD, this room is full of spiders. It is sort of an indoor/outdoor room. Well I guess I have not had problems or have been walking around with spiders in my shoes for years and did not know it. Thank you for the question, now I will start checking my boots before putting them on xoxoxo Clarice


Clarice, I love your new color. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for lavender. It reminds me of Easter. Speaking of loos, I have a really dumb question, but I wonder about it. I loved your boots, and I wonder all the time, do spiders get in there and then when you go to put them on they're already in there. Do you check your boots every time you put them on, put something in them to prevent this? Really this is a real concern of mine. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you and have a great day. I love your blog. Mona

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

How beautiful!!! I love it and think you did a wonderful job. I just love how you decorate your home, it is SO CHARMING! I love that lamp too :)

Have a beautiful day!



It looks so pretty! My compliments to your girls on a wonderful job.

I love the way your silhouettes look against that wonderful color that you mixed. Perfect!

sweet cottage dreams

You are sooo NOT a LOO! LOL! LOVE the softness of the color and it matches your wellies! (you meant to do that, right?)
I say keep the chippy paint - afterall, there is history behind each layer peeking through.


Jacqueline Jaggers

Reminds me of cotton candy and ummm...ummm...good, I loved it. Creative and warm. A good place to settle into for a rainy Washington day.


With such wonderful photos on your blog ALL the time you need to upload a photo for your Ravelry avatar! And add some knitting projects!


So cheerful! Should be perfect for those rainy days. Great choice. Hugs, Debra


Dear Clarice,

It's soooo pretty! I never would have thought of using a lavender in that type of room, but it really looks nice! The plants will have to put up with some competition. :)




Dear Clarice,
The color is a lovely shade, you did a good job mixing it, and the girls did a good job painting. The black and white silhouette plates look so pretty with the lavender!
Love, Paula


Pretty and fresh ~ we love lavender too! The girls did a fab job on the painting.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

The color you mixed is so soft and pretty! I like it! Picking paint color is hard! I'm painting my family room and I can't tell you how many paint chips I have up! I should just glue the paint chips on the wall and start a new trend LOL!

Your girls did a great job painting!



The color will look really nice next to Autumn Leaves and Winter Snow.
The rubber boots match the color perfect!

Looks cozy and inviting.


I love the color that you mixed up!! It's very pretty and soft. I would leave the chippy paint around the door as well. Husbands always think that!! LOL!
Paint is a wonderful thing!!


I like the new color, it is very pretty. It will be nice on those cold dreary days. I love new paint, just don't like to paint, your lucky that you have help in that area!

Dianntha are too funny. Purple is an interesting choice. I just painted some rooms at the rentals a color called cream in your coffee. i am sure it is too plain for you but it works great there.
I am thinking of repainting my living room too but can"t decide whether to go traditional or folk art??? Any suggestions? Dianntha

Gumbo Lily

It looks great. Light and airy. I absolutely love paint -- you can do so much with such a little $$.



Clarice, that is a great new color for your room! I'm glad you are happy with it!


gorgeous! So lovely, it all looks just like a storybook cottage should.


It looks great. I can hardly wait to see it in person. The black and white is perfect. Love, Mom


Love the new colour Clarice, I think the green plants look great even if they don't produce much. How about something with a flower in deeper lavender, it would highlight the wall. I LOVE your glass ball. I've always wanted one. In England we call them witches balls and the idea is when a witch comes knocking at your door (intent on causing mischief) they see their own reflection in the ball and beat a hasty retreat. Its an old custom here and I'm guessing it is in the States also.


Clarice--I love it!!! Especially with the white plates and the silouettes centers--they really stand out. VERY soothing!

Lavender Dreams

I love the light, clean color of lavender and have a whole house painted that color! heehee! It's nice to have a real change and fun to decorate! Enjoy your day!


It looks great! And I totally agree with you on picking paint colors~it's stressful!!


It looks lovely! I hate picking out paint colors -- those little paint chips LIE lol! Love the little boots in the corner!


Your new paint color is beautiful --- and I enjoy the chippy trim paint too! Very lovely!

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